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Is it a good time to buy bitcoin?       (0)     2021-06-05

Hi, what do you think about bitcoin these times? From 50k, just went down to about 35k, good time to buy it or better forget this idea according to you? Or maybe ethere (...)

Why bitcoin rate decreased?       (0)     2021-05-22

Hi there. Does anyone know why bitcoin value decreased by about 35% this last week? Is Elon Musk really responsible for this because of 1 tweet only?? (people can't use (...)

Any help for workers who lost their job in US?       (1)     2020-08-03

Hi, does anyone know if and how US governement plan to help the million people who lost and will probably lose their jobs in 2020, let's say because of their lack of prep (...)

Why covid does not disappear?       (0)     2020-08-02

Does anyone know why this covid is still around and how long it will last? (...)

What is the best way to die?       (0)     2020-08-02

Is there a best way to die in your opinion? Heart attack seems really bad, what else? (...)

What is the best movie ever?       (0)     2020-08-02

What movie is the very best according to you? The greatest of all times? Cheers (...)

What casino game is the easiest?       (0)     2020-08-02

Hi, what online casino game is the easiest to make money? (...)

Why are there less deaths caused by Covid-19 in Germany?       (0)     2020-04-15

Hi, so far about 3000 people died in Germany because of Coronavirus / Covid-19 while more than 15000 in France, 18000 in Spain and even more than 20000 in Italy. Why so? (...)

Why so many people got Covid in New York?       (0)     2020-04-15

Any idea why so many people were hit by coronavirus in New York City? About 8 thousand deaths now, which is huge! Did it reach this place before every other except China (...)

how to draw naked bodies?       (2)     2020-03-25

hello everyone, I would like to learn to draw naked bodies, do you know where I can find some lessons to learn to draw separately the different parts of the body (legs, a (...)

Who visited my page on Facebook?       (5)     2020-03-25

Hello, My brother just asked me if it was possible to know who visited his page on Facebook. After a search on Google I found the answer: It is not possible! Actually the (...)

How many women are killed per year?       (3)     2020-03-25

The answer is 1400... Each year 1400 women are killed by their partner. That's a shame of course, but many people do nothing to help them in their own neighborhood. This (...)

What is the best processor?       (2)     2020-03-25

Hello, I would like to buy a new computer that would be really fast. My aim is to make quite complex videos on 3dSmax that my old Sempron is not able to calculate in less (...)

How to remove my name from Facebook?       (24)     2020-03-24

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to avoid that people mark your name on photos and notes, that are visible to their friends, that really annoys me, I do not (...)

Difference between computers x64 x86       (28)     2020-03-24

Hello, I would like to know the difference between computers x64 and computers x86, which one is better or faster? Is the difference a question of speed only? Is there (...)

Number of deaths by Covid-19 in California       (1)     2020-03-23

Hi, where is it possible to follow the number of deaths caused by this coronavirus in California and particularly in Los Angeles? Day after day, hour after hour if possi (...)

How to transfer my mobile contacts to PC       (2)     2020-02-28

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer is a mobile application designed for cell phones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0/6.1/6.5. GodswMobile Contacts Transfer operates i (...)

How to know if Covid 19 is there?       (0)     2020-02-26

Hi, any easy way recommended to know if me or any member of my family may be affected by Covid 19 / Coronavirus? What percentage of efficiency for each one please? Many (...)

How to make pancakes ?       (8)     2020-02-04

Hello, I am looking for a good and original recipe to make pancakes with fruits, can anyone help me please ? Thanks. (...)

How to make a GIF ?       (1)     2020-01-17

Hi, I'd like to make GIF pictures with Adobe Photoshop 7 but I can't find a way to save my pictures as GIF, that's quite strange as it was simple to export pictures to th (...)

How to become an actor?       (0)     2020-01-05

Hey there, looking for the best ways to become an actor quickly in Hollywood: where to start? how to meet the right people? tips & tricks welcome (no porn or other crap (...)

