Which are the conditions to fall through

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*nonafu    (2019-08-08)

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Which are the conditions to fall through

Good evening. Which are the conditions to fall through?  I know that the time is rather short but I do not know if there are additional conditions. For example, you know if one can fall through at 14 years or if there were several front children?  You know a page on Internet where the steps and the conditions are explained for each country?  Thank you.


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أيّ يكون الشروط أن يسقط كلّيّا    (ar)
Които са условията, които ще попаднат чрез    (bg)
Jaké jsou podmínky , které spadají do    (cs)
Som de betingelser, der falder gennem    (da)
Welches sind die Bedingungen, um abzutreiben    (de)
Όποιες είναι οι προϋποθέσεις για να αποβάλουν    (el)
Which are the conditions to fall through    (en)
Cuáles son las condiciones para abortar    (es)
كه اين شرايط به سقوط در    (fa)
jotka ovat kautta kuuluvat edellytykset    (fi)
Waɗanda suke sharuɗan ya faɗa ta    (ha)
אשר אינם את התנאים ליפול דרך    (he)
, जिनकी हालत को असफल होना    (hi)
Amelyek a feltételeket, esni    (hu)
Quali sono le condizioni per abortire    (it)
駄目になる条件はであるかどれ    (ja)
실패할 조건은 인지 어느 것    (ko)
Wat zijn de voorwaarden om te mislukken    (nl)
Som er i forhold til høsten gjennom    (no)
Jakie są warunki do upadku poprzez    (pl)
Quais são as condições para abortar    (pt)
Care sunt conditiile pentru toamna prin    (ro)
Будут условия, котор нужно понизиться до конца    (ru)
koji su uslovi za jesen kroz    (sr)
Vilka är, villkorar till nedgången igenom    (sv)
ซึ่งเป็นเงื่อนไขที่จะลดลงโดยผ่าน    (th)
Bu şartlar başarısız oluyor    (tr)
جو حالات کے ذریعے گرنے    (ur)
哪些是失败的条件    (zh)

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