Who deleted me on MSN ?

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*trill    (2009-06-12)
Who deleted me on MSN ?


I just searched the internet but finally I did not find any information on my question, so I ask here :

Is there a way to know who deleted me on MSN or WindowsLiveMessenger ?

Also do you know a good program like Trillan where I can use MSN, ICQ and other instant messaging networks in a single window for free ?


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*cvv    (2009-09-08 21:03:53)

*bb7493    (2009-09-08 21:44:53)
Not possible

It is not possible to know it, all websites that affirm they can do it will just steal your password !  Be careful.

*437759    (2009-12-10 19:58:04)
14 years ago


*messenger    (2009-12-13 06:46:13)
14 years ago

www.statusdetective.com lets you check both Yahoo and MSN Messenger

*3ce069    (2009-12-16 11:28:47)
14 years ago

those website who claim to be able to are liars, each one i talk to on a regular basis

*jidovi    (2010-04-02 03:57:27)
Who deleted me on MSN ?

I agree with the people who say don't trust these sites.  And if one worked, why would you need to post so many?

*socaja    (2010-06-08 02:01:32)
14 years ago

HEEEEY, I found it. Just follow this link:

*bicuco    (2010-11-10 10:47:27)
13 years ago

i want to know who in my contact lists has deleted me

*fomemu    (2012-02-07 11:00:24)
12 years ago

who deleted me on msn

*:p    (2012-03-23 08:39:57)
12 years ago

i dont knowgo to yahoo answers and they have alot of good answers i hope this helps!

*gufija    (2012-11-30 19:34:13)
Who deleted me on MSN ?

hmm www.blockyell.com is ur answer dude


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