My mother is addicted to money games       (1)     2019-12-25

Hi, my mother is addicted to casino games, she lost a lot of money already, now she plays at online casinos and she does not want to stop, she becomes quite aggressive an (...)

How to block my wall on Facebook?       (6)     2019-12-23

Hello, some people regularly write stupid messages on my wall on Facebook and I would like to avoid that without deleting friends, do you know where I can find the option (...)

How to convert Ah to Wh       (0)     2019-12-22

What website to convert Ah & V to Wh and its reverse function please? (...)

How to unlock my Moneybookers account?       (6)     2019-12-22

Hello, here is my problem with Moneybookers : I have got several payments without any problem but when I wanted to get back my money, they locked my account asking for se (...)

What should i do to make my husband love       (0)     2019-12-22

actually he doesn"t care about me can anybody help me to overcome this problem. is there any vashikaran mantra? vashikaran mantra for husband (...)

Can immigrants join the army?       (1)     2019-12-22

Hello, do you know if immigrants can join the army in united states and other countries? If yes, do you know a percentage of immigrants in the army? If no, do you know (...)

How to find the language for a sentence       (10)     2019-12-22

Hello, I would like to know if there is a website that is able to find the language used for a particular sentence. In example, I submit a sentence or only a few words in (...)

Tutorials to build a house       (0)     2019-11-03

Hi! Looking for tutorials that would explain all ways to build a house or tiny house (wood or other stuff). All tips are welcome, no 3d-printer ^^ thank you. (...)

How to use Mplayer to read MKV files ?       (2)     2019-10-23

Hello, I have installed Mplayer on my computer in order to read a .mkv file which is like a divx file. My problem is that when I execute the program it does not open any (...)

What is the best video format?       (3)     2019-10-16

Hello, I would like to know what is the best video format that offers the best compression rate for a good quality. What do you prefer between divx, xvid, ogm, wmv, do yo (...)

How to know if he's a sociopath?       (0)     2019-10-06

Hi, I'd like to know how to be sure that someone is a narcissistic sociopath, I have some concerns about someone in my family, thank you so much I have so many questions. (...)

What is the strongest chess engine in 2019?       (0)     2019-10-06

All in title, which engine is best at chess these days? Stockfish? Komodo? Unlikely Fritz I guess... (...)

Who will be the next president of U.S.?       (0)     2019-09-14

After these amazing 4 years with Donald Trump at the head of United States of America, who will be our next president according to you? Or will Trump make it for four mo (...)

How to remove ads in my browser ?       (2)     2019-08-18

Hello, I would like to know how to remove all ads from every website, it is just intrusive and I don't want to see it anymore. Most ads come from Google Adwords/Adsense b (...)

Is Uptobox.com down?       (0)     2019-08-07

Hi, just tried to download a file (last season of Game of Thrones :D) on Uptobox.com but I reached a blank page and looks like the whole site is the same, what's going on (...)

How to know who blocked me on MSN ?       (30)     2019-07-27

Hello, Everyone wonders at least once who blocked him on MSN, there are many websites that pretend to be able to give us the answer if we give them our email and password (...)

How to create a url link ?       (1)     2019-07-03

Hello. Do you know how to create a url link from a web page to another one ? I am trying to learn HTML but I am still looking for a good guide that would be easy to unde (...)

How should have ended Game of Thrones?       (0)     2019-06-27

In your opinion, what would have been a perfect end for the greatest show Game of Thrones, or is it fine like this? (no spoilers) After seeing it again, it makes sense m (...)

How to know an internet address on MSN?       (3)     2019-06-09

Hi, I have a problem with someone unknown on MSN and I would like to know where he is located, at least in which country he lives. I suppose this is possible to know with (...)

3D won't work       (0)     2019-06-07

Every time I try to play chess in 3d the board and peices turn black and I can't see how do I fix it????? (...)

