What does poke mean ?

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*poke    (2009-02-03)
What does poke mean ?


My question : What does poke mean ?  This is a term on Facebook.


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moderator    (2009-02-10 13:39:00)


Poke on Facebook

To "poke" someone is clearly a kind of flash to say him/her you're interested .. or maybe just another way to say "lol"

*d4a00c    (2009-06-08 06:48:53)
what duz it mean?

*df3170    (2009-07-01 14:03:11)

Great resource on facebook poking - ht*p://free-tips-tricks.blogspot.com/2009/06/what-does-it-mean-to-poke-someone-on.html

*bbb604    (2009-08-04 13:29:18)

it means to fuck me

*cokazu    (2010-06-30 05:25:50)
12 years ago

facebookpoke.net has a huge explanation of what people think it means and how they interpret it.

*memoce    (2010-08-11 17:49:10)
What does poke mean ?

means,, to get attention of a certain person.

*dijuki    (2010-10-27 23:05:49)
12 years ago

poke mean sex so if your poking someone you want to have sex

*jubobe    (2010-12-02 14:36:15)
12 years ago

what does the term to poke someone on facebook.

*notama    (2011-01-20 19:51:21)
12 years ago

Well it depends, if you like someone you might be poking them to get their attention, but if they are your friend you might just be poking them to cheer them up or tease them............lol!!!!!!!

*vopoku    (2011-04-27 02:43:37)
11 years ago

what does poke mean in spanish?

ronhall    (2011-12-23 17:28:34)


What does poke mean ?

just to tell others that you visit his/her profile....


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*davefo    (2012-12-23 20:29:57)
10 years ago

A poke is jus a simple way of geting attention of someone, may be you have not hear from him for long.

*litise    (2013-01-06 19:37:55)
10 years ago

what dos poke mean  and uncle

rissland    (2013-01-24 06:01:07)
10 years ago

You can understand poke at facebook as to say “hey, you! wutsup”, but some people have wrong understanding that poke at Facebook is symbol of disturbing. Following are the correct meanings of poking at Facebook.

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