Happy new year in every language

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*happynewy    (2009-12-24)
Happy new year in every language

Hello, I would like to know how to say "Happy new year" in italian, spanish, deutsch, french, russian, latvian, finnish, greek, hindi, bulgarian, czech, romanian, turkish, hebrew, arabic, chinese, japanese, korean, vietnamese, thai and every other language..... Do you know how many languages are spoken in the whole world?

Do you know where I can find a translation for this in every language?  I did not use an automatic translator like "Google translate" as I am not sure to have a perfect litteral translation.

Thank you very much and happy new year 2010 to everyone!

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*c915b8    (2010-02-13 21:19:29)
14 years ago

this is how to say happy new year in chinese.
sing nan kai le (新年快乐)

*totibo    (2010-12-30 13:29:52)
Happy new year in every language

Srečno novo leto v vseh jezikih

*sebefe    (2010-12-31 18:07:24)
13 years ago

happy new year in lithuanian language

*bosene    (2011-02-16 11:03:42)
13 years ago

Dutch: Gezegend Nieuw Jaar.( a blessed New Year)

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سنة جديدة في كلّ لغة    (ar)
Щастлива Нова година във всеки е    (bg)
Šťastný nový rok v každé jazyk    (cs)
NYTÅR på alle sprog    (da)
Glückliches neues Jahr in jeder Sprache    (de)
Καλή χρονιά σε κάθε γλώσσα    (el)
Feliz Año Nuevo en cada lengua    (es)
سال نو در هر زبان    (fa)
hyvää uutta vuotta kaikilla kielillä    (fi)
Nouvelle année heureuse dans chaque langue    (fr)
Faranta wa sabuwar shekara a kowane harshe    (ha)
שה טובה בכל שפה    (he)
खुशी नए वर्ष में हर भाष    (hi)
Boldog új évet minden nyelv    (hu)
Nuovo anno felice in ogni lingua    (it)
あらゆる言語の明けましておめでとう    (ja)
각 언어에 있는 새해 복 많이 받으세요    (ko)
Gelukkig nieuw jaar in elke taal    (nl)
Godt nytår i hver språk    (no)
Dosiego Roku w każdym języku    (pl)
Ano novo feliz em cada língua    (pt)
An Nou fericit in fiecare limba    (ro)
С Новым годом в каждом языке    (ru)
srećnu Novu godinu u svaki jezik    (sr)
Lyckligt nytt år i varje språk    (sv)
มีความสุขปีใหม่ในทุก    (th)
Yeni Memnun yıllık her dil    (tr)
نیا سال مبارک ہر زبان میں    (ur)
新年好在每种语言    (zh)

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