What is the best web browser ?

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What is the best web browser ?

The answer may come from Japan : Lunascape5.0 Genesis Alpha4

Main New Features :

The WebKit engine of Lunascape has been improved with the following enhancements.

* Scored perfect 100/100 at the Acid 3 test (with the WebKit engine)
* Fixed issues at SSL pages including iGoogle
* Enhanced font rendering to show characters in the appropriate size for web
* Fixed crashing errors that occurred on certain conditions

World's First Triple-Engine Web Browser

Triple Engines

Do you use multiple web browsers?

Juggling multiple web browsers is not so uncommon to overcome incompatibity and inefficiency of web sites or browsers that are not well optimized to web standards. But it's not that power users who know how to install and use multiple browsers actually love the hassle at the cost of their precious time.

3x Faster Startup with World's Fastest JavaScript Execution

With Lunascape 5.0a, we re-designed the fundamental architecture so that each rendering engine is optimized for best possible performance. Among many optimizations, the latest version of Gecko, the heart of Firefox, can be loaded into Lunascape. We refined it with special tweaks that realized the fastest JavaScript execution in the world. It was proven through our and third-parties' researches that Lunascape flat out beats all other popular web browsers in this field. Enjoy smooth and pleasant Web 2.0 experience with Lunascape.

To download Lunascape :


Thus it is announced as the fastest web browser...

Any comments on this ?

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*23c6ff    (2009-02-25 13:13:25)
Safari 4

Apple just announced that its new navigator Safari 4 available in beta version, with new functions, may be the best web browser in the world, even 3 times faster than Firefox 3 !

The war will last...

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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (all versions) would represent in february 2009 about 67% of all visits on the web against 74 last year in 2008 !  That's enormous yet.

Mozilla Firefox would reach about 22% and Safari about 8% while Google Chrome would difficultly reach 1% and Opeara 0.7%

Amazing, I just can't understand why people continue to use IE7.

*666e8c    (2009-03-10 23:26:44)

Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser !

*tony    (2009-06-13 16:23:22)

Here you will find all the answers regarding the bst browsers.! http://hubpages.com/hub/What-is-the-best-browser

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