What is the best video format?

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*2e2614    (2009-09-10)
What is the best video format?

Hello, I would like to know what is the best video format that offers the best compression rate for a good quality. What do you prefer between divx, xvid, ogm, wmv, do you know other video formats that allow to make smaller videos for the same quality ?

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*ac41ce    (2010-02-08 15:37:17)
המרת וידאו

המרת וידאו

*fixilo    (2010-06-11 15:36:04)
12 years ago

Use a H.264 (or X.264) compression for your video and save it in a Matroska video container file (MKV). Especially for HD resolutions this file container is superior when it comes to quality+size.
The new (upcoming) WebM format is a simplified Matroska container. Install the (officially recommended) CCCP codec pack or Haali Media Splitter, and then you're well on your way...

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