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wole0    (google-news, 2014-07-21 14:48:07)
For sale new MSI GT72 $1750,Asus G750JZ-

VISION HIRE LTD has continued to attract a highly committed and passionate community of Home Theaters, Cameras, Laptops, musicians, DJs, composers and all electronics consumer all over the world. We are a well recognized Disc Jockey (...)

jckl26    (multimedia, 2014-06-24 08:46:04)
How to Convert Video Files for Playing

Tanbee Video Converter for Mac Convert AVCHD Video Files form Camcorders Convert All Regular Video Formats Like MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, etc. Convert All Audio Formats like MP3, M4A, etc. Convert to Editing Software like iMovie, FCP, iDVD. (...)

corypeter    (google-pagerank, 2012-03-28 12:18:39)
Google PageRank

How Will I Know When My Website is About to Get a Google Pagerank? locksmith Atlanta Atlanta locksmith locksmith Marietta (...)

fisher97    (miscellaneous, 2011-12-02 13:46:40)

A man walked into a cowboy bar and ordered a beer just as President Clinton appeared on the television. After a few sips, he looked up at the television and mumbled, "Now, there's the biggest horse's ass I've ever seen." A cu (...)

guest-cfa0b4    (html, 2009-02-17 22:58:02)
Link rel="canonical" href="URL"

<link rel="canonical" href="URL" /> The main search engines (Google, Yahoo...) just introduced this new HTML tag to specify the correct URL for a page in a website, looks like a very good idea to avoid the dup (...)

louishamilton    (miscellaneous, 2013-02-10 11:36:49)
Who is you favorite music band?

There are lots of great bands out there, What is your most favorite music band? If you ask me, my answer would be Back Street Boys vocal coaching Los Angeles (...)

louishamilton    (miscellaneous, 2012-12-18 23:38:15)
What are you listening right now?

I am listening "Stand by me" by Ben E. King. What are you listening right now? singing lessons Los Angeles (...)

kade    (promote-your-website, 2011-12-15 19:53:35)
seo services

hello you all ! hope you all should be fine and as well! this is kade from USA i am SEO Expert and providing SEO services with new google policy and ranking algorithm ! , , , ,Custom Bumper Stickers | Vinyl stickers | Vinyl Banners (...)

technet    (miscellaneous, 2012-04-11 23:36:46)
How to protect USB from Virus?

How to protect USB from Virus? (...)

ramsatya    (seo-general, 2008-12-02 08:52:16)
ways to Get Your Website Ranked higher

People interested in online marketing, always question if there are legitimate loopholes in sear ch engines, how can I utilize this, without having to pay for the inclusion. This is more on the lines of AdWords, which charges an astron (...)

kevinag    (multimedia, 2010-09-10 17:12:20)
VHow to convert Panasonic Camcorder

PC users, who own these Panasonic AVCHD camcorders, always shoot videos and feel like playing and editing these HD videos on PC. Yet problems comes. People either can’t be played or edited by their PC. So we just need to convert AVCH (...)

louishamilton    (miscellaneous, 2013-01-20 12:56:19)
Your all time favorite romantic movie

Share your all time favorite romantic movie. Mine is Just Like Heaven. Los Angeles Singing Lessons (...)

james12    (miscellaneous, 2011-11-24 08:54:59)
What's the Best Antivirus Program?

What's the Best Antivirus Program? I think Avast. What about you? ________________________ Maple grove lawn mowing Plymouth lawn mowing (...)

saraparker    (suggestions, 2012-01-09 08:06:00)
what is the best treatment for vitiligo?

i am suffering from viitiligo, i have used many medicines but haven't recovered please tell me if any one know about the best treatment for vitiligo. (...)

thibault    (seo-general, 2009-09-08 23:26:12)
Backlinks .edu .gov

Hi, what do you think of backlinks from domains .edu & .gov ? Are they really more powerful than .com (with the same PageRank or link juice) according to you ? Any opinion ? (...)

admin    (seo-general, 2008-08-08 03:59:17)
Link Building Tips

A very complete wiki about link building strategies : Including links to... Link Building Forums : SearchEngineWatch, High Rankings, WebmasterWorld, SEO Chat, Abakus, Search Engine Forums, Cr8asite, SE R (...)

guest-sql    (databases, 2008-07-17 18:20:48)
SQL order by Multisort

Hi, Does someone know if it is possible in a SQL request to order results by several criterias (kind of multisort) ? Tnx ! (...)

thibault    (php, 2009-04-10 00:25:15)
How to crypt and decrypt ?

