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Any help for workers who lost their job in US?       (1)     2020-08-03

Hi, does anyone know if and how US governement plan to help the million people who lost and will probably lose their jobs in 2020, let's say because of their lack of prep (...)

Why covid does not disappear?       (0)     2020-08-02

Does anyone know why this covid is still around and how long it will last? (...)

What is the best way to die?       (0)     2020-08-02

Is there a best way to die in your opinion? Heart attack seems really bad, what else? (...)

What is the best movie ever?       (0)     2020-08-02

What movie is the very best according to you? The greatest of all times? Cheers (...)

What casino game is the easiest?       (0)     2020-08-02

Hi, what online casino game is the easiest to make money? (...)

Why are there less deaths caused by Covid-19 in Germany?       (0)     2020-04-15

Hi, so far about 3000 people died in Germany because of Coronavirus / Covid-19 while more than 15000 in France, 18000 in Spain and even more than 20000 in Italy. Why so? (...)

Why so many people got Covid in New York?       (0)     2020-04-15

Any idea why so many people were hit by coronavirus in New York City? About 8 thousand deaths now, which is huge! Did it reach this place before every other except China (...)

how to draw naked bodies?       (2)     2020-03-25

hello everyone, I would like to learn to draw naked bodies, do you know where I can find some lessons to learn to draw separately the different parts of the body (legs, a (...)

Who visited my page on Facebook?       (5)     2020-03-25

Hello, My brother just asked me if it was possible to know who visited his page on Facebook. After a search on Google I found the answer: It is not possible! Actually the (...)

How many women are killed per year?       (3)     2020-03-25

The answer is 1400... Each year 1400 women are killed by their partner. That's a shame of course, but many people do nothing to help them in their own neighborhood. This (...)

What is the best processor?       (2)     2020-03-25

Hello, I would like to buy a new computer that would be really fast. My aim is to make quite complex videos on 3dSmax that my old Sempron is not able to calculate in less (...)

How to remove my name from Facebook?       (24)     2020-03-24

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to avoid that people mark your name on photos and notes, that are visible to their friends, that really annoys me, I do not (...)

Difference between computers x64 x86       (28)     2020-03-24

Hello, I would like to know the difference between computers x64 and computers x86, which one is better or faster? Is the difference a question of speed only? Is there (...)

Number of deaths by Covid-19 in California       (1)     2020-03-23

Hi, where is it possible to follow the number of deaths caused by this coronavirus in California and particularly in Los Angeles? Day after day, hour after hour if possi (...)

How to transfer my mobile contacts to PC       (2)     2020-02-28

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer is a mobile application designed for cell phones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0/6.1/6.5. GodswMobile Contacts Transfer operates i (...)

How to know if Covid 19 is there?       (0)     2020-02-26

Hi, any easy way recommended to know if me or any member of my family may be affected by Covid 19 / Coronavirus? What percentage of efficiency for each one please? Many (...)

How to make pancakes ?       (8)     2020-02-04

Hello, I am looking for a good and original recipe to make pancakes with fruits, can anyone help me please ? Thanks. (...)

How to make a GIF ?       (1)     2020-01-17

Hi, I'd like to make GIF pictures with Adobe Photoshop 7 but I can't find a way to save my pictures as GIF, that's quite strange as it was simple to export pictures to th (...)

How to become an actor?       (0)     2020-01-05

Hey there, looking for the best ways to become an actor quickly in Hollywood: where to start? how to meet the right people? tips & tricks welcome (no porn or other crap (...)

My mother is addicted to money games       (1)     2019-12-25

Hi, my mother is addicted to casino games, she lost a lot of money already, now she plays at online casinos and she does not want to stop, she becomes quite aggressive an (...)

How to block my wall on Facebook?       (6)     2019-12-23

Hello, some people regularly write stupid messages on my wall on Facebook and I would like to avoid that without deleting friends, do you know where I can find the option (...)

How to convert Ah to Wh       (0)     2019-12-22

What website to convert Ah & V to Wh and its reverse function please? (...)

How to unlock my Moneybookers account?       (6)     2019-12-22

Hello, here is my problem with Moneybookers : I have got several payments without any problem but when I wanted to get back my money, they locked my account asking for se (...)

What should i do to make my husband love       (0)     2019-12-22

actually he doesn"t care about me can anybody help me to overcome this problem. is there any vashikaran mantra? vashikaran mantra for husband (...)

Can immigrants join the army?       (1)     2019-12-22

Hello, do you know if immigrants can join the army in united states and other countries? If yes, do you know a percentage of immigrants in the army? If no, do you know (...)

How to find the language for a sentence       (10)     2019-12-22

Hello, I would like to know if there is a website that is able to find the language used for a particular sentence. In example, I submit a sentence or only a few words in (...)

Tutorials to build a house       (0)     2019-11-03

Hi! Looking for tutorials that would explain all ways to build a house or tiny house (wood or other stuff). All tips are welcome, no 3d-printer ^^ thank you. (...)

How to use Mplayer to read MKV files ?       (2)     2019-10-23

Hello, I have installed Mplayer on my computer in order to read a .mkv file which is like a divx file. My problem is that when I execute the program it does not open any (...)

What is the best video format?       (3)     2019-10-16

Hello, I would like to know what is the best video format that offers the best compression rate for a good quality. What do you prefer between divx, xvid, ogm, wmv, do yo (...)

How to know if he's a sociopath?       (0)     2019-10-06

Hi, I'd like to know how to be sure that someone is a narcissistic sociopath, I have some concerns about someone in my family, thank you so much I have so many questions. (...)

What is the strongest chess engine in 2019?       (0)     2019-10-06

All in title, which engine is best at chess these days? Stockfish? Komodo? Unlikely Fritz I guess... (...)

Who will be the next president of U.S.?       (0)     2019-09-14

After these amazing 4 years with Donald Trump at the head of United States of America, who will be our next president according to you? Or will Trump make it for four mo (...)

How to remove ads in my browser ?       (2)     2019-08-18

Hello, I would like to know how to remove all ads from every website, it is just intrusive and I don't want to see it anymore. Most ads come from Google Adwords/Adsense b (...)

Is Uptobox.com down?       (0)     2019-08-07

Hi, just tried to download a file (last season of Game of Thrones :D) on Uptobox.com but I reached a blank page and looks like the whole site is the same, what's going on (...)

How to know who blocked me on MSN ?       (30)     2019-07-27

Hello, Everyone wonders at least once who blocked him on MSN, there are many websites that pretend to be able to give us the answer if we give them our email and password (...)

How to create a url link ?       (1)     2019-07-03

Hello. Do you know how to create a url link from a web page to another one ? I am trying to learn HTML but I am still looking for a good guide that would be easy to unde (...)

How should have ended Game of Thrones?       (0)     2019-06-27

In your opinion, what would have been a perfect end for the greatest show Game of Thrones, or is it fine like this? (no spoilers) After seeing it again, it makes sense m (...)

How to know an internet address on MSN?       (3)     2019-06-09

Hi, I have a problem with someone unknown on MSN and I would like to know where he is located, at least in which country he lives. I suppose this is possible to know with (...)

3D won't work       (0)     2019-06-07

Every time I try to play chess in 3d the board and peices turn black and I can't see how do I fix it????? (...)

Why Facebook apps daily users increase?       (0)     2019-05-30

Hey, any opinion on Facebook algorithm around apps? Just don't understand why my daily users slowly decrease on various apps, then suddenly increase a lot for all apps a (...)

Best websites to download movies       (0)     2019-05-18

Hi, what is your favourite websites to download recent movies & tv shows like Game of Thrones? My preferred formats are 720p & 1040p and I'm mostly using uptobox, mega & (...)

Other softwares like F.lux       (0)     2019-04-22

Does anyone know other good softwares (maybe with more options and ways to vary the luminosity according to various criteria) like F.lux? Just an amazing and easy way to (...)

