what episode is goku vs chichi

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*005ed6    (2009-08-16)
what episode is goku vs chichi


In Dragon Ball series, I would like to know in which episode one can see Goku vs. Chichi ?

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*db    (2009-08-16 14:04:15)
Goku vs Chichi

It is between Ten Shin Han vs. Tao and Goku vs. Ten Shin Han so I would say 137, 138 or 139.

*dcd940    (2009-09-25 05:32:09)
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*patoca    (2011-04-17 18:45:21)
13 years ago

Its on episode 137, in the end krillin will begin fighting piccolo. id say u watch from watch-dragonball.com or dragonball-download.com

*sogopa    (2012-04-01 00:37:13)
12 years ago

The episode of Goku vs ChChi is epiosode 137

*fuvafi    (2013-03-02 13:49:21)
11 years ago

goku and chichi wer fighting in world tourmemenrt

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