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mon compte est restreint depuis 20 jours       (0)     2014-09-06

mon compte est restreint depuis un mois , comment le réactiver ? (...)

Uploaded.to premium account password free       (3)     2014-09-04

Hi there, does anyone have any user/password to share to login into the storage service Uploaded.to? I would like to download many classical pieces that I found on a blo (...)

Date Sheet OF MA MSc Part 1 and 2 Univer       (0)     2014-08-07

www.meraustad.com is one of the leading educational websites. It provides every detail to their users regarding to education. If you are doing masters and need to get you (...)

Sales On New Bose Lifestyle® 535 Series       (0)     2014-06-26

VISION HIRE LTD has continued to attract a highly committed and passionate community of Home Theaters, Cameras, Laptops, musicians, DJs, composers and all electronics c (...)

How to open blocked sites ?       (52)     2014-05-17

Hello, I encounter a strange problem with my Internet Explorer 7 under Vista OS. Some sites (in another country) are blocked and I find no way to open it. Is this a firew (...)

Are you suffering from Vitiligo?       (1)     2014-03-10

Vitiligo is more commonly known as leucoderma, which simply means white (leuco) skin (derma), i.e. a skin disorder where it loses its normal coloration. It is also medica (...)

Moving Firms Offering Effective Services       (0)     2014-02-25

Move is often a intricate as well as tough method. It is just a time period inclined to relocating from spot for a one more. The item includes a lot of tiresome & dif (...)

50th Anniversary Gifts?       (1)     2013-12-16

Try http://www.seniorstore.com/angif.html at Seniorstore.com. They have 50th anniversary gift baskets, and some nice themed year golden anniversary gifts like frames, and (...)

SEO Tips       (2)     2013-10-11

Can anyone tells me the best seo tips for my educational blog? How to promote? How to link with social media? How to gain traffic? (...)

Who deleted me on MSN ?       (13)     2013-09-08

Hello. I just searched the internet but finally I did not find any information on my question, so I ask here : Is there a way to know who deleted me on MSN or WindowsLive (...)

How to use bittorrent ?       (2)     2013-09-07

Hello, I downloaded a bittorrent client interface but when I execute the program, nothing happens. What should I do to download files with this software ? How does it wo (...)

How to change the language on Vista?       (3)     2013-08-06

Hi, I have a new DELL computer with Vista installed but the language is deutsch and I do not know a single word of deutsch. Please tell me how I can change the language i (...)

what episode is goku vs chichi       (5)     2013-03-02

Hi, In Dragon Ball series, I would like to know in which episode one can see Goku vs. Chichi ? (...)

What does lol mean ?       (51)     2013-01-22

Hello. I just want to know what does lol mean exactly ? I often read it whatever the context but it does not make any sense in my opinion. Thanks. (...)

pmdg boeing 737 ngx fsx       (0)     2012-08-11

Please! i need one serials to PMDG 737 ngx FSX please sed me! thank you!!!! (...)

A simple guide about how to rip DVD to B       (1)     2012-08-09

If you want to put your DVD movies on your Blackberry Playbook, then this paper will be your reference guide. Before you start the conversion, we need make preparations: (...)

Learn how to convert FLV to DVD?       (0)     2012-08-09

Do you choose to watch your download. flv videos on DVD player or HD TV SET? This paper definitely will show you a painless as well as rapid way to watch FLV on DVD playe (...)

How to make a video game ?       (7)     2012-05-18

Hello, I would like to create a 3d video game like Call of Duty or "The Sims" but I just can't find the right way to start. Is there a dedicated 3d program with (...)

what does this mean in thai?       (5)     2012-05-07

วันเดือนปีเกิด (...)

How do I import mpg or mpeg into iMovie?       (0)     2012-04-26

One of my friends recently asked me a question about how to import her .mpg files into iMovie. She had no idea of editing the MPG files in iMovie. I would like to share m (...)

I need free games for mac.       (1)     2012-04-25

I need free games for mac. (...)

