How to remove my name from Facebook?

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*dumeti    (2010-05-03)
How to remove my name from Facebook?

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to avoid that people mark your name on photos and notes, that are visible to their friends, that really annoys me, I do not like people can do this.

In my opinion, Facebook allows too many things to his users in order to force their contacts to visit the website regularly. Maybe there is an option to avoid this, but there are so many options that most people do not even try to change their privacy settings.

Also do you know if my name will be removed from all photos and notes if my account is deleted by a moderator?


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*kojiba    (2010-05-04 21:16:16)
How to remove my name from Facebook?

Best way is: do not use Facebook

*viguna    (2010-07-04 11:46:33)
14 years ago

somebody has been use my name and photo in face book by login new id how could i block or delete that Id...

*fenoxu    (2010-07-26 16:42:52)
14 years ago

It is possible to get my name off facebook?

*biguvu    (2010-09-17 12:22:09)
How to remove my name from Facebook?

yes i will be removed my face book

*xiluja    (2010-10-11 00:39:26)
13 years ago

how to delete a facebook if some other person using mine.

*puzaxi    (2010-12-09 11:52:13)
13 years ago

how to remove my name

*tedago    (2011-01-19 22:20:11)
How to remove my name from Facebook?

had three names of mine as someone tried to use my name of norma jean boshears as i dont need to add new ones then i want to remove all of them  and i will put new account and name later  thanks norma jean boshears 

*roxiso    (2011-01-19 22:22:26)
13 years ago

had three names of norma jean boshears as please remove all of them as i dont need right now .  i will get new account and name later  thank you norma jean boshears

*foledi    (2011-02-15 14:42:26)
13 years ago

T_T my facebook account have 20 full names
and i can't remove other names T_T

how? how? how? how?

teach me T_T plsss

*puzovo    (2011-10-24 22:14:30)
How to remove my name from Facebook?

Remove my name from Facebook...."NOW"!!!!~

*pomute    (2012-01-17 20:22:20)
12 years ago

i want my name removed from facebook

*mucobo    (2013-01-31 08:17:46)
11 years ago

i want to delet my name on facebook..i have used too many names on facebook..i want that all that perivious name be order to i make new name of facebook can you tell me..? how..?

gotitclean    (2013-02-28 14:19:30)
How to remove my name from Facebook?

It is quite to remove the name and rename it your desired name. Just go the privacy where you put your password that verify your user name and then you can change it accordingly.

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*pukevo    (2013-07-20 11:34:48)
11 years ago

i want to remove my profile from fb

*xileta    (2014-12-21 01:48:58)
9 years ago

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