How to make bread?       (0)     2019-03-21

Hi, does anyone know good tips to make simple bread or bread with various stuff? Just bored with my shit bought in supermarket, without taste & now too expensive as well (...)

How to save a life?       (0)     2019-03-21

Hi, just want to know if you can recommend good guides to learn and train to save a life. One never knows when it may happen. Of course, heart attack could be the main po (...)

How to make an Android app from a website?       (0)     2019-03-19

Hi, just looking for a way to easily make an app for Android (and Iphone, why not) that would display my website, for free of course, or for a reasonable amount, and if p (...)

How to find a prostitute?       (8)     2019-03-04

Hello, I would like to know how to find a prostitute in a small city (with less than 200,000 people), do you have any advice? Thank you very much. (...)

How to use emule ?       (7)     2018-12-28

Hello, I downloaded and installed emule, which seems to be the most famous peer to peer software, but I can't find how to use it, can someone help or give some links to l (...)

Fatal error: Allowed memory exhausted       (5)     2018-07-05

Hi there, I've got a very strange problem on my dedicated server, all was fine & suddenly (I did not change anything to the code) : PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory si (...)

Love marriage???       (0)     2018-05-03

who do love marriages sometimes end up in divorce???? love marriage specialist (...)

where can I find Guinevere Jones       (3)     2018-05-02

I have looked absoslutely everywhere to find this tv series, because I never did finish watching the second series of it, and I have only just found out that they started (...)

How to show errors PHP ?       (1)     2018-01-27

By default, your server shouldn't show your php scripts errors as it would be an obvious security hole. To avoid to change the option in the php.ini file, this small code (...)

What is Joomla?       (2)     2017-05-13

Hello everyone! I just would like to know what is Joomla and what is for? Is it another coding platform to make a web site or is it a way to create a blog like WordPress? (...)

How to get rich ?       (4)     2017-03-17

Hi, Tell me your secrets to get rich ! How to make money on the internet ? How to make money with the stock market, tell me everything you know about money making withou (...)

How to crack a password?       (52)     2017-03-02

Here is a list of more than 600 softwares able to crack passwords for hundreds of programs, in example MSN, AIM, Linux, WinRAR, ARJ, ZIP, MicrosoftOffice, Excel and many (...)

Transfer iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7       (0)     2016-08-17

As we known, transferring files between two different system phones is not easy such as iPhone to Android. MobileTrans can help you transfer everything like contacts, vid (...)

Gemstone that is dark brown?       (0)     2016-03-28

is there a gemstone type that is dark brown in colour... they seem to come in every other colour pietersite gemstone (...)

Real and authentic black magic specialis       (0)     2016-03-28

Hi I want to know real and authentic vashikaran/black magic specialist in Delhi who can help me convince my parents for my love marriage.. Black magic specialist astrolog (...)

Astrologer pls help.study my chart?       (0)     2016-03-28

astrologer pls study my chart.?astrologer pls study my chart.how is my career?when can i change my current job?dob 6th dec 1989 top astrologer (...)

Where can I find Biotechnology Training       (0)     2016-03-28

I'm a student of Biotechnology. I wish to add a hands on training to my CV. Where can I find training in India. training for biotechnology (...)

love spells specialist ?       (0)     2016-02-09

anyone can offer me a hand on love spells specialist ? love spells specialist (...)

Remove Black Magic Bad Luck Spell?       (0)     2016-02-02

I was married to a man who cheated on me with a very weird woman, who knew he was married to me and was ok with it, I left him because of that and he ended up staying wit (...)

Ias coaching? respone quickly!?       (0)     2016-02-02

i am very confused..plz help ou best coaching for ias in jaipur (...)

Which is the best engineering college fo       (0)     2016-01-25

Hi guys please help me i am confused about which college to choose for engineering in Jaipur, i cannot go out of the city Please please please help me best biotechnology (...)

How reliable is it to buy gemstones off       (0)     2016-01-18

Is it worth buying gemstones like ruby, sapphires and emeralds from eBay? Some of the precious stones are priced to start at USD0.01! Is something wrong with them? Otherw (...)

Can any one predict my future here?       (0)     2016-01-11

So, my name's Dinika Nair, born in dubai, UAE Indian Love astrology site (...)

Black magic spells.................?       (0)     2016-01-05

Can anyone recommend me a black magic spell caster? I need one asap! black magic spells (...)

Which is the best ias coaching institute       (0)     2016-01-05

which is the best ias coaching institute in india can u tell me in priority best coaching for ras in jaipur  (...)

Ias coaching??       (0)     2016-01-05

i am very confused..plz help ou best ias coaching in jaipur  (...)

Servers to play chess online       (2)     2015-12-08

FICGS - www.ficgs.com - is now one of the most known correspondence chess place online (like ICCF or IECG), but it is also possible to play blitz (5 0, meaning time contr (...)

VoIP Wholesale business service       (0)     2015-12-05

TURQUOISE2 Limited provides high-quality A-Z termination, VoIP wholesale, retail and premium services, CLI routes for carriers and retail companies. We offer a competiti (...)

Shift Your House or Office Easily - Gene       (0)     2015-12-01

No one desires to make the move using their recognized location. Yet at some point they need to acquire this specific soreness credited just one as well as different expl (...)

Relocate Your Home or Business Easily -       (0)     2015-12-01

No-one wishes to make the move off their recognized area. Although at some time they must carry this kind of ache credited just one or even some other purpose. It truly i (...)

sexy chat       (2)     2015-10-19

lookin 4 sum1 to chat and have fun! male only! (...)

Print out htc phone sms to computer       (0)     2015-10-13

Do you think you can print out text messages from htc phone? The answer is yes, to print out android phone messages on computer, you need to move them to computer at firs (...)

Once i Altered from Bangalore to help Hy       (0)     2015-10-05

Not too long ago I had created to be able to change by Bangalore for you to Hyderabad with complete family that belong. It turned out on account of the job transport for (...)

Sites like Pornhub or Youporn       (5)     2015-09-24

Hi, Do you know other websites with free porn videos like these ones ? Pornhub.com, Youporn.com, Xtube.com, Pornotube.com, Redtube.com, Tube8.com, Megarotic.com, Xvideos. (...)

How to recover android sms and contacts?       (0)     2015-09-11

Lost text messages or your contacts list could be a disaster for some people. No one will deny the importance of the SMS and Contacts on your mobile phones. So once the d (...)

How to move android contacts to computer       (1)     2015-08-26

Want to copy android contacts to pc avoid losing them accidently? Puzzled in how to transfer contacts from android to pc? Well, now I'll guide you how to copy contacts fr (...)

Packers Movers Firms in India Facilitate       (0)     2015-08-11

Employing specialized packers and also movers throughout India is sold with further advantages of insurance policy and also customs clearance solutions. With packers as w (...)

How to open .nfo files?       (11)     2015-08-02

Hi, I would like to know how to open .nfo files that I find sometimes with warez softwares on Astalavista.com, does anyone have an idea on how to do this? What is this f (...)

What does poke mean ?       (15)     2015-07-29

Hi, My question : What does poke mean ? This is a term on Facebook. Thanks. (...)

How to use bittorrent files?       (2)     2015-07-24

Hello, I would like to know how to use bittorrent files, when I click one of these files then nothing happens. Should I install a software to read it or is there a specia (...)

How to make cookies ?       (7)     2015-07-12

Hi, I'd like to make good cookies but I also look for a way to add some other things, does anyone know a good recipe to make different kind of cookies with chocolate and (...)

Just About Establishing Residential Home       (0)     2015-04-08

Ever move to a new place with all your home belongings? Have you ever transferred from one town to another with your household things? If yes then you might sure with pro (...)

Facts About Turning Home Moving Easy and       (0)     2015-04-08

Ever shift to a new area with all your residential belongings? Have you ever relocated from one town to another with your residential property? If yes then you might awar (...)