How to delete a friend on Facebook?       (17)     2012-04-22

Hello, does anyone know how to delete a friend on Facebook and how to know who deleted you from his friends list? I just noticed that a friend of mine deleted me but I d (...)

How to edit Sony Bloggie in Movie Maker?       (0)     2012-04-20

"I just bought a Sony Bloggie? and made a video but my Windows Movie Maker won't play it, I have version 2011 Build 15.4.3538.0513 and I get the error code 0xC946001 (...)

what is the Solution of mac virus?       (0)     2012-04-15

what is the Solution of mac virus? (...)

How to change my name on Facebook ?       (23)     2012-03-25

Hello, a friend just told me that it was possible to change my name on Facebook but I did not find the right way yet. Could someone tell me how to do this ? Thank you ver (...)

Free Dating Site: Oceansofpeople       (0)     2012-03-20

www.oceansofpeople.com Take a look, it is completely FREE with No Hidden Charges. While most free dating sites are looking to increase revenues and this is by charging th (...)

Is Plentyoffish (pof.com) plenty of girls       (5)     2012-03-20

Hello. Did you try the online dating website named pof.com? What do you think? Can you compare it to match.com or eharmony? Thank you. (...)

How to transfer iphone SMS to PC?       (2)     2012-03-10

I once come across the problem that my iPhone rejects receiving new SMS but all the SMS are so important that I don't want to delete them. So I simply need to backup your (...)

How to change my password Hotmail WL MSN       (2)     2012-02-22

Hello all, I would like to change my password for WindowsLive, MSN & Hotmail. I did not find any way until now, is this normal or it is not authorized to change passw (...)

How to delete the temporary files?       (5)     2012-02-17

Hello, As my computer is almost full, I would like to delete all my useless temporary files, the problem is that I do not know where it is located in the computer. I trie (...)

Download or stream movies on Nook tablet       (0)     2012-02-11

Do you have desire to get a good-looking and Multimedia tablet PC? Does Nook Tablet attract your attention? Nook Tablet has the same resoluion of 1024x600 screen as Kindl (...)

Any opinions on Match.com       (4)     2012-01-26

Hi, what is your opinion on Match.com, is it worth it? Did you meet many girls on this website and do you need to send a thousand messages to get one reply as on other (...)

Is Zoosk a scam?       (2)     2012-01-21

What do you think about Zoosk.com? Is this a scam as I read it on a few forums or is it good enough? Did you try it with any success? Thanks a lot for your answers. (...)

Easyflirt or Adultfriendfinder       (2)     2012-01-21

Hi, what do you think about these websites: Adultfriendfinder and Easyflirt to meet hot girls? Did you have successes on these ones or is Match.com more efficient even i (...)

Play or enjoy 720p videos on Acer iconia       (0)     2012-01-12

The Acer iconia Tab A501 follows the same footsteps as the original Iconia A500 in every way imaginable, nothing here has changed so you can expect the same good build qu (...)

Copy or play movie to Kindle Fire       (0)     2012-01-12

"I tried copying the .mp4 video to the Video Folder on the fire, but it wont show up." "I have a quick question. I have been copying a few of my digital co (...)

Did you meet someone on Badoo already?       (2)     2012-01-07

Hi, just curious did anyone already meet someone on Badoo? This site is very strange, it looks like I receive many automatic messages and no real answer. What did you th (...)

What is the best online dating website?       (2)     2012-01-06

Hi all, here is my question: what is the very best online dating website in the world according to you? Which ones do you prefer and why? eHarmony or another one? Than (...)

Is eHarmony the best online dating website?       (1)     2012-01-03

Hello. I would like to know opinions on eHarmony. Did you meet girls on this website? Is there any online dating website more efficient that this one? Thanks in advance (...)

Any opinion on AdultFriendFinder?       (1)     2012-01-03

Hello everyone. I'm looking for more opinions on AdultFriendFinder, what I just read was not really good and I'm wondering if it's worth it. Anyone here tried this websit (...)

