How can i create a forum on Facebook?

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*alan    (2010-12-27)
How can i create a forum on Facebook?

First you need to login to your Facebook account.
You have to have an account with Facebook in order to create a forum there.
First, check the forum directory ht*p:// to avoid creating a similar forum.
Now, go to ht*p:// It is a free forum service for Facebook.
Click "Create a Forum on Facebook".
Now you will need to make a title for your forum. You should choose a title that is relevant to the group for which the forum is made. You will also choose a category, cencorship, and online status option.
Now click "Click here to build your forum" to build your forum.

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*gubege    (2010-12-30 12:54:57)
How can i create a forum on Facebook?

We can create a forum for free! thanks,

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