Verified and Efficient Packers and Mover       (0)     2015-03-21

The way to go for great packers in addition to Movers inside village, is really hitting many thoughts planning new house purchase. to get a well-known and trustworthy pac (...)

Inexpensive Packers Movers in Bangalore       (0)     2015-03-21

Looking for a appropriate packers in addition to movers Bangalore may be the most suitable priority whenever you shift from Bangalore to an alternative city of your selec (...)

Dwelling Relocation and Household Items       (0)     2015-03-21

Transferring property from one destination to another with just about all household items is included with lots of tiresome duties such as providing, launching, shipping, (...)

How to crck Trial software -Full version       (5)     2015-03-14

Enter key & Passward????? (...)

Windows Vista problems       (3)     2015-02-14

In its first months, it appeared that programs running on Windows Vista were slower than when running on Windows XP, also there was a lack of proper drivers and lots of a (...)

can anyone near vilabe, Paris sell me       (3)     2015-02-02

some hash/weed willing to make it worth your while (...)

can any english speaking help?       (0)     2015-01-25

looking for good hash/weed will buy 50+ euros every time, merci. needsmust09atgmail.com/0621656473 (...)

Make Watching iTunes HD Video Possible o       (0)     2015-01-19

Amazing new technology to provide 3D TV images without the need of glasses has been announced at this year’s CES 2015 - the world’s leading technology show in Las Veg (...)

Blogs with a high PageRank       (16)     2015-01-15

Hello, I would like to find blogs with a high PageRank to improve my search engines optimisation by commenting articles, do you know good blogs with a high PR that publis (...)

How to uninstall Norton antivirus?       (8)     2015-01-12

Hello, I just would like to know how to uninstall Norton antivirus which is the worst antivirus ever in my opinion, it is really heavy and my computer is really slow prob (...)

How to read text data from .docx in PHP       (2)     2014-12-19

hi all how to read a .docx file in PHP this is my code but its return some junk data $fileHandle = fopen("test.docx", "r"); $line = @fread($file (...)

Why Justin Bieber is famous?       (15)     2014-11-26

Hi, I would like to know since when Justin Bieber became famous and why. Obviously he's only one teenager singer more with a nice face and who know how to dance, that is (...)

How to copy an array?       (1)     2014-11-17

Hello, I would like to copy an array in PHP but it seems to me that there is a problem with this function, in example: $tab1 = $tab2; I am a beginner but obviously it doe (...)

What to Consider When Picking a Movers P       (0)     2014-09-08

Have you been considering relocating this coming year? Every year, a lot of men and women in addition to family members decide in order to make the move. If you're thinki (...)

What to Consider When Picking a Delhi Pa       (0)     2014-09-08

Will you be considering relocating this season? Every year, many folks along with households choose to be able to shift. In case you are intending on growing to be some o (...)

mon compte est restreint depuis 20 jours       (0)     2014-09-06

mon compte est restreint depuis un mois , comment le réactiver ? (...)

Uploaded.to premium account password free       (3)     2014-09-04

Hi there, does anyone have any user/password to share to login into the storage service Uploaded.to? I would like to download many classical pieces that I found on a blo (...)

Date Sheet OF MA MSc Part 1 and 2 Univer       (0)     2014-08-07

www.meraustad.com is one of the leading educational websites. It provides every detail to their users regarding to education. If you are doing masters and need to get you (...)

Sales On New Bose Lifestyle® 535 Series       (0)     2014-06-26

VISION HIRE LTD has continued to attract a highly committed and passionate community of Home Theaters, Cameras, Laptops, musicians, DJs, composers and all electronics c (...)

How to open blocked sites ?       (52)     2014-05-17

Hello, I encounter a strange problem with my Internet Explorer 7 under Vista OS. Some sites (in another country) are blocked and I find no way to open it. Is this a firew (...)

Are you suffering from Vitiligo?       (1)     2014-03-10

Vitiligo is more commonly known as leucoderma, which simply means white (leuco) skin (derma), i.e. a skin disorder where it loses its normal coloration. It is also medica (...)

Moving Firms Offering Effective Services       (0)     2014-02-25

Move is often a intricate as well as tough method. It is just a time period inclined to relocating from spot for a one more. The item includes a lot of tiresome & dif (...)

50th Anniversary Gifts?       (1)     2013-12-16

Try http://www.seniorstore.com/angif.html at Seniorstore.com. They have 50th anniversary gift baskets, and some nice themed year golden anniversary gifts like frames, and (...)

SEO Tips       (2)     2013-10-11

Can anyone tells me the best seo tips for my educational blog? How to promote? How to link with social media? How to gain traffic? (...)

Who deleted me on MSN ?       (13)     2013-09-08

Hello. I just searched the internet but finally I did not find any information on my question, so I ask here : Is there a way to know who deleted me on MSN or WindowsLive (...)

How to use bittorrent ?       (2)     2013-09-07

Hello, I downloaded a bittorrent client interface but when I execute the program, nothing happens. What should I do to download files with this software ? How does it wo (...)

How to change the language on Vista?       (3)     2013-08-06

Hi, I have a new DELL computer with Vista installed but the language is deutsch and I do not know a single word of deutsch. Please tell me how I can change the language i (...)

what episode is goku vs chichi       (5)     2013-03-02

Hi, In Dragon Ball series, I would like to know in which episode one can see Goku vs. Chichi ? (...)

What does lol mean ?       (51)     2013-01-22

Hello. I just want to know what does lol mean exactly ? I often read it whatever the context but it does not make any sense in my opinion. Thanks. (...)

pmdg boeing 737 ngx fsx       (0)     2012-08-11

Please! i need one serials to PMDG 737 ngx FSX please sed me! thank you!!!! (...)

A simple guide about how to rip DVD to B       (1)     2012-08-09

If you want to put your DVD movies on your Blackberry Playbook, then this paper will be your reference guide. Before you start the conversion, we need make preparations: (...)

Learn how to convert FLV to DVD?       (0)     2012-08-09

Do you choose to watch your download. flv videos on DVD player or HD TV SET? This paper definitely will show you a painless as well as rapid way to watch FLV on DVD playe (...)

How to make a video game ?       (7)     2012-05-18

Hello, I would like to create a 3d video game like Call of Duty or "The Sims" but I just can't find the right way to start. Is there a dedicated 3d program with (...)

what does this mean in thai?       (5)     2012-05-07

วันเดือนปีเกิด (...)

How do I import mpg or mpeg into iMovie?       (0)     2012-04-26

One of my friends recently asked me a question about how to import her .mpg files into iMovie. She had no idea of editing the MPG files in iMovie. I would like to share m (...)

I need free games for mac.       (1)     2012-04-25

I need free games for mac. (...)

How to delete a friend on Facebook?       (17)     2012-04-22

Hello, does anyone know how to delete a friend on Facebook and how to know who deleted you from his friends list? I just noticed that a friend of mine deleted me but I d (...)

How to edit Sony Bloggie in Movie Maker?       (0)     2012-04-20

"I just bought a Sony Bloggie? and made a video but my Windows Movie Maker won't play it, I have version 2011 Build 15.4.3538.0513 and I get the error code 0xC946001 (...)

what is the Solution of mac virus?       (0)     2012-04-15

what is the Solution of mac virus? (...)

How to change my name on Facebook ?       (23)     2012-03-25

Hello, a friend just told me that it was possible to change my name on Facebook but I did not find the right way yet. Could someone tell me how to do this ? Thank you ver (...)

Free Dating Site: Oceansofpeople       (0)     2012-03-20

www.oceansofpeople.com Take a look, it is completely FREE with No Hidden Charges. While most free dating sites are looking to increase revenues and this is by charging th (...)

Is Plentyoffish (pof.com) plenty of girls       (5)     2012-03-20

Hello. Did you try the online dating website named pof.com? What do you think? Can you compare it to match.com or eharmony? Thank you. (...)

