Is Wi-Fi dangerous?

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*wi-fi    (2010-03-02)
Is Wi-Fi dangerous?

Hello, I would like to know what you think about Wi-Fi, Satellite and WiMax to connect to the internet, is it dangerous according to you?  Also what do you think about powerline (PLC adapters)?  Can the frequencies used by these technologies be bad for the health?

Finally, we are surrounded by Wi-Fi in the cities nowadays, some people say they have headaches because of this, do you think it will have consequences on the health and how much time of regular exposure before the first problems clearly appear?

Does science answer to these questions already?

Thanks for your answers.

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يكون [وي-في] خطرة?    (ar)
Е Wi-Fi опасни?    (bg)
Wi-Fi je nebezpečné?    (cs)
Er Wi-Fi farlige?    (da)
Είναι το WI-FI επικίνδυνο;    (el)
¿Es el Wi-Fi peligroso?    (es)
است-فاي"( خطرناك است.    (fa)
On wi-FI vaarallinen?    (fi)
Wi-Fi est-il dangereux ?    (fr)
Na wi ta fi mai haɗari?    (ha)
היא של איי הודו המערבית-גס מסוכן?    (he)
wi-fi खतरनाक है?    (hi)
A Wi-Fi veszélyes?    (hu)
È il Wi-Fi pericoloso?    (it)
WiFiは危ないか。    (ja)
Wi Fi는 위험한가?    (ko)
Is wi-FI gevaarlijk?    (nl)
Er Wi-Fi farlig?    (no)
Bezprzewodowy jest niebezpieczna?    (pl)
É o Wi-Fi perigoso?    (pt)
Este wi-fi periculos?    (ro)
Wi-Fi опасн?    (ru)
je Wi-Fi opasnih?    (sr)
Är Wi-Fi farlig?    (sv)
(เครื่องรับวิทยุ) wi เป็    (th)
Is Wi-fi tehlikeli?    (tr)
اس لئے ٹکٹ‬ wi خطرناک ہے?    (ur)
WiFi是否是危险的?    (zh)

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