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How to install Rkhunter / Linux server

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*zufazu    (2010-04-27)
How to install Rkhunter / Linux server

Hi, if just like me you're paranoid with your Linux server & you want to scan it, I strongly recommend to use Rkhunter/Rootkit to do it!

Quite easy to install :

server:~/rkhunter# wget
server:~/rkhunter# tar -zxvf rkhunter-1.3.6.tar.gz
server:~/# cd rkhunter
server:~/rkhunter# ./ --install

Then you just have to execute it without any argument to see all options :


Usage: rkhunter {--check | --unlock | --update | --versioncheck |
                --propupd [{filename | directory | package name},...] |
                --list [{tests | {lang | languages} | rootkits}] |
                --version | --help} [options]

Current options are:
        --append-log                  Append to the logfile, do not overwrite
        --bindir <directory>...      Use the specified command directories
    -c, --check                      Check the local system
  --cs2, --color-set2                  Use the second color set for output
        --configfile <file>          Use the specified configuration file
        --cronjob                    Run as a cron job
                                      (implies -c, --sk and --nocolors options)
        --dbdir <directory>          Use the specified database directory
        --debug                      Debug mode
                                      (Do not use unless asked to do so)
        --disable <test>[,<test>...]  Disable specific tests
                                      (Default is to disable no tests)
        --display-logfile            Display the logfile at the end
        --enable  <test>[,<test>...]  Enable specific tests
                                      (Default is to enable all tests)
        --hash {MD5 | SHA1 | SHA224 | SHA256 | SHA384 | SHA512 |
                NONE | <command>}    Use the specified file hash function
                                      (Default is SHA1, then MD5)
    -h, --help                        Display this help menu, then exit
--lang, --language <language>        Specify the language to use
                                      (Default is English)
        --list [tests | languages |  List the available test names, languages,
                rootkits]            or checked for rootkits, then exit
    -l, --logfile [file]              Write to a logfile
                                      (Default is /var/log/rkhunter.log)
        --noappend-log                Do not append to the logfile, overwrite it
        --nocolors                    Use black and white output
        --nolog                      Do not write to a logfile
--nomow, --no-mail-on-warning          Do not send a message if warnings occur
  --ns, --nosummary                  Do not show the summary of check results
--novl, --no-verbose-logging          No verbose logging
        --pkgmgr {RPM | DPKG | BSD |  Use the specified package manager to obtain or
                  NONE}              verify file hash values. (Default is NONE)
        --propupd [file | directory | Update the entire file properties database,
                    package]...        or just for the specified entries
    -q, --quiet                      Quiet mode (no output at all)
  --rwo, --report-warnings-only        Show only warning messages
    -r, --rootdir <directory>        Use the specified root directory
  --sk, --skip-keypress              Don't wait for a keypress after each test
        --summary                    Show the summary of system check results
                                      (This is the default)
        --syslog [facility.priority]  Log the check start and finish times to syslog
                                      (Default level is authpriv.notice)
        --tmpdir <directory>          Use the specified temporary directory
        --unlock                      Unlock (remove) the lock file
        --update                      Check for updates to database files
  --vl, --verbose-logging            Use verbose logging (on by default)
    -V, --version                    Display the version number, then exit
        --versioncheck                Check for latest version of program
    -x, --autox                      Automatically detect if X is in use
    -X, --no-autox                    Do not automatically detect if X is in use

Then launch the scan, you're done.

server:~/rkhunter -c

Now you're to know if there's any problem on your server, good luck

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