Every programmer at least once look for a good way to encrypt with the possibility to decrypt. Md5 and Sha1 are not convenient in this case as it is not possible to decrypt with these functions. Here are nice functions that will help y (...)

moderator    (other-search-engines, 2009-05-21 16:24:21)
List of search engines

Here is a list of 2844 search engines available on the internet, of course the most known are Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Live search, Excite and so on... some are promising, some others are famous meta search engines (using results from (...)

shubham-jh    (domain-names, 2009-08-23 08:16:11)
Low Cost Unlimited Domain Hosting

JodoHost celebrates its 6th year in business . JodoHost has end-users in 100 countries, who host 85,000 plus websites on our Windows, Linux, Cold Fusion and VPS servers. We are now offering Windows 2003 Hosting - Plans Starts from $ 6 (...)

guest-kabuna    (seo-general, 2014-05-05 03:40:26)
Transfer iTunes Music to Android Tablet

MobileGo for Android imports both the music and the playlist from iTunes to your Samsung, Sony and other Android Tablets with a single click. Always keep your music library organized. Video Demo: (...)

fiberpools    (seo-general, 2012-03-17 14:56:44)
How to increase daily visitor of my site

Can any one know about how can i increase the daily visitors of my travel related site. I have 150 daily visitors and want to extend to 300 daily visitor. I do all off page optimization work: article posting, blogging, forum posting, c (...)

uzma_ht    (miscellaneous, 2009-06-13 17:38:58)
Home Business Service Solution (2653)

Everything you will require to build and maintain a professional level web site with little or no computer programming skills. Includes: Unlimited Pages, Blogs, Event Calendars, Photo Galleries, Downloads, News Application, Contact For (...)

zaidi1813    (promote-your-website, 2011-12-20 06:40:27)
Promote your website with SEO

SEO Search engine optimization is a long term and permanent answer to your traffic woes. Once a website has been optimized for search engines it can stay at the top for long periods of time. Major search engines command over 400 millio (...)

josephwillie    (welcome, 2012-05-04 09:30:53)

hi guys ! i hope you can fine... then , tell me about this forum and meet the all member online and discuss about this forum... ♂ Peace ♂ ♥ Love ♥ ♫ Music ♫ (...)

droidxipad    (multimedia, 2010-12-01 03:27:58)
MKV DTS to AC3 Converter

MKV DTS to AC3 Converter, Convert DTS to AC3. Why VLC can’t play MKV DTS audio Learn more about converting MKV with dts audio to AC3 with 5.1 channels Convert DTS from DVD to AC3 with 5.1 Channels Convert/Rip Blu-Ray TrueHD, DTS-HD, (...)

guest-e64698    (services, 2009-03-20 19:14:01)
Web Design Company | SEO Services

Neunsoft a web design & search engine Optimization Company based in Bangalore provides custom web design by professionalized designers including expertise SEO services for small and medium sized businesses. ht*p:// (...)

guest-vojani    (directories, 2010-07-03 08:53:05)
Need Directories List

Hi, I Need list of fast approval directories, If anyone have pls post here ASAP. or suggest me some tool or sites where i can found directories. I want to improve ranking of my site fast. I am working on my site from long time, but no (...)

ipad001    (multimedia, 2012-04-16 05:30:24)
How to convert Blu-ray disc to MP4 video

How to convert Blu-ray disc to MP4 video or Rip Blu-ray Disc (BD) to MP4 on Mac? Blu-ray fans may have a headache problem that can't play Blu-ray disc on other devices like iPhone, iPod, etc, and you may want to convert Blu-ray Disc to (...)

jeffybrown    (multimedia, 2011-02-23 12:02:31)
Multimedia Player

Which is best Multimedia Player.? (...)

roniesmith    (miscellaneous, 2012-07-30 09:16:03)
Favorite Book

What is your favorite book? (...)

johnaddis    (welcome, 2011-06-30 14:21:50)

hey guys John Addis here. i just joned this community and totally new here.... (...)

towfiqi    (freebies, 2013-12-27 13:53:03)
Asteria Lite - Free WordPress Theme

Asteria Lite is a clean responsive theme with a beautiful slider, Narrow and Wide Layout Option, 10 Social Icons and 3 page templates - Full width page, Left sidebar page and a Blog page Template. The theme also allows you to design yo (...)

pppppgg    (multimedia, 2010-06-08 03:59:30)
How to Rip Blu Ray DVD movies to iPod

How to Rip Blu Ray DVD movies to iPod, iPhone video format   As we all know, now Blu-ray movies are replacing the standard DVD movies for they are sharper, brighter and more detailed. Blu ray DVD can only be played on DVD players, bu (...)

