Comparative for automobile insurances

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Comparative for automobile insurances

Hello, I must ensure my new car and I seek the comparative ones and opinions of consumers on Internet, but without success. Some sites propose free estimates but which are not immediate (thus they touch a commission on the sale and are certainly not objective), some others are too old… You know where I can find comparative recent?  You advise which company to assure my car for a reasonable price?  I refuse all the insurances on Internet or only by telephone, with which it is often impossible to discuss with a true interlocutor, that does not go. Thank you for your assistance.


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مقارنة ل [أوتوموبيل ينسورنس]    (ar)
Comparative за автомобилни застраховки    (bg)
Srovnávací automobilového pojištění    (cs)
Sammenlignende for Automobile forsikringer    (da)
Komparativ für Eigenversicherungen    (de)
Συγκριτικός για τις auto ασφάλειες    (el)
Comparative for automobile insurances    (en)
Comparativos para seguros del automóvil    (es)
براى مقايسه بيمه‌هاي خودرو    (fa)
Vertaileva vakuutuksia varten autoteollisuuden    (fi)
Comparative mota, insurances    (ha)
השוואתי על מכוית insurances    (he)
तुलनात्मक से ऑटोमोबाइल insurances    (hi)
Összehasonlító az autó biztosítás    (hu)
Comparativi per assicurazioni auto    (it)
自動車保険のための比較級    (ja)
자동차 보험을 위한 비교급    (ko)
Vergelijkend voor zelf verzekeringen    (nl)
Komparativt for fra insurances    (no)
Porównawcze do ubezpieczenia samochodowego    (pl)
Comparativos para seguros auto    (pt)
comparative pentru automobile asigurarile    (ro)
Comparative для страхсборов автомобиля    (ru)
Uporedni za Auto-moto osiguravača    (sr)
Komparativ för bilförsäkringar    (sv)
รถยนต์เชิงเปรียบเทียบเพื่อนำเสนอเป็นพิเศษ    (th)
Için Karşılaştırmalı otomobil sigortaları    (tr)
تفضیلی اٹو موبائل کے insurances    (ur)
比较词为汽车保险    (zh)

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