What do you think about Meetic.com?       (1)     2012-01-03

Hi, do you have any opinion on the online dating website Meetic.com ? Is it as successful in all countries as in France? Is it better than eHarmony for example? (...)

How to increase website traffic?       (2)     2011-12-23

"Increase website traffic" is probably the most searched phrase online for webmasters, especially novice and limited budget webmasters. If you own and create yo (...)

How to convince my boyfriend to marry me       (6)     2011-12-23

Hello, my boyfriend does not want to marry me after six years. He is 33 and we live together for 4 years but he thinks that the marriage may provoke the end of our love s (...)

Where To Watch DBZ Episodes Online?       (6)     2011-12-23

Watch DVD Quality DB/DBZ/DBGT Only @ Watch DBZ Episodes (...)

How to import AVCHD to Final Cut Pro on       (1)     2011-12-14

AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) is a format for the recording and playback of high definition video, which has been jointly developed by Sony and Panasonic. (...)

First kiss tips       (5)     2011-11-30

How to kiss for the first time, how to give the first kiss ? That's the real question for many young people. Here are the definitive tips for a nice first kiss - First, (...)

How to stop to smoke ?       (3)     2011-11-30

Hi, I've realized a few weeks ago that I used to cough more and more every morning and I just decided to stop to smoke. Yes, that's great, I'll need to be encouraged for (...)

Do you need a loan?       (1)     2011-11-30

Do you need a loan? please note that we offer loans at 3% interest rate.espanalargestloanhome(at)yahoo.com (...)

Can private photos in Facebook be hacked?       (3)     2011-11-30

Hello, is it possible to hack private photos of other people in Facebook? In other words, is there a way to see photos of people I'm not a friend of? Thank you. (...)

When are the next elections in China?       (1)     2011-10-22

Hi, I just would like to know when are the next elections in China, how does this work, can everybody vote like in France or is there a system like in the United States? (...)

How to convert PDF to Word/Html/Text/ePu       (1)     2011-09-27

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. The file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 is used for representing documents in a manner (...)

Anyone used Satellite Internet?       (1)     2011-09-09

Has anyone heard or used satellite based internet? Would love to hear comments? Dr Alexander http://www.PostFreeAds.Org (...)

Free FlashPlayer MP3       (3)     2011-08-06

Hello, I would like to include a FlashPlayer to read MP3 and AVI files on my website, something like Soundcloud or Youtube for music and video, does anyone know where I c (...)

Is Smartdate a good way to meet people?       (11)     2011-07-28

I've heard of that new dating website: Smartdate. It's supposed to be free and pretty popular in Europe. Have you tried it yet? I'd like to register... Is it a good way t (...)

Hotmail sign-in does not display       (4)     2011-07-01

Hello all. My problem is I cannot see the Hotmail sign-in page anymore. I have Vista and it worked fine until now. What happens ?! (...)

For Sale:- Apple Iphone 4 Hd 32gb/HTC       (0)     2011-06-16

We offer shipping service Worldwide at affordable rate. We ship Internationally! All items provided by us are Brand New, Boxed and With Full Warranty. We offer a 1 Year R (...)

How to find the title of a song?       (23)     2011-05-12

Hello, I have a song in a mp3 file and I would like to know its title and author, do you know any website that could recognize a song just by submitting a file or somethi (...)

How to capture a video ?       (1)     2011-04-28

Please tell me how to capture a DV video from my camera Sony, I have a software but it is just a crap and it doesn't work. Is there a free software that allow to capture (...)

What does IMAO mean?       (1)     2011-03-26

Hello, I just would like to know what IMAO means? Probably something like "In My A(?) Opinion", but I can't find the word that starts with A. Thank you. (...)

How to recover my MSN password ?       (5)     2011-02-19

Did you lose you password for MSN / Windows live ? Well, it may happen if you use the automatic login mode, but no problem, a tool is dedicated to find your password, it (...)

