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How to add color to text       (6)     2015-01-04

Hello, I'm a total beginner to this, I would like to know how to add color to text in HTML, thank you for your help. (...)

Link rel="canonical" href="URL"       (1)     2014-06-20

<link rel="canonical" href="URL" /> The main search engines (Google, Yahoo...) just introduced this new HTML tag to specify the correct URL for (...)

Basic and Compulsory HTML Tag       (5)     2013-07-31

<Head> is a first tag of html. <Body> Is second tag. Both are Compulsory tag. (...)

HTML tutorial       (3)     2013-04-09

Here you can find the best HTML tutorial online : ht*p:// HTML Basic Tags HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML Formatting HTML Entities HT (...)

Is html the basic language?       (2)     2013-03-29

I am new to website Designing and programming. I need to know that is HTML a basic language for creating Css Templates, Joomla Templates and these kind of Website Templat (...)

HTML color names       (3)     2011-10-11

Here is the complete list of HTML color names supported by the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) : AliceBlue #F0F8FF AntiqueWhite #FAEBD7 (...)

PHP Form       (6)     2010-07-13

A PHP form on a web page allows a user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing. For instance, almost each company web site contains a contact form, so that (...)

How to prevent to change a text field?       (0)     2009-12-09

Hello, I created a form in HTML and I would like to prevent users to change the value of this text field in certain cases, is it possible with Javascript or any HTML tag (...)

Target problem       (0)     2009-03-17

Hello, Theorically the Target HTML tag could be used this way in : "_blank" opens a new window (popup) "_self" opens the document in the frame "_ (...)

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chcaim44    (2015-01-04 17:23:57)
How to add color to text

Jalopa's reply simply awesome & working.Actually I'm also new & don't know how to do this..




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