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CollegeHumor : Matrix runs on XP       (39)     2019-11-01

Video by CollegeHumor, must see (...)

How to masturbate       (3)     2019-02-28

This guy tries to learn his girlfriend how to masturbate him "like a ketchup bottle", do not imitate her ! Funny (...)

Joke of the day       (114)     2018-02-07

An old man is walking down the street one afternoon when he sees a woman with perfect breasts. He says to her, "Hey miss, would you let me BITE your breasts for $100 (...)

Idiot of the year       (14)     2015-12-01

This one shouldn't have celebrated his victory so early ! Really weird, what happened to his car according to you ? (...)

Best tweets, the best of twitter       (1)     2015-04-09

Hi, Does anyone know where I can find more funny tweets like at www.besttweets.com that offer the very best of twitter (in various categories) ? I just would like to find (...)

jokes..       (15)     2013-10-21

Feel better now Mary was having a tough day and had stretched herself out on the couch to do a bit of what she thought to be well-deserved complaining and self- pitying. (...)

joke       (36)     2013-10-21

Make a last request Once upon a time a Scotsman, an Englishman and an Irishman were captured by the Red Indians on a prospecting trip in North America. They been tied up (...)

Computer Jokes       (6)     2013-10-14

I was just having a conversation with someone who is about to buy a Mac. I was against it and an argument started. I said there were too few people supporting the Mac. He (...)

humorous quotes       (20)     2013-10-09

Did you ever walk in a room and forget why you walked in? I think that's how dogs spend their lives. -Sue Murphy (...)

funny jokes       (38)     2013-10-03

New Lawyer Joe grew up in a small town, then moved away to attend college and law school. He decided to come back to the small town because he could be a big man in this (...)

pregnancy jokes       (6)     2013-06-07

Being a parent changes everything. But being a parent also changes with each baby. Here are some of the ways having a second and third child is different from having your (...)

Funny Jokes       (113)     2013-01-17

A man who smelled like a distillery flopped on a subway seat next to a priest. The man's tie was stained, his face was plastered with red lipstick, and a half empty bottl (...)

think wisely       (6)     2012-05-25

Money isn't everything but it sure keeps you in touch with your children. J. Paul Getty (...)

Jizz in my pants       (14)     2011-12-21

Listen to the first single from The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD". The title says it all & the video features guest appearances by Molly Sims, Ja (...)

Funny videos on Youtube       (7)     2011-12-06

Hello, do you know where to find collections of funny videos on Youtube and Dailymotion? I would like to find a website that classify the best videos in various categori (...)

Youtube : Acid party       (1)     2011-10-11

Acid party in India !!! Does anyone know the name of the acid track on this video? (...)

Barrack Obama & Gordon Brown       (1)     2011-10-11

What is the difference between Barrack Obama and Gordon Brown ? Obama will shake hands while Brown won't... Nice. (...)

Shooting hoops, basketball shots       (5)     2011-10-11

Here is a nice series of basketball shots Shot'r'us, hoopcamp edition. (...)

Lady Gaga mini, horror on Youtube       (2)     2011-10-11

What a shame...... This is awful, this very young girl trying to imitate Lady Gaga in Paparazzi and another song in a kind of portuguese version of Britain's got talent.. (...)

Weeds-One of the Best Shows!       (1)     2011-10-11

Showtime series Weeds is one of the best shows on television. Each season is always strong-set, fantasy stories, complex and wonderful charecters a dark comedy. Mary-Loui (...)

Ghost Riddles       (1)     2011-10-11

Q: What does a ghost eat for dessert? A: I scream. (Ice cream) Q: Where does a ghost mail his letters? A: At the ghost office. (Post office) Q: What did the ghost mail ho (...)

Best action scene ever       (1)     2011-10-04

From the movie Alluda Majaka (1995), starring the megastar Chiranjeevi and directed by E.V.V. Satyanarayana, really funny This is just the worst action scene ever, of c (...)

Cat vs. Aquarium       (2)     2011-10-04

A cat throw itself in an aquarium lol (...)

decision to get married       (6)     2011-09-20

Jacob, age 92, and Rebecca, age 89, are all excited about their decision to get married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding and on the way they pass a drugstore. (...)

Lionel Richie on helium       (1)     2010-05-27

Here is what looks like the most famous song by Lionel Richie "Hello" when he breathes helium - Voici à quoi ressemble l'une des chansons les plus célèbres (...)

Robin Williams on gamers       (0)     2009-12-10

Robin Williams talks about his addiction to Video Games on Late night with Jimmy Fallon. Talking about Call of Duty, frenchies & so on... Really funny, as usual (...)

Very best of Youtube       (2)     2009-11-27

Here are the most amazing & funny videos from Youtube I ever seen ! Really incredible, how is this possible ??? (...)

How to fall       (0)     2009-11-03

This guy shows you how to get down a sand dune the fastest way, really impressive! (...)

Halloween class video       (0)     2009-11-03

Really funny, this math teacher do the show for halloween, who wouldn't like to have him in his class... (...)

I will survive parody       (0)     2009-10-12

"I will derive" is THE parody of I will survive... What do you think about this one ? lol (...)

The wrong hole, song of the year       (0)     2009-09-29

Wrong Hole with DJ Lubel, Taryn Southern and Scott Baio, written & Performed by DJ LUBEL, directed by BOB MCKEON, produced by JAKE AVNET, starring DJ LUBEL, this is t (...)

Facebook in reality       (0)     2009-09-09

Here's what looks like Facebook if you live it in the real life Did you poke someone like this already ? I don't think so ! (...)

Mascot fail       (0)     2009-09-08

Lesson number 1 : You shouldn't ride on the mascot after winning your race... (...)

How to hide in an office ?       (0)     2009-09-08

Very useful, you may have wondered already how to hide yourself from your boss in an office, here is the answer (...)

Cat shower       (0)     2009-09-08

This cat is really strange, he takes several showers then drink the water on his nose (...)

Funny wedding reception       (0)     2009-09-08

A lizard crashes the wedding reception... Too bad (...)

everybody loves Raymond 1-9 dvd       (0)     2009-09-08

In the case of many television series that last as long as "Everybody Loves Raymond 1-9" did , a considerable slump in the writing and a decrease in passionate (...)

Nora the piano cat       (0)     2009-08-10

This amazing cat plays piano, lovely If you cat can do the same, please post your videos here ! (...)

How to fold a shirt ?       (0)     2009-04-21

Step 1, could you fold a shirt like this woman ? Step 2, even harder, just try to imitate this woman (same technique, but... harder :)) (...)

Jay Leno interviews president Bush       (0)     2009-04-21

A really strange "interview" by Jay Leno of former president George W. Bush just after president Barrack Obama inauguration. Just funny (...)

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