Happy new year in every language       (11)     2011-02-16

Hello, I would like to know how to say "Happy new year" in italian, spanish, deutsch, french, russian, latvian, finnish, greek, hindi, bulgarian, czech, romania (...)

Previous version of Facebook       (2)     2011-02-15

Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to return to the old version of Facebook. Their interface has just changed but I prefer the old one. Do you know a (...)

Windows XP error codes       (4)     2011-02-13

Here is a list of Windows XP error codes : WindowError:001 Windows loaded. System in danger! WindowError:002 Nothing wrong. YET! WindowError:003 Dynamic link error. Error (...)

Problem Adobe Flash Player       (3)     2011-02-09

Hello, I have installed Adobe Flash Player and it works fine with Mozilla Firefox and my other browsers but it seems it doesn't work with Internet Explorer even if it say (...)

How to rename my files automatically?       (1)     2011-01-28

Hello, I would like to know how to rename a large amount of files in a folder automatically with their names made of numbers only, do you know a free software able to do (...)

Is Wi-Fi dangerous?       (1)     2011-01-20

Hello, I would like to know what you think about Wi-Fi, Satellite and WiMax to connect to the internet, is it dangerous according to you? Also what do you think about po (...)

How to recover a deleted file?       (3)     2011-01-14

Hello, I would like to know if it is really possible to recover some deleted files even if it has been deleted from the trash folder, particularly the history files of Fi (...)

How to marry two sims?       (9)     2011-01-02

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to marry a man and a woman in the game "Sims 3" and of course if it is possible, please tell me how you do that. T (...)

What is Eminem's real name?       (2)     2011-01-02

Hi there, just would like to know if someone is aware about Eminem's real name, do you have any idea? Thanks a lot. (...)

How can i create a forum on Facebook?       (1)     2010-12-30

First you need to login to your Facebook account. You have to have an account with Facebook in order to create a forum there. First, check the forum directory http://apps (...)

Who bought T-shirts from welljordan.com?       (0)     2010-12-29

Who bought T-shirts from welljordan.com? how about the quality and the price? I found a website www.welljordan.com for shopping online, but I don’t know how about the q (...)

How to capture video from my screen?       (4)     2010-12-27

Hello, I would like to capture video from my computer screen while a Winamp plugin is running. The aim is to make an AVI file. Does anyone know how to do this? If you kno (...)

Merry Christmas in every language       (3)     2010-12-25

Hello, I would like to know how to say in phonetic "Merry Christmas" in these languages: Bulgarian, russian, hebrew, arabic, chinese, japanese, vietnamese and k (...)

How to retrieve a deleted email?       (1)     2010-12-13

Hi, is there any way to retrieve an email that I deleted a few days ago on Yahoo Mail? I cannot find it in the trash folder. Thanks and have a nice day. (...)

Legal form of company       (1)     2010-12-07

Hello, as most french people my english is quite weak so I am asking for a translation. I have a document to fill but I do not know what does mean exactly "legal for (...)

How to know if someone says lies?       (4)     2010-11-12

Hello, I just started to watch the series "Lie to me" with Tim Roth, I would like to know if the ways to detect a lie that are explained by his character are tr (...)

Dealer button heads up       (2)     2010-11-10

At Poker Texas Hold'em in heads up, who is in the big blind, the dealer or the non-dealer ? What is the order of play pre-flop and after ? The answer : In heads up poker (...)

How to create like in facebook       (2)     2010-11-01

Do you know how to create LIKE PAGE in facebook? (...)

What is a cocktail Molotov?       (2)     2010-10-30

Hello. I would like to know what is a cocktail Molotov exactly? Is this a bomb or something else and how to make it? Just curious. Greetings. (...)

Difference between FTP, FTPS & SFTP       (2)     2010-10-29

Hi, I just would like to know the difference between FTP & SFTP & FTPS, is it Secured File Transfer Protocol or something else as I've read ? What informations do (...)

