What does SEO mean ?

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*0376fd    (2009-09-09)
What does SEO mean ?

Hello, I just would like to know what does "SEO" mean ??

I saw this term on several search results on Google but I cannot find a definition for this, it seems that everyone in these places know what it means but me. I just noticed that these websites are related to Google so there must be a link there.


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moderator    (2009-09-09 16:48:48)


Search Engines Optimisation

Hi, SEO means "Search Engines Optimisation"

Search Engines are in example Google or Yahoo search.

bsoftindia    (2009-09-09 21:10:54)
sear engine optimization

SEO is a process to retrieve more web traffic to the specific website in all mejor search engine like google, MSN, Yahoo, Altavista, hotbot etc.
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*28b07e    (2009-12-31 10:22:15)

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.It means to pull site through optimization.
Acai berry
Acai Berry

*faf72c    (2010-01-25 10:32:56)
10 years ago

Hi Friends,
I am new here and really enjoyed this article.
I got lots of information from here, and do keep us update.
With some more interesting article.


*kendra    (2010-04-22 11:53:11)
What does SEO mean ?

SEO Means Search engine optimization..
Teeth Whitening
Reverse Phone Lookup

*mucotu    (2010-10-05 13:20:50)
10 years ago

seo means search engine optimization a trick to optimize websites in various search engines doing on page and off page optimization

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