Change the space available on Linux ?

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*spacedisc    (2009-01-22)
Change the space available on Linux ?

Hi there, my question (sorry my english is weak) :

After a problem with my server (MySql crashed, some tables corrupted), I realized that there was no space available anymore in MRTG.

I've checked the space available on my Linux server with these command lines on Putty :

#df -h
#find * ./ -type d -maxdepth 0 -exec du -hs {} \;

I saw that :

/dev/sda1 Disp:3,0G Occ:72% /
/dev/sda2 Disp:220,0G Occ:1% /home

I think that's the real problem and I would like to change these spaces/sizes but I don't know how to do it... Can someone help ?


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*lodome    (2010-09-13 13:56:14)
Change the space available on Linux ?

Linux based server is very secured server. Why this security is compulsory? Companies which are providing hosted live chat software services, must use secured server where data resides.Linux server never affected by computer viruses

Basic Linux Server Security

Install Firewall (APF or CSF Firewall with BFD)
ModSecurity (Web application firewall)
ModEvasive (Prevent DDOS attacks)
Harden SSH server
Fix Open DNS Recursion
Install RKhunter
Install ClamAV (Antivirus)
XInet Servers Hardening (Disable Telnet/Finger or unwanted services)
Securing PHP
PortsEntry (tool to detect portscans)
Harden host.conf (against IP spoofing)
Check User Uploaded files
Secure /tmp Folders (noexec, nosuid)

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