What is Love?       (0)     2010-10-28

Lets share your Ideas and thoughts aboy love what do you think that What is love (...)

Problem with Hotmail sign-in page       (0)     2010-10-28

Hello all. My problem is I cannot see the Hotmail sign-in page anymore. I have Vista and it worked fine until now. What happens moncler Thank you. (...)

How to avoid the limit on Megaupload ?       (2)     2010-10-16

Hello everyone, I would like to avoid the limits on Megaupload with a free account, I have a lot of files to download and I do not want to wait because I often forget the (...)

How to avoid the download limit?       (5)     2010-10-15

Hello. I use regularly Rapidshare, Megaupload and other storage services to download numerous files but it seems to me that it is really difficult now to download on Rapi (...)

How to French kiss ?       (1)     2010-10-14

How to kiss, how to give a french kiss ? Here are the definitive tips to french kiss perfectly - Freshen your breath. During a French kiss, the mouth should be open, so (...)

What does SEO mean ?       (8)     2010-10-05

Hello, I just would like to know what does "SEO" mean ?? I saw this term on several search results on Google but I cannot find a definition for this, it seems t (...)

How to transfer ipod music to computer?       (1)     2010-10-04

Cucusoft iPod/iTouch/iPhone to Computer Transfer is an easy to use iPod/iPhone utility designed to help you backup all your files from your iPod/iPhone/iTouch. Recover lo (...)

How to transfer SMS from Windows mobile       (2)     2010-10-04

I was always looking for a good SMS tool while I am using my Samsung Pro B7610 which with Windows Mobile system 6.1, and I didn't think there is a Functional program unti (...)

How to Convert AVI Video or Burn AVI to       (0)     2010-10-03

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to use our avi software to convert avi videos or burn avi to dvd in just a few clicks!!! Got lots of avi videos you'd like to watch o (...)

How to make a divx from a dvd ?       (7)     2010-10-03

Hello. I would like to convert a dvd in the divx format but I can only copy the dvd to my computer, then I do not know how to do, the only free program that I found is to (...)

When is Halloween next years?       (0)     2010-09-21

Hi, just wanted to know when is Halloween for the next years, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Also do you know where I can find original ideas for Hallo (...)

MSN does not start       (2)     2010-09-20

Hello, I try to start MSN for several minutes but it does not work. When I click the icon, nothing happens. Please tell me how to solve this problem, should I install MSN (...)

Tatum       (1)     2010-09-19

Tatum and tararsa mace the for the November . 22 yoiu tatunu (...)

How we find easy solutions.       (1)     2010-09-12

How can we find a simple solution for a hard problems. Does we need companion by others. Garbage Trucks For Sale www.princemotorsusa.com (...)

MOI Converter, play .moi files       (1)     2010-09-07

What is the .MOI file? The .MOI file is the index file of .MOD or .TOD files, holding the date and time of recorded movie in a range of camcorders, such as JVC Everio, th (...)

How to convert videos to animated GIF ?       (6)     2010-08-25

Hello, I would like to convert a folder of videos FLV to animated GIF, does anyone know a free software able to do this ? Actually, if it was possible to select the durat (...)

why people are attracted and visit iran       (0)     2010-08-23

simple, because is one of the safesr places in the world, but unfortunately bad reputations of Iran made this glorious country one of the less visited places in the world (...)

travel to iran       (0)     2010-08-23

visit and travel to iran through http://www.irtouring.com travel to iran, visit iran and visa informations to iran we invite you to travel to land of iran as its one of t (...)

Import contacts Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo...       (5)     2010-08-10

Hi there, I'm looking for a tell-a-friend like free script in PHP that would allow to do mass invitations by importing contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Facebook, (...)

backup phone contacts to pc       (0)     2010-08-09

Get a new phone and what to transfser contacts from old mobile to the new one? or want to import mobile contacts to computer program, such as outlook, gmail, etc. Here I (...)

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