Funny videos on Youtube

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*youtubest    (2010-03-14)
Funny videos on Youtube

Hello, do you know where to find collections of funny videos on Youtube and Dailymotion?  I would like to find a website that classify the best videos in various categories like cats, falls, cars, accidents, girls, chatroulette, webcam and so on...

If possible, I would like to find a blog updated daily and there would be a vote system for each video.

Thanks for sharing your best links.

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*498b2f    (2010-03-17 04:02:08)
Funny videos on Youtube

Car Fail has some great car accidents.
2009 Taxes    (2010-05-27 01:11:43)

13 years ago

I agree with Steve: Car Fail, definitely.


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sunilsamuel    (2011-10-04 16:46:26)
Funny videos on Youtube

my favorite youtube video link is this:


i like this video.


Gilet pare balles

tonypaige    (2011-12-06 17:06:53)
12 years ago

Source : Youtube

this is really a funny one.


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