How to add color to text

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*ruzufi    (2010-06-06)
How to add color to text

Hello, I'm a total beginner to this, I would like to know how to add color to text in HTML, thank you for your help.

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nelsonmell    (2010-06-28 08:05:34)
How to add color to text

You can do this by using this code
<p>Normal text color <span style="color:green">different text color</span> normal text color <span style="background-color:yellow">different background color</span></p>


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*jalopa    (2010-06-28 08:07:17)
13 years ago

You can change the color by adding this code in your <body>.
<span class="different-text-color">different text color</span>
normal text color</p>

cools4u    (2010-07-29 08:35:21)
13 years ago

Using 'CSS' code is a better option for formatting. If u want to make any changes in future then only one file is required to edit which not only saves time but helps to fulfill the requirement using less code...


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jameswright    (2011-10-11 19:16:13)
12 years ago

It is better to use CSS instead of single tags everywhere so you can change easily template of website on time.


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ozstylo    (2013-07-31 13:07:11)
10 years ago

its to easy in html to adding colors


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chcaim44    (2015-01-04 17:23:57)
How to add color to text

Jalopa's reply simply awesome & working.Actually I'm also new & don't know how to do this..



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