How to convince my boyfriend to marry me

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*chiqui    (2010-01-15)
How to convince my boyfriend to marry me

Hello, my boyfriend does not want to marry me after six years. He is 33 and we live together for 4 years but he thinks that the marriage may provoke the end of our love so our story may finish as well, actually he seems totally opposed to the idea and he always tries to avoid the discussion. I think that the divorce of his parents is responsible and I would like to reassure him, but obviously I did not find the right arguments yet.

What would you say to a man to convince him that the marriage is not the beginning of all problems? I love him and I want to avoid to play with him, to threaten to leave him or to force him by all ways, I just want to make grow this idea in his head.

Thank you very much and god bless you.

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*fureco    (2010-06-05 18:55:43)
10 years ago

If you really love him, is this so important?  Maybe think about it twice...

*gavono    (2010-06-08 18:21:58)
Comment convaincre mon ami de m'épouser

j'ai le meme problème et ca deviens insuportable , des fois je me dis qu'il ne m'aime pas car si c'etait le cas il ne me fera pas subir tous ca !!! il sait que ca me fait de la peine et que j'ai envi de me marier avec lui mais il s'en fout pas mal!! c'est dommage parceque c'est l'homme ideal a mes yeux et je l'aime bcp.

*marina    (2011-03-31 10:23:55)
9 years ago

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ronhall    (2011-12-23 17:32:24)


How to convince my boyfriend to marry me

just ignore him for some days and show that you are interested in another guy and wanna marry him.....i hope he will contact you back....


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