I want good seo tips.

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mahimanral    (2009-07-16)
I want good seo tips.

plz give me suggestion.

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moderator    (2009-07-16 16:14:18)


Good seo tips

Maybe try these ones :


jhnsmith978    (2010-01-28 13:55:17)
14 years ago

Hello Everyone..
I wanna share the basic tips for the beginners whoever are interested to go for Search Engine Optimization Training. These are

1 - Add your comments to a guestbook and include your url.
2 - Submit your link to the many free online directory sites.
3 - Add comments to blogs with a link to related content on your Website.
4 - Find online forums related to your site and become part of the community and add your signature that links to your website.
5 - Submit on-topic articles to article directories and include your link in the author bio.

I hope these tips will help you out..

Learn SEO

devnty06    (2010-02-16 09:03:06)
14 years ago

Thanks for sharing!!!!

Reputation Management

blackwaz    (2010-04-30 14:39:52)
13 years ago

SEO tip:

When it comes to SEO, the easy rule of thumb is that content matters. Google, Yahoo and other search engines base their query results on website content. If there is no relevant content, high rankings are elusive. In addition, it's always good to be on top! Put your most appropriate keywords and search terms in the title, descriptions, and first few lines of your website text and content. Though, Google will penalize your website if you overload it with inappropriate keywords and hidden search terms. Also, search engine is a perfectionist about the rules. They make the rules and if you wish to enhance search engine rankings then must play by them.

In case someone needs a good SEO firm, I recommend the link below. Enjoy the day!


kadir41    (2010-05-03 16:05:41)
13 years ago

Look through seo tutorials at html tutorial.

zemilyhow    (2010-05-20 09:43:45)
I want good seo tips.

SEO Tips - Page Ranking:
>>>>>>> ★
You need to study and select some keywords that are related to your site such as your domain and add them to your website. Then submit it to search engine. Besides, exchange links with high PR sites. After a time, it may come in top 10 from the search result. For example, the keyword: topbuysell  is related to domain ht*p://www.topbuysell.com (From PR0 to PR5 within two months) . And it ranks number one on the search result.

*tafugu    (2010-12-09 15:52:47)
13 years ago

There's so many places you can look to get good tips. Obviously the search engine algorithms are constantly changing so you need to be keeping up to date with them.

Try hanging out in the community hubs and get involved. There's loads of good places to try. Have you tried Algobreaker for
SEO tips

markleyden    (2010-12-10 20:00:14)
13 years ago

Forum Posting
Blog Commenting is the best


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normanbarnes50    (2011-04-01 13:05:14)
12 years ago

First brainstorm on the keywords you will use, you know what your website's use more than anyone. Use tools like wordtracker to know the amount of views on the keyword you gonna use. And do these following techniques:

1) Article submission ( be sure to use high quality / unique articles )

2) Forum comments
3) Blog comments
4) Q&A ( yahoo answers etc )
5) Directory submission
6) RSS FEED / Social bookmarkings


seoservices7890    (2011-05-31 09:52:53)
12 years ago

There are many other methods of link building like Article submission, Social bookmarking, Blog commenting, Profile Links and many more. If your site has good back links than your site will have good ranking and if it has good ranking simply it will have traffic. But keep remember that the Content is king and it should always be unique and updated and back links are their power so they should be from high pr sites. While the use of Profile Links is not new, the importance of using them has grown steadily. We are able to strengthen our anchor text by getting a large number of links to our site based on that text.


Seo Services

ianbell    (2011-07-26 23:48:41)
I want good seo tips.

SEO refer as a search engine optimization. it is very important tool in order to grow online business.SEO is very beneficial to increase the marketing opportunities and achieve the business target.



campbellsteven    (2011-11-17 17:51:13)
12 years ago

Thank you friends for sharing many useful tips.



savable    (2011-11-23 14:57:24)


12 years ago

High Page rank directory submission, article submission, blogs work, good onsite seo, social bookmarking and social media marketing in high page ranked and populated sites.


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shopperpk    (2011-12-16 16:14:10)
12 years ago

Good SEO tips for mature traffic and real visitors.
Social bookmarking, blogs commenting, social media marketing and internet directory submission with well researched keywords and content.


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*sazugo    (2012-06-05 07:23:19)
11 years ago

Off Page SEO Techniques were very helpful in fast resulting.

*bajoge    (2014-08-16 12:08:56)
I want good seo tips.

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*fetafi    (2014-08-19 14:03:50)
9 years ago

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*fubuva    (2014-08-28 00:27:12)
9 years ago

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*gucafa    (2014-08-30 13:19:56)
9 years ago

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*joboje    (2014-09-02 21:56:42)
9 years ago

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*dubezu    (2014-09-11 16:47:58)
I want good seo tips.

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*leloze    (2014-09-11 17:11:52)
9 years ago

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*jarole    (2014-09-23 17:41:39)
9 years ago

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*rupako    (2014-09-24 16:53:00)
9 years ago

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*gijeca    (2014-09-25 14:49:13)
9 years ago

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*sajila    (2014-09-27 14:07:10)
I want good seo tips.

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*govapo    (2014-09-27 22:07:44)
9 years ago

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*cicici    (2014-10-14 01:20:15)
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*fotofo    (2014-10-27 06:49:56)
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*nepama    (2014-11-07 12:29:51)
I want good seo tips.

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*rinobu    (2014-11-19 15:02:44)
9 years ago

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*cividi    (2014-11-24 06:55:53)
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*jejuka    (2014-11-24 15:32:44)
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*culelu    (2014-11-27 14:10:37)
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*ladudo    (2014-12-04 14:34:36)
I want good seo tips.

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*zuviri    (2014-12-06 10:13:59)
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*bazapi    (2014-12-29 08:22:20)
9 years ago

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