How to transfer iphone SMS to PC?       (2)     2012-03-10

I once come across the problem that my iPhone rejects receiving new SMS but all the SMS are so important that I don't want to delete them. So I simply need to backup your (...)

How to change my password Hotmail WL MSN       (2)     2012-02-22

Hello all, I would like to change my password for WindowsLive, MSN & Hotmail. I did not find any way until now, is this normal or it is not authorized to change passw (...)

How to delete the temporary files?       (5)     2012-02-17

Hello, As my computer is almost full, I would like to delete all my useless temporary files, the problem is that I do not know where it is located in the computer. I trie (...)

Download or stream movies on Nook tablet       (0)     2012-02-11

Do you have desire to get a good-looking and Multimedia tablet PC? Does Nook Tablet attract your attention? Nook Tablet has the same resoluion of 1024x600 screen as Kindl (...)

Any opinions on Match.com       (4)     2012-01-26

Hi, what is your opinion on Match.com, is it worth it? Did you meet many girls on this website and do you need to send a thousand messages to get one reply as on other (...)

Is Zoosk a scam?       (2)     2012-01-21

What do you think about Zoosk.com? Is this a scam as I read it on a few forums or is it good enough? Did you try it with any success? Thanks a lot for your answers. (...)

Easyflirt or Adultfriendfinder       (2)     2012-01-21

Hi, what do you think about these websites: Adultfriendfinder and Easyflirt to meet hot girls? Did you have successes on these ones or is Match.com more efficient even i (...)

Play or enjoy 720p videos on Acer iconia       (0)     2012-01-12

The Acer iconia Tab A501 follows the same footsteps as the original Iconia A500 in every way imaginable, nothing here has changed so you can expect the same good build qu (...)

Copy or play movie to Kindle Fire       (0)     2012-01-12

"I tried copying the .mp4 video to the Video Folder on the fire, but it wont show up." "I have a quick question. I have been copying a few of my digital co (...)

Did you meet someone on Badoo already?       (2)     2012-01-07

Hi, just curious did anyone already meet someone on Badoo? This site is very strange, it looks like I receive many automatic messages and no real answer. What did you th (...)

What is the best online dating website?       (2)     2012-01-06

Hi all, here is my question: what is the very best online dating website in the world according to you? Which ones do you prefer and why? eHarmony or another one? Than (...)

Is eHarmony the best online dating website?       (1)     2012-01-03

Hello. I would like to know opinions on eHarmony. Did you meet girls on this website? Is there any online dating website more efficient that this one? Thanks in advance (...)

Any opinion on AdultFriendFinder?       (1)     2012-01-03

Hello everyone. I'm looking for more opinions on AdultFriendFinder, what I just read was not really good and I'm wondering if it's worth it. Anyone here tried this websit (...)

What do you think about Meetic.com?       (1)     2012-01-03

Hi, do you have any opinion on the online dating website Meetic.com ? Is it as successful in all countries as in France? Is it better than eHarmony for example? (...)

How to increase website traffic?       (2)     2011-12-23

"Increase website traffic" is probably the most searched phrase online for webmasters, especially novice and limited budget webmasters. If you own and create yo (...)

How to convince my boyfriend to marry me       (6)     2011-12-23

Hello, my boyfriend does not want to marry me after six years. He is 33 and we live together for 4 years but he thinks that the marriage may provoke the end of our love s (...)

Where To Watch DBZ Episodes Online?       (6)     2011-12-23

Watch DVD Quality DB/DBZ/DBGT Only @ Watch DBZ Episodes (...)

How to import AVCHD to Final Cut Pro on       (1)     2011-12-14

AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) is a format for the recording and playback of high definition video, which has been jointly developed by Sony and Panasonic. (...)

First kiss tips       (5)     2011-11-30

How to kiss for the first time, how to give the first kiss ? That's the real question for many young people. Here are the definitive tips for a nice first kiss - First, (...)

How to stop to smoke ?       (3)     2011-11-30

Hi, I've realized a few weeks ago that I used to cough more and more every morning and I just decided to stop to smoke. Yes, that's great, I'll need to be encouraged for (...)

Do you need a loan?       (1)     2011-11-30

Do you need a loan? please note that we offer loans at 3% interest rate.espanalargestloanhome(at)yahoo.com (...)

Can private photos in Facebook be hacked?       (3)     2011-11-30

Hello, is it possible to hack private photos of other people in Facebook? In other words, is there a way to see photos of people I'm not a friend of? Thank you. (...)

When are the next elections in China?       (1)     2011-10-22

Hi, I just would like to know when are the next elections in China, how does this work, can everybody vote like in France or is there a system like in the United States? (...)

How to convert PDF to Word/Html/Text/ePu       (1)     2011-09-27

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. The file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 is used for representing documents in a manner (...)

Anyone used Satellite Internet?       (1)     2011-09-09

Has anyone heard or used satellite based internet? Would love to hear comments? Dr Alexander http://www.PostFreeAds.Org (...)

Free FlashPlayer MP3       (3)     2011-08-06

Hello, I would like to include a FlashPlayer to read MP3 and AVI files on my website, something like Soundcloud or Youtube for music and video, does anyone know where I c (...)

Is Smartdate a good way to meet people?       (11)     2011-07-28

I've heard of that new dating website: Smartdate. It's supposed to be free and pretty popular in Europe. Have you tried it yet? I'd like to register... Is it a good way t (...)

Hotmail sign-in does not display       (4)     2011-07-01

Hello all. My problem is I cannot see the Hotmail sign-in page anymore. I have Vista and it worked fine until now. What happens ?! (...)

For Sale:- Apple Iphone 4 Hd 32gb/HTC       (0)     2011-06-16

We offer shipping service Worldwide at affordable rate. We ship Internationally! All items provided by us are Brand New, Boxed and With Full Warranty. We offer a 1 Year R (...)

How to find the title of a song?       (23)     2011-05-12

Hello, I have a song in a mp3 file and I would like to know its title and author, do you know any website that could recognize a song just by submitting a file or somethi (...)

How to capture a video ?       (1)     2011-04-28

Please tell me how to capture a DV video from my camera Sony, I have a software but it is just a crap and it doesn't work. Is there a free software that allow to capture (...)

What does IMAO mean?       (1)     2011-03-26

Hello, I just would like to know what IMAO means? Probably something like "In My A(?) Opinion", but I can't find the word that starts with A. Thank you. (...)

How to recover my MSN password ?       (5)     2011-02-19

Did you lose you password for MSN / Windows live ? Well, it may happen if you use the automatic login mode, but no problem, a tool is dedicated to find your password, it (...)

Happy new year in every language       (11)     2011-02-16

Hello, I would like to know how to say "Happy new year" in italian, spanish, deutsch, french, russian, latvian, finnish, greek, hindi, bulgarian, czech, romania (...)

Previous version of Facebook       (2)     2011-02-15

Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to return to the old version of Facebook. Their interface has just changed but I prefer the old one. Do you know a (...)

Windows XP error codes       (4)     2011-02-13

Here is a list of Windows XP error codes : WindowError:001 Windows loaded. System in danger! WindowError:002 Nothing wrong. YET! WindowError:003 Dynamic link error. Error (...)

Problem Adobe Flash Player       (3)     2011-02-09

Hello, I have installed Adobe Flash Player and it works fine with Mozilla Firefox and my other browsers but it seems it doesn't work with Internet Explorer even if it say (...)

How to rename my files automatically?       (1)     2011-01-28

Hello, I would like to know how to rename a large amount of files in a folder automatically with their names made of numbers only, do you know a free software able to do (...)

Is Wi-Fi dangerous?       (1)     2011-01-20

Hello, I would like to know what you think about Wi-Fi, Satellite and WiMax to connect to the internet, is it dangerous according to you? Also what do you think about po (...)

How to recover a deleted file?       (3)     2011-01-14

Hello, I would like to know if it is really possible to recover some deleted files even if it has been deleted from the trash folder, particularly the history files of Fi (...)

