Is there something after death?

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*bf6632    (2010-03-02)
Is there something after death?

Hello, this is a stupid question of course as nobody can say it for sure, but do you think that there is something after death and why?

Is there another reason than religion to think that death is something else than nothing, just nothing?  Did science start to explore some ways like near death experiences?

It is so frightening to imagine that you can completely disappear but in my opinion this is the only truth. So I would like to read some other opinions, I do not hope anything, just curious.


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*pisuju    (2010-05-14 11:11:27)
Is there something after death?

There is nothing after death, definitely!  And there's no way to escape, sorry...

*xadepo    (2010-05-27 18:27:59)
मृत्यु के बाद कुछ-न-कुछ

bekar hai ye bekat ekdam bekar site


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يكون هناك شيء بعد موت?    (ar)
Има ли нещо, което след смъртта?    (bg)
Existuje něco po smrti?    (cs)
Er der noget efter døden?    (da)
Gibt es etwas nach Tod?    (de)
Υπάρχει κάτι μετά από το θάνατο;    (el)
¿Hay algo después de muerte?    (es)
آیا پس از مرگ?    (fa)
Jotakin on kuoleman jälkeen?    (fi)
Y a-t-il quelque chose après la mort ?    (fr)
Akwai wani abu a bayan mutuwa?    (ha)
האם יש משהו לאחר המוות?    (he)
मृत्यु के बाद कुछ-न-कुछ    (hi)
A valami halála után?    (hu)
È ci qualcosa dopo la morte?    (it)
死の後に何かがあるか。    (ja)
죽음 후에 무언가가 있는가?    (ko)
Zijn er iets na dood?    (nl)
Er det noe etter døden?    (no)
Czy jest coś po śmierci?    (pl)
Há algo após a morte?    (pt)
E ceva dupa moarte?    (ro)
Что-то после смерти?    (ru)
Postoji li nešto što nakon smrti?    (sr)
Finns det något efter död?    (sv)
มีบางสิ่งบางอย่างหลั    (th)
Bir vefatında?    (tr)
موت کے بعد اس میں کوئی برائی ہے?    (ur)
有没有某事在死亡以后?    (zh)

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