How to know who blocked me on MSN ?

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*bruchal    (2009-04-07)
How to know who blocked me on MSN ?


Everyone wonders at least once who blocked him on MSN, there are many websites that pretend to be able to give us the answer if we give them our email and password. Of course some of these websites abuse of users credulity and this is a good way for them to send spam through MSN by using accounts that have many contacts. This is a complete intrusion in private life.

So I would like to know : Definitely is there a secure way to know who blocked me on MSN ?  I don't know if this is even really possible and what website to use, so if someone is totally sure about it and uses regularly a website without any risk to see his password stolen and his account used without his permission, thanks to respond to this message and give your good links.

Greetings from Belgium.

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*67e19b    (2009-05-30 10:08:10)

i think sum1 blocked me on msn but how do i find out

moderator    (2009-05-30 11:27:56)


There's no way, definitely

No way, all websites that offer this service only try to steal your password...

*a994bd    (2009-06-15 13:12:41)

really they steel the pass. OOH i do it many time NOOOOOO

*ccdbe0    (2009-07-23 22:16:00)

(The discontinued) Gilly Messenger detects who deleted you. I've tested it with my two MSN accounts and it works. You can find Gilly Messenger on CNET.

*rodrigo    (2009-08-13 02:31:02)

want to know who blocked you on MSN?


want to know who blocked you on MSN?



*.v    (2009-09-06 17:06:15)
v ,


*d78046    (2009-11-29 08:17:30)
gradiun servicio

ofresco servicio de contraseñas Hotmail Gmail Yahoo el servicio que doy es confidencial porque el dueño (a) de la casilla no se dara cuenta que han obtenido su clave porque te doy la misma contraseña que el titular esta usando el trabajo es de inmediato no es un servicio gratuito si estas interesado en comprar un password escribeme, para la facilidad de mi trabrajo tienes que mandarme correo de la persona que desea hackear el trabajo es totalmente garantizado no usamos programa fraudulento como ingenieria social contactame te muestro total garantia enviandonte la captura de la bandeja de entrada y correos y enviados o enviandote un mail desde la casilla de la victima, asi sabras que no es un fraude o engaño si estas interesado en leer algunos E-Mails de tus amigos, familias, contactame te doy mayor discrecion en mi trabajo, no se cobra en adelantado te muestro las pruebas como lo mencionado en la parte superior pago por el servicio via Western U. este servicio esta hecho para gente interesados como tu en comprar una contraseña Gradiun te ofrece un servicio con total discrecion y seriedad hackeando desde los servidores hotmail yahoo gmail para poder adquirir unos de los productos contactanos y has tu pedido el trabajo es totalmente confidencial y anonimo tanto para el cliente como para este sitio contactos gradiun(at)

*4b0063    (2009-12-10 21:49:36)
12 years ago

oo i can not know who blocked me

*9d97c7    (2010-02-22 00:57:44)
12 years ago

there is a way add them on facebook and if there on that but not on msn then thay have blocked u

*12e03b    (2010-03-11 19:17:35)
How to know who blocked me on MSN ?

Tbh, if they have blocked you then it has a reason.

*nipifu    (2010-05-13 19:58:56)
12 years ago

i have tried in other websites how to know who blocked me or deleted me from their list but is there anyway how to know if someone has blocked me from sending him mails... its like i want to confirm is that person receiving my mails or blocked my mails and not receiving any of my mails... because i dont get any response from his side and not sure if he is ignoring me or simpli not geting my mails as he has blocked me...

*nokiri    (2010-06-27 23:04:31)
12 years ago

i think 2 people blocked me on msn:@ but how to know??

*siziva    (2010-08-14 10:31:03)
12 years ago

hello and thankyou so much

*gitano    (2010-08-14 10:34:26)
12 years ago

i know how to know who blockt you just go http/ and then you can msn yahoo and everything you just post you email and then a name of a friend and look if he blocked you ok XXXXX

*fujoti    (2010-09-12 16:04:35)
How to know who blocked me on MSN ?

I definitely know theres a way because ive done it before cuz im trying 2 find it right now!! :D

*dorata    (2010-09-20 18:50:37)
12 years ago

i think sum1 blocked me on msn but how can i find out

*direte    (2010-11-02 01:55:20)
11 years ago

how can i c if sumon has blocked me

*fuvexi    (2010-12-01 18:52:25)
11 years ago

Yes I'm sure that they are liars
once I put my email to see if I am (online) u know , status I was online but they said that I am offline
Hope that none of u wastes his time for such things

tatamao    (2010-12-02 15:33:45)


11 years ago

ooh. i also would like to know.

*xodero    (2010-12-28 12:29:50)
How to know who blocked me on MSN ?

I want to know who blocked me! But I have no idea how to find out! Someone tell me how I find out please! I'm dying to know! I swear, once I went onto this site, and it showed that I had 100 people who deleted me! And I have 100 people on my contact list! What the hell?! Someone please send me a link or something! Please, I have to find out! Thanks.

*kisino    (2011-04-22 17:55:35)
11 years ago

someone hack my email and facebook any help

*pozabi    (2011-05-15 15:19:37)
11 years ago

You cant find out, its private sorry.

*pasozi    (2011-05-17 15:37:01)
11 years ago

i delite some one off my msn now i can not get them back we have both tryed and seem we are both showing offline

ronhall    (2011-12-23 17:17:42)


How to know who blocked me on MSN ?

this is the link you can check who has blocked you.


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*kai    (2012-05-16 10:47:10)
10 years ago

Hello to you Bruchal. Do not trust all the websites. We can ultimately never be sure of anything! It can trigger up to the point that your password will be stolen. The only way to check is to verify if contact has unchecked “Allow only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages” on the Privacy tab options. Additionally, you can create another account, add someone you think blocked you, if he/she appears online to you, then he/she blocked your other account. I had found an informative article about your query: ht*p://

*zucuba    (2014-11-02 16:10:06)
7 years ago

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*lupanu    (2018-10-09 20:51:49)
3 years ago

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