How to marry two sims?       (9)     2011-01-02

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to marry a man and a woman in the game "Sims 3" and of course if it is possible, please tell me how you do that. T (...)

What is Eminem's real name?       (2)     2011-01-02

Hi there, just would like to know if someone is aware about Eminem's real name, do you have any idea? Thanks a lot. (...)

How can i create a forum on Facebook?       (1)     2010-12-30

First you need to login to your Facebook account. You have to have an account with Facebook in order to create a forum there. First, check the forum directory http://apps (...)

Who bought T-shirts from welljordan.com?       (0)     2010-12-29

Who bought T-shirts from welljordan.com? how about the quality and the price? I found a website www.welljordan.com for shopping online, but I don’t know how about the q (...)

How to capture video from my screen?       (4)     2010-12-27

Hello, I would like to capture video from my computer screen while a Winamp plugin is running. The aim is to make an AVI file. Does anyone know how to do this? If you kno (...)

Merry Christmas in every language       (3)     2010-12-25

Hello, I would like to know how to say in phonetic "Merry Christmas" in these languages: Bulgarian, russian, hebrew, arabic, chinese, japanese, vietnamese and k (...)

How to retrieve a deleted email?       (1)     2010-12-13

Hi, is there any way to retrieve an email that I deleted a few days ago on Yahoo Mail? I cannot find it in the trash folder. Thanks and have a nice day. (...)

Legal form of company       (1)     2010-12-07

Hello, as most french people my english is quite weak so I am asking for a translation. I have a document to fill but I do not know what does mean exactly "legal for (...)

How to know if someone says lies?       (4)     2010-11-12

Hello, I just started to watch the series "Lie to me" with Tim Roth, I would like to know if the ways to detect a lie that are explained by his character are tr (...)

Dealer button heads up       (2)     2010-11-10

At Poker Texas Hold'em in heads up, who is in the big blind, the dealer or the non-dealer ? What is the order of play pre-flop and after ? The answer : In heads up poker (...)

How to create like in facebook       (2)     2010-11-01

Do you know how to create LIKE PAGE in facebook? (...)

What is a cocktail Molotov?       (2)     2010-10-30

Hello. I would like to know what is a cocktail Molotov exactly? Is this a bomb or something else and how to make it? Just curious. Greetings. (...)

Difference between FTP, FTPS & SFTP       (2)     2010-10-29

Hi, I just would like to know the difference between FTP & SFTP & FTPS, is it Secured File Transfer Protocol or something else as I've read ? What informations do (...)

What is Love?       (0)     2010-10-28

Lets share your Ideas and thoughts aboy love what do you think that What is love (...)

Problem with Hotmail sign-in page       (0)     2010-10-28

Hello all. My problem is I cannot see the Hotmail sign-in page anymore. I have Vista and it worked fine until now. What happens moncler Thank you. (...)

How to avoid the limit on Megaupload ?       (2)     2010-10-16

Hello everyone, I would like to avoid the limits on Megaupload with a free account, I have a lot of files to download and I do not want to wait because I often forget the (...)

How to avoid the download limit?       (5)     2010-10-15

Hello. I use regularly Rapidshare, Megaupload and other storage services to download numerous files but it seems to me that it is really difficult now to download on Rapi (...)

How to French kiss ?       (1)     2010-10-14

How to kiss, how to give a french kiss ? Here are the definitive tips to french kiss perfectly - Freshen your breath. During a French kiss, the mouth should be open, so (...)

What does SEO mean ?       (8)     2010-10-05

Hello, I just would like to know what does "SEO" mean ?? I saw this term on several search results on Google but I cannot find a definition for this, it seems t (...)

How to transfer ipod music to computer?       (1)     2010-10-04

Cucusoft iPod/iTouch/iPhone to Computer Transfer is an easy to use iPod/iPhone utility designed to help you backup all your files from your iPod/iPhone/iTouch. Recover lo (...)

How to transfer SMS from Windows mobile       (2)     2010-10-04

I was always looking for a good SMS tool while I am using my Samsung Pro B7610 which with Windows Mobile system 6.1, and I didn't think there is a Functional program unti (...)

How to Convert AVI Video or Burn AVI to       (0)     2010-10-03

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to use our avi software to convert avi videos or burn avi to dvd in just a few clicks!!! Got lots of avi videos you'd like to watch o (...)

How to make a divx from a dvd ?       (7)     2010-10-03

Hello. I would like to convert a dvd in the divx format but I can only copy the dvd to my computer, then I do not know how to do, the only free program that I found is to (...)

When is Halloween next years?       (0)     2010-09-21

Hi, just wanted to know when is Halloween for the next years, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Also do you know where I can find original ideas for Hallo (...)

MSN does not start       (2)     2010-09-20

Hello, I try to start MSN for several minutes but it does not work. When I click the icon, nothing happens. Please tell me how to solve this problem, should I install MSN (...)

Tatum       (1)     2010-09-19

Tatum and tararsa mace the for the November . 22 yoiu tatunu (...)

How we find easy solutions.       (1)     2010-09-12

How can we find a simple solution for a hard problems. Does we need companion by others. Garbage Trucks For Sale www.princemotorsusa.com (...)

MOI Converter, play .moi files       (1)     2010-09-07

What is the .MOI file? The .MOI file is the index file of .MOD or .TOD files, holding the date and time of recorded movie in a range of camcorders, such as JVC Everio, th (...)

How to convert videos to animated GIF ?       (6)     2010-08-25

Hello, I would like to convert a folder of videos FLV to animated GIF, does anyone know a free software able to do this ? Actually, if it was possible to select the durat (...)

why people are attracted and visit iran       (0)     2010-08-23

simple, because is one of the safesr places in the world, but unfortunately bad reputations of Iran made this glorious country one of the less visited places in the world (...)

travel to iran       (0)     2010-08-23

visit and travel to iran through http://www.irtouring.com travel to iran, visit iran and visa informations to iran we invite you to travel to land of iran as its one of t (...)

Import contacts Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo...       (5)     2010-08-10

Hi there, I'm looking for a tell-a-friend like free script in PHP that would allow to do mass invitations by importing contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Facebook, (...)

backup phone contacts to pc       (0)     2010-08-09

Get a new phone and what to transfser contacts from old mobile to the new one? or want to import mobile contacts to computer program, such as outlook, gmail, etc. Here I (...)

How to rip DVD to iphone 4       (0)     2010-08-06

How to convert DVD to iphone 4 The iPhone 4G was released on 7th June 2010. It is really good news for iPhone fans. The iPhone 4.0 OS have new features, such as: Multitas (...)

Hoe to backup SMS for windows mobile       (1)     2010-07-22

Hoe to backup SMS for windows mobile phone Many Windows Mobile Phone users could not backup their SMS to txt file or view on computer. Now iMobileTool SMS Backup offers a (...)

How to make friends on the social media       (2)     2010-07-20

Hay there as the time changes, it bring changes to your life.Because its meant to be.So tell me your experience as an individual, will you make a friend ion the friend o (...)

How to make a bomb ?       (17)     2010-07-05

How to make a bomb is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet, that is not a real surprise, so many people want to die or to kill their neighbours. Do (...)

How to search Client for selling links       (0)     2010-07-02

Hi, I deal in Link Building, I want to make new clients so that I can sell more links on my websites. Can some one tell me how to do it. ?. (...)

What is the origin of the name Jesus?       (1)     2010-06-28

Hello, could anyone tell me the origins of the name Jesus? If I remember well, it is related to Joshua, right? If yes, what is the origin of the name Joshua? Thank you (...)

How to moonwalk?       (2)     2010-06-25

Hi, I just would like to know how to moonwalk like Michael Jackson and the guys one can see on Youtube, I tried several times but I don't know how to do, please can anyon (...)

How much money do you give to charity?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hello, I would like to know how much money you earn and how much money you give to charity, just curious to estimate a percentage in average. Thank you. (...)

