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ssl_error_rx_record_too_long       (7)     2019-03-19

Hi, I just changed my Linux server and tried to install ssl on Apache 2, but when I load a page in Firefox I have the error code : ssl_error_rx_record_too_long I tried to (...)

Which SQL version is Best?       (0)     2012-11-13

Anyone can suggest me please that which SQL version i can use for my server. I am using right now SQL Server 8.0 but i am not feeling comfortable with it 10 x Reivo inter (...)

A Powerful Help Desk Software Recommend       (0)     2011-12-13

iKode help desk x is a customer support tool, FAQ and help desk system. Can be used to provide support to an online community, by solving tickets, adding a comprehensive (...)

How to use wget, examples       (1)     2010-10-05

Quite often one has to use the wget command in SSH on a Linux server, but the options are not always well known while they offer a quite large control, here are a few exa (...)

.htaccess & utf8 problem       (0)     2010-09-15

Hi, I just tried to upload a new .htaccess file in UTF8 format on my new server but I got an internal server error while it works fine on my local server (EasyPHP). The p (...)

Change the space available on Linux ?       (1)     2010-09-13

Hi there, my question (sorry my english is weak) : After a problem with my server (MySql crashed, some tables corrupted), I realized that there was no space available any (...)

What is the core of my Linux server       (0)     2010-04-27

Hi, I would like to know if there's a way to know what is the core of my Linux server, I'm not used to it at all. Thank you. (...)

How to download files from a server /SSH       (0)     2010-04-27

Hi, here is my problem: Right now I can connect to my Linux server only by SSH with Putty and I would like to transfer some files from that server to my computer that is (...)

Linux: How to change a user password       (0)     2010-04-27

Hi there, I would like to know how to change a user password when I'm connected to the root account in SSH (Linux server with Gentoo core)? Also, I guess that if this acc (...)

How to detect files modified by a hacker       (0)     2010-04-27

Hello, I would like to know how you detect files modified by a hacker who was not root but accessed the server by a user because of a website with a security breach, on a (...)

How to install Rkhunter / Linux server       (0)     2010-04-27

Hi, if just like me you're paranoid with your Linux server & you want to scan it, I strongly recommend to use Rkhunter/Rootkit to do it! Quite easy to install : serve (...)

Why my Linux server time changed?       (0)     2010-04-27

Hi, I just encountered a strange problem on my Linux server, the server time made a jump of more than an hour and I have no idea of the cause. There is no other admin (no (...)

How to list files ordered by date?       (0)     2010-04-27

Hi, I would like to list all files by date of last modification in a folder that contains many other folders in my Linux server... The problem is that the result of ls -l (...)

How to detect hacker's processes?       (0)     2010-04-27

Hi, I would like to know what kind of methods you use (added to Rkhunter/Rootkit) to try to detect files and processes created by a hacker on a Linux OVH server with a Ge (...)

Joomla update, error 500       (1)     2010-04-27

Hi, I'm trying to update Joomla on my server from an old version <2.0 to the last one, but now I have an error 500 on my homepage and I cannot remove it, does anyone h (...)

Apache error logs in Gentoo       (0)     2010-04-27

Hi, I just would like to know if there are error logs for Apache (not the whole logs that are located in /var/log/httpd) in a Linux server with Gentoo core. Where I can f (...)

How to compress pages to improve speed?       (0)     2009-11-17

Hi, I use Apache and I would like to know if it is true that I can compress my web pages by using the following code : <?php ob_start('ob_gzhandler'); ?> OR <? (...)

How to set a server's clock ?       (0)     2009-02-25

Hello, I just would like to know the difference between the software clock (that is also the PHP clock changed by the Linux command date MMDDhhmm) and the hardware clock. (...)

$_SERVER['REMOTE_HOST'] empty       (0)     2009-01-15

Hello, Why my $_SERVER is always empty on my server ?? I do not understand, by the way there is no $_SERVER at all in phpinfo(), whay ? Please help (...)

ssl_error_rx_unexpected_change_cipher       (0)     2008-10-26

Hi all, In Firefox 3.0.3, I had this error code : SSL received an unexpected Change Cipher Spec record. (Error code : ssl_error_rx_unexpected_change_cipher), en fran├žai (...)

Webmaster/Network Tools       (0)     2007-11-28

for network and webmaster tools visit at (...)

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