lilyliu    (multimedia, 2011-01-04 15:17:03)
Convert Blu-ray Disc to Mov

In order to watch High Definition DVD films, most of you may choose the Blu-ray DVD Disc. But can you play Blu-ray Disc with QuickTime on Mac? For the Blu-ray Disc has strict copy protection and the QuickTime doesn't support it, you ca (...)

thomas008    (multimedia, 2010-04-11 07:19:44)
How to convert video to BlackBerry video

You have a BlackBerry and would like to watch your favorite home video using it? But you don't know how to convert video to BlackBerry compatible format? This Mac Video Converter can help you convert your video files to BlackBerry vide (...)

ailsa00    (miscellaneous, 2013-12-11 05:15:36)
Make Your Own Xmas Greeting E-card

Christmas is getting closer and closer to us, have you already prepared Xmas gift for your friends or family members, or your business customers? If not, make a Christmas greeting e-card and send it via email is a quick and easy way to (...)

daniyal    (google-news, 2010-11-22 10:17:26)
Submit Free Press Release (short for PPR), a press release distribution service, has been found since 2010 to help small, medium or large sized enterprises optimize their online marketing strategies. PPR is a matching service- bringing au (...)

stevelarry    (miscellaneous, 2013-02-27 01:40:56)
iPHONE 5 64GB..Samsung Galaxy s3..PS3

) iPHONE 5 64GB iPHONE 5 32GB iPHONE 5 16GB iPHONE 4S 32GB Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 BlackBerry Bold 9780 Blackberry porsche design p9981 WITH SPECIAL PIN PlayStation3 Slim Console (HDD 120GB Model) Sony Pla (...)

ailsa00    (security, 2013-09-17 11:01:25)
How to Build a Password-protected Disk I

People who use computer all day will inevitably have some private files. On the Windows platform, there are a lot of software can help us to create a password-protected folder, you can ensure that your private files will not be seen. I (...)

ashu    (link-exchange, 2008-08-21 12:20:24)
Link exchange with multiple computer IT

Hello dear, I have a few computer IT sites for link exchange, if u r interested in any or all of them then contact my by mail or send me private message. Link detail: Title: - Answering Services URL: - Answering Service,Medical Answeri (...)

guest-jivag    (javascript, 2009-02-04 21:26:32)
Javascript focus input field

Hi, I just would like to know how to focus on an input type="text" field in Javascript after a mouse event. Thanks for your help. (...)

myron    (link-exchange, 2008-01-08 07:08:04)
Link exchange for poker site

Dear friends, I have a website and have spent a lot of time and efforts to ensure my visitors gain the maximum benefit from their visit. My Holdem Tips is a social video site fo (...)

moderator    (databases, 2009-01-17 14:11:36)
MySql table is marked as crashed

If you encounter a table crash in MySql : (en cas de crash d'une table MySql) MySQL a répondu:Documentation #145 - Table './ficgs/games' is marked as crashed and should be repaired h (...)

seniorseo    (website-development, 2010-12-22 14:57:42)
Hoe to use the keywords in SEO?

SEO keywords SEO or Search Engine Optimization It Is a tool for boosting your ranking but the incorrect application of SEO will no more increase your website traffic because SEO is not something you can (...)

vijaygupta    (website-development, 2011-08-08 11:21:55)
html color

Did you know that the Basic HTML Color set is a combination of 216 color? Here, you can find a tabulated view of the basic HTML colors here. It can be handy when you need to quickly choose a standard HTML color for your site or any oth (...)

printing110    (google-optimization, 2011-12-21 10:56:22)

Googlebot is the Google's spider . i.e. the robot that traverses the Web and indexes pages for inclusion in Google's database. You can see how your site looks to Googlebot with the Search Engine Spider Simulator tool. Union printing Un (...)

guest-thanks    (php, 2009-04-23 19:01:30)
Differences between split() explode()

Hello all, I just wonder what are the differences between the PHP functions split() and explode() ?? Also do these functions exist in an insensitive version ? Thanks in advance... (...)

crishseo    (seo-general, 2010-01-22 11:28:09)
What is SMO?

Social media optimization is a great techniques by which you can get more traffic and business for the website. if your website has huge traffic then you can earn by Google adsence. SMO include lot of activities like: blog commenting F (...)

jacobisme1234    (seo-general, 2011-12-13 08:31:32)
Wanna more traffic? Check it out!

Email marketing is efficient to get traffic! I am doing email marketing for my business and website now. It brings me 600+traffic every day! I use the iKode newsletter software, it is a opt-in email marketing software! Very impressive, (...)

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