Is American Dream dead?       (1)     2010-06-20

Hi, do you think that the American Dream is a thing that belongs to past? Do you think that it will come back and if yes, when and why? Thank you. (...)

Did you make your day?       (0)     2010-06-19

Hi all, so did you make your day today and why? Tell your story! (...)

What would make you stop using Facebook?       (1)     2010-06-19

Hello, just curious I'd like to know what would make you stop using Facebook? Do you think that you use it as much as when you started with it? (...)

What does mean lipdub?       (2)     2010-06-17

Hello, I would like to know what does mean the word lipdub? I speak french and my english is really weak but obviously it is an english word so english people can answer (...)

What do you think about Google Sky?       (0)     2010-06-17

Hi, did you try Google Sky already? Is it just a gadget in low definition or are the pictures the best ones provided by the NASA? What do you think? (...)

What do you think about Dogpile?       (1)     2010-06-16

Hi, do you use the search engine named "Dogpile" regularly? What do you think about its results? Is it more effective than Yahoo or Bing in your opinion? Thanks. (...)

Do you trust Google?       (1)     2010-06-15

Hello, do you all trust Google in every matter or on what points you have some doubts? Regards. (...)

Who created Google's logo?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hello, I would like to know who is the creator of Google logo. Do you have any idea? How much did he earn for that in your opinion? (...)

How to submit a site to Dogpile?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hello. Is there a way to submit my website to Dogpile? I can't find the form. Thank you for your help. (...)

How do I delete past searches?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi, I would like to know if there's a way to delete my past searches on Yahoo and Google. Thank you. (...)

Do you use Google Wave?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hello all, just curious I'd like to know if you use Google Wave and for what use. Thank you very much. (...)

What is Synvisc?       (0)     2010-06-09

Hello, I would like to know what are Synvisc injections made of, in other words what is Synvisc? Thank you very much. (...)

Who is Justin Bieber's girlfriend?       (0)     2010-06-09

Hi, I'd like to know who is Justin Bieber's girlfriend, thanks for helping meee! Justin is awesome, I love him!! Thank you. (...)

who going to help the new guy?(me)       (0)     2010-06-08

so who going to talk to the new guy? (...)

Jackson at Forest Lawn Memorial Park ?       (2)     2010-06-05

Hello everyone. I do not understand what is said in the news, first of all Michael Jackson would have disappeared after the ceremony at StaplesCenter, I heard that he wou (...)

How to know if he's flirting?       (0)     2010-06-04

Hi, I would like to know if a friend of mine is flirting with me, I'm really not sure and I don't want to ask him, sometimes I'm just confused with his behaviour... Do yo (...)

Are women more hyprocritical than men?       (0)     2010-06-04

That's a tough question, in your opinion are women more hyprocritical than men? And of course why? Do you have any example? Greetings++ (...)

How to be friend with my husband's exgf       (0)     2010-06-04

Hi, here's my problem, I love my husband, I hate his ex girlfriend, she hates me as well but he really wants us to be friends...... how can I do that? I think I can hide (...)

How to use Wondershare DVD to MP4 Converter       (1)     2010-06-04

This tutorial is designed to help you get started using Wondershare DVD to MP4 Converter to convert DVD to MP4, Xvid AVI and M4V, and rip DVD to audio of MP3 and M4A. The (...)

what is the average price of sushi?       (0)     2010-06-04

hi, I just would like to know what is the average price of sushi? thanks for yuur answers. (...)

Why did you leave your job?       (0)     2010-06-04

Hello, I would like to know all the good reasons why one can leave one's job... Maybe one can find the very best reason then. So if it happened that you left your job, wh (...)

Who is the most famous serial killer?       (0)     2010-06-04

Hello, I would like to know who is the most famous serial killer according to you? ... and why? Thank you. (...)

Online Auctions Site To Buy and Sell It       (3)     2010-06-02

http://easymud.com easymud.com is World’s one of the largest Free online auctions website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and servi (...)

Google's Pacman bug?       (0)     2010-05-27

Hi all, is there a problem with Google's Pacman? It seems to me that the monsters never go to the original position of Pac Man, so if you don't move, you survive for eve (...)

Is there something after death?       (2)     2010-05-27

Hello, this is a stupid question of course as nobody can say it for sure, but do you think that there is something after death and why? Is there another reason than relig (...)

Nero 9 does not burn ?       (5)     2010-05-17

Hello, I just burnt 2 dvd+r with Nero 9 but it seems they remained empty. I do not understand how it is possible, I can see that the dvd has been burnt but Windows Vista (...)

Diaspora, the Facebook killer ?       (0)     2010-05-16

Hi, I just read an article on Diaspora (joindiaspora.com), a website that should start at the end of the summer 2010 and that is announced to be the future of Facebook, k (...)

How to make a video online?       (1)     2010-05-14

Hi, I would like to know how to make a video online, based upon a picture and some texts, but I did not find the right site to do that without any software. Can someone h (...)

Internet Explorer 7 doesn't work       (1)     2010-05-14

Hello all. IE7 does not work anymore on my Vista Ultimate (computer HP). The error message is "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" while Firefox do it (...)

How to remove Antivirus XP 2008 virus ?       (1)     2010-05-14

Hi, I have a workstation infected by a virus named Antivirus XP 2008. I can't find how to remove it, does anyone know about a program able to delete this s*** ? Thanks i (...)

American Idol video       (1)     2010-05-14

Hello, I am looking for videos of the show "American Idol" to download on the internet, particularly the performance by Susan Boyle, is there a way to download (...)

Problem Iphone Vista       (1)     2010-05-14

Hi, I've got a strange problem today, my Iphone is not recognized anymore as a hard drive by Windows Vista. I read that as OS X is a Unix it would be better recognized by (...)

How to burn a DVD with Nero ?       (1)     2010-05-14

Hi, I have Nero 5, a great software to burn audio CD & CR-ROM, I'd like to know if it is possible to burn a DVD with this old version without buying Nero 9. Looks lik (...)

Who is Betty White?       (0)     2010-05-10

Hi, can someone explain who is Betty White and her connection with Facebook? I cannot watch US tv but it seems she's been invited in all major shows by looking at some v (...)

graphical clients for FICGS       (3)     2010-05-07

Hi, I am interested in FICGS to play correspondence chess. I want to know graphical/command-line PC clients available for the same. It would be great if the client is op (...)

How to make a woman fall in love with me       (8)     2010-04-19

Hello everyone. Does anyone know the perfect way to make a woman fall in love with you? I am looking for some tips to improve my seduction, in example what do you say to (...)

How to make a man fall in love with you?       (15)     2010-04-15

Hello friends. I would like to find good tips to make a man fall in love with me, do you know the way to provoke it easily? I assume that the most difficult part is to ke (...)

Difference between DVD-R and DVD+R       (0)     2010-03-24

Hello, I would like to know the real difference between DVD-R and DVD+R as the storage capacity is obviously the same. I know this is a question of norms by the manufactu (...)

How to create a page on Facebook ?       (3)     2010-03-13

Hello everyone. I use Facebook for a few days and I saw that my friends created pages on artists and other topics that appear on the right of my home page. Does anyone kn (...)

How to code an application for Facebook?       (0)     2010-03-07

Hi there, I'm a newbie on Facebook but I'm very impressed by the numerous applications one can find on this website, the games or the polls as well. I would like to learn (...)

How to make a slide show?       (0)     2010-03-04

Hello there, I would like to make a slide show with a few photos for my website, do you know any software completely free that can do this without showing any brand or ur (...)

What is an alpha male?       (0)     2010-03-04

Hello, can someone explain to me what is an alpha male? I heard this term about wolves and humans but it is not totally clear to me, is it the chief in a group? So for (...)

Is water in bottle bad for health?       (0)     2010-03-02

Hello, I would like to know if you drink water in bottle, what brands you avoid and why? Do you think that some waters in bottle may be really dangerous for health becaus (...)

