What is the best processor?

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*c97991    (2010-03-19)
What is the best processor?

Hello, I would like to buy a new computer that would be really fast. My aim is to make quite complex videos on 3dSmax that my old Sempron is not able to calculate in less than one week. I read that the IntelCore i7 are the best processors today, but which one is the best choice according to you?

I read that there is a new i7 named 980x with 6 cores that is much faster than all others but its price will probably be out of my possibilities, by the way what is its price?

So do you think that the QuadCore i7-920 or i7-860 are enough for this kind of tasks or should I envisage a faster processor already?  Would you buy an Athlon X2 by AMD that is much cheaper?  Actually I do not understand if its performances can be compared to the Intel processors...

Thanks for your advices.


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*xezatu    (2010-05-14 11:03:51)
What is the best processor?

I guess that these quadcores are fast enough for your work. Good luck!

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