How to find a prostitute?

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*pebuse    (2010-06-04)
How to find a prostitute?

Hello, I would like to know how to find a prostitute in a small city (with less than 200,000 people), do you have any advice?

Thank you very much.

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*rezafe    (2010-06-11 00:28:57)
How to find a prostitute?

Look for girls walking on the street, low rent neaghborhoods.around homeless shelters and were drugs are sold.inner city places to buy alcohol and look for white girls with dark skined there a strip bar? is there peep booths, if a couple of dirty looking girls are on a corner, looking at all the cars going buy,, bingo..there giving up BJ's or more..most likely for drugs, were a condome even for a BJ because even there mouths are dirty.

*licaju    (2012-02-15 06:02:12)
12 years ago

most are found near popular bars, small motels, and other more adult places

*jazuxu    (2012-05-03 10:45:26)

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*xaneso    (2013-09-02 07:29:18)
10 years ago

How wood I get  a prostitute for free in nc

*sexykal    (2013-10-31 00:36:53)
10 years ago


*vudize    (2015-03-01 08:52:29)
How to find a prostitute?

Um check my house! :D

*fepava    (2015-10-19 04:23:11)
8 years ago

Can  i  get  sexy  girl  to  have  sex

*fekoji    (2019-03-04 04:23:17)
5 years ago but my real Name is Ester Romero from Paraguay.
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