How to make 50,000,000 views on Youtube?       (0)     2010-03-02

Here is the secret to make more than 50,000,000 views on Youtube, just put a sexy girl in front of your camera, type "Best ever" as a title and see... Well, it (...)

MSN virus remover       (4)     2010-02-28

Hello, My question : Is "MSN virus remover" necessary to avoid viruses through MSN and WindowsLiveMessenger when I have installed Avast on my computer already ? (...)

How to learn Go (weiqi, baduk) fast?       (0)     2010-02-20

Hi all, what are the best ways to improve at this incredible game that is Go game (also called weiqi or baduk) according to you? I think that this question could be divid (...)

Best version of Vista       (2)     2010-02-11

Hello, I would like to know which version of Vista is best? I saw that there was a basic version, a premium version and even a business version, maybe there is also a fam (...)

What is Google Buzz?       (0)     2010-02-11

Hi, I just heard about Google Buzz on Twitter so I clicked on a profile to see what it looks like, but it seems so poor, what's the use of it? Can anyone explain me how i (...)

someone has deleted me on msn       (2)     2010-02-07

and i desperately need to contact her (...)

Who is Miss France 2010       (2)     2010-02-07

Hi from Poland, I would like to know who was elected Miss France 2010. I know that the contest is today and I saw photos of the 37 candidates on french websites. In my op (...)

Is there any website in Sweden..       (0)     2010-02-06

...where I could add my advertisement for free? Greetings, University student from Estonia If You have any idea , please, contact me: atlantis2(at)hot.ee (...)

How to cure Acne??       (6)     2010-01-30

Acne is not purely a teenage predicament, 20 to 40% of the adults do encounter problems with acne. In fact, some people are only being paid the first visit in their 40s! (...)

Difference ATI Radeon and Nvidia Geforce       (1)     2010-01-29

Can someone explain or post links on the differences between all references of graphic cards, particularly ATI Radeon & Nvidia Geforce 8800, 9400, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9 (...)

Ippolit, where can i get .exe file       (2)     2010-01-28

how can i get exe file to run the lattest igorrit series on chess 0.086v2.tar series after downloaded there is no exe file how to run this on uci chess engine can any one (...)

Review for seoserviceworld.com       (1)     2010-01-15

Hi, I want review for seoserviceworld.com, how they offers service and reliability of them (...)

igorrit series       (1)     2010-01-12

hello friends i have downlaoded that igorrit g3 series but the latest version has come of it named v4 series of igorrit can any body knows that link for download...thanks (...)

What does mean hadda?       (0)     2009-11-28

Hi, I just would like to know what does hadda mean? Obviously it is spoken american more than english but I can't guess what it means in e.g. "It hadda be..." (...)

where can i find a good site for poker       (3)     2009-11-17

so many companies, how can you know ? visit www.game-bler.com/en the best site for gambling games online: Poker Games Online, Backgammon Online ... (...)

Which firewall to use?       (0)     2009-10-15

Hello, I would like to know which firewall do you use with WindowsVista, is there one efficient enough in Vista or do you use another one like Kaspersky, Norton or AVG? (...)

How to create a fan page on Facebook?       (0)     2009-10-13

Hello, I would like to create a fan page on Facebook but I cannot find the right place. When I was connected, I tried to click "create an ad" on the right but t (...)

Difuzoare Pioneer incepand cu 60 de lei       (0)     2009-10-13

www.mermin.ro/category/difuzoare-auto/ (...)

Blu-ray burner, burn movies to Blu-ray       (0)     2009-10-12

Q: I have torrent video files, which are in different types, like .mkv, .avi, .mpg, .flv, etc. My question is can I burn them to Blu-ray Disc using a normal PC DVD Burner (...)

iDVD Import DVD, import DVD into iDVD       (0)     2009-10-12

You can use DVD Ripper for Mac as an iDVD importing DVD program, which is capable of ripping DVD movie and converting VOB video into MP4, MOV, MPG, DV, M4V, 3GP, MP3, AAC (...)

how to rip DVD to video & audio files       (0)     2009-10-12

This step by step guide show you how to rip DVD to popular video and audio formats on Mac. Free download Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac Intel version PowerPC version St (...)

How to protect links from bots ?       (0)     2009-10-08

If your wonder how to protect your links & files uploaded in Megaupload, Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Storage.to, Gigaup and other online storage services from bots, sea (...)

play poker online       (1)     2009-10-05

this site is reffering players to play poker online. visit and enjoy play poker online thanks all (...)

looking for affiliate programs       (0)     2009-10-05

could you please reffer me to agood site which deal with it. thanks all (...)

Youtube banned my server IP       (0)     2009-09-30

Hi, I run a small script on a Linux server to find videos from Youtube but it doesn't work anymore, it looks like my server's IP has been banned from Youtube, did you exp (...)

is black stocking too $# to office wear       (0)     2009-09-30

sometimes the dress are too short so wearing a black stocking seems better. but black stocking seems too &&** for office wear and inappropriate. is it? if you (...)

How to Convert Videos to MP4/AVI/FLV/3GP       (0)     2009-09-28

This guide shows you how to Convert Videos to MP4/AVI/FLV/3GP/WMV/MOV/MPG/RM/RMVB/MKV/VOB... Nowadays, people have so many kinds of portable music/video players, and they (...)

Why Michael Jackson was white?       (0)     2009-09-19

Just want to know the truth on why Michael Jackson was white after his accident during the shooting of the Pepsi commercial, hav any idea? He was ill or surgery or somet (...)

Convert .MOV from Kodak Video Camera       (0)     2009-09-14

Kodak pocket video camera captures video in .MOV format, however, Windows Movie Maker only accepts video in .AVI, .WMV, .MPG extension.In this situation, Kodak Video Conv (...)

How to import DVD into Adobe Premiere?       (0)     2009-09-14

About Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro is a real-time, timeline based video editing software application. It is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a suite of graphic (...)

what is swine flu       (0)     2009-08-27

Swine flu (swine influenza) is a disease of pigs. It is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by one of many Influenza A viruses. Approximately 1% to 4% of pigs (...)

List of Arctic Monkeys albums       (0)     2009-08-24

Does anyone know the names of the previous albums of the Arctic Monkeys (Mattew Helders, Nick O'Malley, Alex Turner, Jamie Cook) ? I only know the new one named Humbug. T (...)

Is Slumdog Millionaire a true story ?       (0)     2009-08-24

Hi, I just want to know if Slumdog Millionaire is a true story - Je voudrais savoir si Slumdog Millionaire est une histoire vraie, quelqu'un est au courant ? Thanks - Mer (...)

Who is new president of Afghanistan ?       (1)     2009-08-24

Hi, does anyone know who is the new president of Afghanistan ? The former one or Dr. Abdullah Abdullah ? The last news I've heard were not clear, both were claiming the (...)

Jasmine Fiore murdered       (0)     2009-08-23

Hi, Does anyone know how Jasmine Fiore (who is a former Playboy model) was killed ? I only know that she was texting a former boyfriend just before to be killed. It happ (...)

What is an avatar ?       (0)     2009-08-23

Hello, I would like to know what is an avatar ? Obviously it is like a picture that represents you in computer games or forums but I think that's not the exact meaning.. (...)

How to update Windows Vista ?       (0)     2009-08-23

Hi, I would like to update Windows Vista on my computer, do you know where I can download a free update or patch ? Thank you. (...)

what do you think ?       (1)     2009-08-05

I would like to get one cheaper converter and good enough for me novice, as i know wondershare, xili and anyvideo is not bad but the price i cannot accept. Recently there (...)

How to download Flash files .swf .fla       (0)     2009-08-03

Hello all, Is there a way to download remote Flash files or movies (.swf .fla) as a file on my hard drive with a right click or something in Firefox or Internet Explorer, (...)