Why Facebook apps daily users increase?       (0)     2019-05-30

Hey, any opinion on Facebook algorithm around apps? Just don't understand why my daily users slowly decrease on various apps, then suddenly increase a lot for all apps a (...)

Best websites to download movies       (0)     2019-05-18

Hi, what is your favourite websites to download recent movies & tv shows like Game of Thrones? My preferred formats are 720p & 1040p and I'm mostly using uptobox, mega & (...)

Other softwares like F.lux       (0)     2019-04-22

Does anyone know other good softwares (maybe with more options and ways to vary the luminosity according to various criteria) like F.lux? Just an amazing and easy way to (...)

How to make bread?       (0)     2019-03-21

Hi, does anyone know good tips to make simple bread or bread with various stuff? Just bored with my shit bought in supermarket, without taste & now too expensive as well (...)

How to save a life?       (0)     2019-03-21

Hi, just want to know if you can recommend good guides to learn and train to save a life. One never knows when it may happen. Of course, heart attack could be the main po (...)

How to make an Android app from a website?       (0)     2019-03-19

Hi, just looking for a way to easily make an app for Android (and Iphone, why not) that would display my website, for free of course, or for a reasonable amount, and if p (...)

How to find a prostitute?       (8)     2019-03-04

Hello, I would like to know how to find a prostitute in a small city (with less than 200,000 people), do you have any advice? Thank you very much. (...)

How to use emule ?       (7)     2018-12-28

Hello, I downloaded and installed emule, which seems to be the most famous peer to peer software, but I can't find how to use it, can someone help or give some links to l (...)

Fatal error: Allowed memory exhausted       (5)     2018-07-05

Hi there, I've got a very strange problem on my dedicated server, all was fine & suddenly (I did not change anything to the code) : PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory si (...)

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Comparative for automobile insurances       (0)     2020-08-01

Hello, I must ensure my new car and I seek the comparative ones and opinions of consumers on Internet, but without success. Some sites propose free es (...)

Which is your opinion on Zoosk?       (0)     2019-12-24

Hello, I would like to know your opinion on the site of meetings Zoosk, apparently certain people say that that could be one swindles, however it seem (...)

How to manufacture a screen to project films       (0)     2019-12-22

Hello, I would like to know how one can manufacture a screen to project films, those which are sold in the trade are too expensive and after having te (...)

How to refine its legs       (0)     2019-12-22

Hello, I would like to know easy ways to refine my legs. I hate the sport but I often mass my legs to try to make move greases. If you know exercises (...)

How to avoid publicities on Internet       (0)     2019-12-23

Hello, I would like to know if there is a means to prevent that windows are automatically open on certain sites which are obviously full with publicit (...)

How to cancel a bidding on Ebay?       (0)     2019-09-14

Hello, I begin on Ebay and I would like to know if one one can cancel a bidding. Authorized or not? Thank you to answer me quickly if you know the an (...)

How to add a video on Facebook?       (0)     2019-08-28

Hello, I would like to send a video of my telephone Samsung PlayerAddict on Facebook, I do not see the bond on their interface which would make it pos (...)

I seek a kitten to adopt       (0)     2019-08-20

Hello, you know an Internet site specialized in the adoptions of kittens? I have sought a kitten to adopt for one month but those which I find in the (...)

How to copy a whole Internet site       (0)     2019-08-19

Hello, I would like to know if one can copy a whole Internet site, which files can be copied and which files are protected. Internet site that I want (...)

Which are the conditions to fall through       (0)     2019-12-23

Good evening. Which are the conditions to fall through? I know that the time is rather short but I do not know if there are additional conditions. Fo (...)

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Is it a good time to buy bitcoin?

Hi, what do you think about bitcoin these times?  From 50k, just went down to about 35k, good time to buy it or better forget this idea according to you?  Or maybe ethereum or any other one?  Thank you


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