How to stop to smoke ?

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*smoker    (2009-04-07)
How to stop to smoke ?


I've realized a few weeks ago that I used to cough more and more every morning and I just decided to stop to smoke. Yes, that's great, I'll need to be encouraged for sure but I know this will be really hard, a few friends of mine are just trying again and again without success.

I heard about several methods that I don't trust in because it does not work according to these friends, and I remember that one day someone talked about a book that you just had to read once to be definitely disgusted of cigarettes. It looks like quite incredible but he was really convincing and he definitely stopped to smoke by reading this book. I just can't find the title & the editor of that book, does anyone else stopped to smoke this way ?

If you know the title of that book please just respond, thanks in advance.

Do not smoke, ever. That's real bullshit.....

Cheers !

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ronhall    (2011-11-30 15:10:22)


9 years ago

quit smoking is one of the hard thing in life. there are lots of medicines in the market for this purpose....


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