How to display photos from Flickr ?       (0)     2009-08-03

Hello, does anyone know how to display photos from Flickr in a blog by using their API ? Is it authorized to use photos posted by any user when you display advertisement (...)

How to choose a shopping website??       (0)     2009-08-01

I just wondering how do you choose a shopping website? what factor your will take into account? price?service?or famous? How about this website?? www.cross-mark.com (...)

How to create a RSS feed ?       (0)     2009-07-13

Hello. I would like to create a RSS feed on my blog that I try to develop myself with Dreamweaver. I must do something wrong as my browser says that my feed is not valid, (...)

How to find a mp3 with Google ?       (0)     2009-07-10

Hello, I would like to find several songs in mp3 format but it seems it is very hard to find it with Google, it only gives bad results, in example I visited sites that ac (...)

What is the best web browser ?       (4)     2009-06-13

The answer may come from Japan : Lunascape5.0 Genesis Alpha4 Main New Features : The WebKit engine of Lunascape has been improved with the following enhancements. * Score (...)

Tips to earn money easily       (0)     2009-06-09

Hello. Do you know where I can find some tips to earn money easily and legally on the internet ? I mean I would like to avoid to work too much of course, in example is i (...)

How to avoid the limit on Rapidshare ?       (0)     2009-06-03

Hello, I would like to know how to avoid the limit on Rapidshare with a free account because I have a huge list of mp3 to download, it takes too much time. Does anyone ha (...)

Toy Story 3       (0)     2009-06-01

Hello, does anyone know whre I can see a trailer of Toy Story 3 and when the movie will be on the screens ? Thanks. (...)

Problem Emule       (0)     2009-05-19

Hello, I have a problem with Emule, after I connect to servers it is really slow, actually I cannot download any complete file, probably because of my firewall. Do you kn (...)

How to install Internet Explorer ?       (0)     2009-05-19

Hello, I've just encountered a strange problem with Internet Explorer IE7, I started my computer and I just cannot use it anymore, it does not start at all. Fortunately I (...)

How to create a group on Facebook ?       (0)     2009-05-15

Hello, I just would like to create a group on Facebook but I can't find how to do this, can someone help ? Also I would like to prevent my friends to post on my wall, how (...)

How to open a pdf file ?       (0)     2009-05-14

Hello, I downloaded a pdf file but I can't open it, what software do you use to read it ? I tried to use OfficeWord to read but it does not work, also I tried to read it (...)

What does this mean ?       (1)     2009-05-14

Hello, I just received this email but I don't understand a single word, I don't even know which language it is, please help... ถ้าคุณรักสุขภา (...)

explaination       (1)     2009-05-14

can anyone go against nature if yes then what hapen if no then what hapen? Attorney Directory (...)

Thiefware : Seekmo Zango       (0)     2009-05-08

Hello, I've recently heard about "Seekmo" or "Zango", it looks like it is a new kind of software that offer you some content like free mp3, it would b (...)

Display a visitor ip       (1)     2009-05-07

Here is a small trick for those who do not know how to code well yet, by using it you will be able to display the internet address "ip" of your visitor on your (...)

How to make a DHTML color picker ?       (0)     2009-04-22

Hi, I'd like to make a color picker using DHTML layer, I found great color picker free scripts but I don't know how to modify it to use DHTML layer, I do not want to have (...)

What is Facebook ?       (1)     2009-04-07

Hi, I'd like to know what is Facebook and what's the use ?? Thanks (...)

What is my IP ?       (0)     2009-04-06

Hi there, Does anyone know a way to find my internet address (my IP) ? My computer uses Windows Vista but I can't find it in the configuration panel. Thanks everyone ! (...)

How to connect to Wifi ?       (0)     2009-04-06

Hi, I have connection problems from my home I'd like to connect to Wifi I have some friends near my apartment who have it but I can't connect my computer, can you help me (...)

Facebook doesn't work       (2)     2009-04-05

Hi, I've a big problem, "Home" page in my Facebook account doesn't work anymore, it just remains empty. It began a few days ago with Mozilla Firefox, so I switc (...)

Best april fools jokes       (0)     2009-03-31

Hi, What was your best april fools jokes ever ? It would be great to establish a list of the very best april fools for those who look for good ideas for tomorrow, what d (...)

Microsoft Office or Open Office ?       (0)     2009-03-28

Hi, I would like to know which software is best to make documents in formats .doc or .xls Before I was used to Microsoft Office Word & Excel but I have a new computer (...)

How to read a DVD ?       (0)     2009-03-28

Hi, I'd like to know which are the best free softwares to read a DVD on a computer ? I found some but it looks like none are free. Also I'd like to know which software i (...)

What is the best file compression software ?       (1)     2009-03-19

Hello, I'd like to know what is the best file compression software, so far I tried WinRAR, WinZIP, WinACE but I heard about 7-ZIP, WinUHA, Magic ISO, well I just can't ch (...)

What is the best antivirus ?       (3)     2009-03-10

Hi again, also I'd like to know which is the best antivirus, I tried Avast & AVG Antivirus (free), I don't know much about Kaspersky but I was quite deceived by Norto (...)

Firefox official website ?       (1)     2009-03-06

Well, I just can't find what's the official website of Mozilla Firefox, is it http://www.firefox.com or http://www.mozilla.org .. ?? Thanks. (...)

How David Copperfield fly ?       (0)     2009-03-05

Really impressive, this video fully explains how David Copperfield flies in his show, ok it was quite possible to think about the ropes and the optical illusion with the (...)

How to download video Youtube ?       (0)     2009-03-03

How to download videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Google video, Yahoo video, MySpace, Vimeo, Veoh, RuTube, Metacafe, Break.com, Blip.tv and so on ? Here are a few ways an (...)

What is CopperStrings ?       (0)     2009-02-24

Hi, I just received a spam about CopperStrings network, looks nice but I can't figure what it is ? Explore Yourself in Copperstrings.com CopperStrings is a unique network (...)

pcp       (1)     2009-02-03

i have my website and account in google since last week there is maney clicks on adsens but i did not get any money (pcp) why is any error there? (...)

Facebook open source ?       (0)     2009-01-21

Hello all, I just read that Facebook was open source now (at least the API part ?!) and that it was hacked already, looks like the code was available somewhere. Does anyo (...)

IE7 : The address is not valid       (2)     2008-12-01

Hello there. I've got a strange problem with Internet Explorer 7 (on Vista), either it loads the pages really slowly or I get an error message "The Address is not Va (...)

403 Forbidden chmod uploaded files       (0)     2008-11-16

Just a trick, If you upload a file through a PHP file ie. this way : @unlink($file); if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES)) { rename($_FILES, $file); chmod($file,07 (...)

World of Warcraft FPS       (0)     2008-10-14

Hi, I have a problem while running WoW on my computer Dell Dimension XPS 600 (graphic cards nVidia 7800 GTX 256Mb), I am limited to 5 to 50 fps in average! I'm just wonde (...)

How to install Curl       (1)     2008-10-13

Hi, I'd like to install Curl for PHP on a Linux Redhat server. I've found the file to download at http://curl.haxx.se/download.html but I don't know to install it. I foun (...)

Free tell-a-friend script       (1)     2008-10-12

Hi all, Please tell me where I can find a free tell-a-friend script, typically that imports contacts from MSN, Aol, Gmail, Yahoo... this seems to be very hard to find eve (...)

Daemon tools problem       (1)     2008-10-12

Hi there, Here's my problem, I just created an image (.tao, .cue files) from a dvd thanks to Iso Buster 1.6, now I'd like to open/mount the image with Daemon tools but it (...)

HTC Diamond Pro       (0)     2008-10-08

Hi all, do you have any information about the next mobile phone by HTC ? Is it worth it or should I wait the GooglePhone (or buy the Iphone) ? Thanx everyone for your an (...)

Youtube problem       (0)     2008-10-08

Hi all, I've a problem with Youtube, I can't play any video, the message is : "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash P (...)

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