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Game result  (chess)

C. Ortiz, 2456
S. Kireev, 2306


See game 113811

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(chess standard tournaments, 40 days + 40 days / 10 moves)

(chess rapid tournaments, 30 days + 1 day / move)

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(big chess standard tournaments, 30 days + 1 day / move)

(advanced big chess tournaments, lightning & faster time controls)

Please note that chess, Go (weiqi, baduk) & Poker holdem world championship waiting lists are open a few months before the start of the tournaments only. A new cycle starts every 6 to 9 months (usually 8 months).

It is allowed to use any kind of help in chess, Go & poker texas holdem games, including chess engines or programs (Chessbase, Rybka, Fritz, Shredder, Hiarcs, Deep Junior & so on...), Go programs (MoGo, Many Faces Of Go, SmartGo, gnuGo...), any poker hand evaluation program, any database.

However if you tired of chess engines & advanced chess, you may try big chess on a 16x16 board, this is a new and very interesting game played at FICGS, there is no engine that can help your opponent there.

Most tournaments are rated but you may also play unrated chess tournaments, thematic chess tournaments and chess tournaments where engines are strictly forbidden, please see the chess special tournaments category. It is possible to play by correspondence or in real time (bliz, lightning, bullet).

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This game was played at FICGS :

a b c d e f g h j k l m n o p q

Last move : 1/2-1/2     2016 December 9   11:46:17

[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2015.08.01"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Ilic,Slavisa"]
[Black "de Vassal,Thibault"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[WhiteElo "1866"]
[BlackElo "2102"]

1.j2-k4 h15-g13 2.p1-o3 j15-k13 3.h2-g4 e15-e13 4.b1-c3 m15-m13 5.e2-e4 b16-c14 6.f1-b5 g16-j15 7.m2-m4 p16-o14 8.d2-d3 l16-p12 9.k1-h2 h16-h15 10.l1-p5 h15-b9 11.n2-n3 k16-h15 12.e1-e3 f16-b12 13.h1-k3 d15-d14 14.a2-a4 n15-n14 15.e3-f3 o16-f8 16.g1-j2 m16-m14 17.m1-m3 q15-q13 18.m3-l3 m14-l14 19.l3-l14 j15-l14 20.o1-f9 l14-j13 21.q1-m1 c16-h11 22.f9-h11 j13-h11 23.c1-l9 e16-e14 24.j2-g3 e14-f14 25.j1-j2 b9-j9 26.k3-j4 f14-f10 27.g3-h5 f10-j10 28.j4-j9 j10-j9 29.j2-h1 f8-j11 30.l9-j11 k13-j11 31.f3-f9 j9-f9 32.b5-f9 j11-h9 33.a1-a3 q16-m16 34.a3-b3 a15-a13 35.b3-b7 m16-m14 36.b7-h7 h9-f10 37.m1-m3 m14-l14 38.p5-h12 l14-l12 39.h12-g11 l12-l11 40.m3-l3 l11-l3 41.k2-l3 h15-j13 42.h2-j4 j16-j15 43.h7-l7 l15-l14 44.o3-n5 o14-n12 45.n5-o7 p15-p13 46.o7-n9 p12-m9 47.j4-k6 a16-e16 48.n9-m11 o15-o14 49.g11-k8 j13-l12 50.h5-j7 e16-e14 51.k6-m7 e14-f14 52.f9-j6 m9-j6 53.k4-j6 f14-f11 54.j7-k9 g13-j12 55.m7-n9 j12-k10 56.k8-c1 c14-d12 57.l3-l4 h11-j9 58.m11-k10 l12-k10 59.j6-k8 f11-k11 60.k9-h10 k11-k13 61.l7-l5 k10-m9 62.l5-k5 m9-k8 63.c1-k8 j9-h7 64.k8-n11 k15-k14 65.k5-k13 l14-k13 66.o2-o3 f10-h9 67.h10-k11 h7-k6 68.l4-l5 k6-l4 69.n3-n4 l4-n3 70.p2-p4 n3-l2 71.m4-m5 l2-n1 72.o3-o4 n1-m3 73.n11-p9 m3-o4 74.n9-m11 o4-m3 75.m11-k12 j15-k15 76.k11-m12 n14-n13 77.m12-k11 n12-l11 78.p9-o8 m13-m12 79.p4-p5 m3-o2 80.n4-n5 o2-p4 81.n5-n6 p4-q2 82.h1-j2 q2-o3 83.p5-p6 o3-n5 84.p6-p7 n5-p6 85.o8-m6 h9-j7 86.j2-k3 j7-l8 87.m6-p3 l8-n7 88.k3-l4 n7-o5 89.p3-o2 o5-p7 90.c3-d5 p6-o8 91.d5-e7 b12-f8 92.k12-j14 k15-j14 93.e7-d9 f8-g9 94.o2-n1 a13-a12 95.g4-f6 g9-h8 96.e4-e5 h8-g9 97.f6-h7 g9-c5 98.f2-f4 c5-j11 99.h7-j9 b15-b13 100.d9-e11 q13-q12 101.j9-g10 j11-e7 102.j3-j4 p7-o9 103.e11-g12 q12-q11 104.g10-j11 e7-d8 105.j11-l10 d8-j13 106.g12-j13 k14-j13 107.k11-l13 j14-h15 108.l10-j11 c15-c13 109.j11-h13 l11-m13 110.l13-m15 o9-p11 111.m15-k16 h15-j16 112.k16-j14 g15-g14 113.h13-f14 d12-f13 114.j14-l13 j16-j15 115.n1-a13 q11-q10 116.a13-c15 n13-n12 117.l13-k11 m12-m11 118.f14-e12 q10-q9 119.e12-d14 f13-d14 120.c15-d14 e13-e12 121.d14-c13 o14-o13 122.k11-h10 p11-o9 123.h10-g12 f15-f13 124.g12-e13 j15-h15 125.e13-c14 p13-p12 126.c14-d12 p12-p11 127.d12-b13 p11-p10 128.b13-c11 p10-p9 129.c11-a12 q9-q8 130.a12-c11 p9-p8 131.l4-m4 p8-p7 132.c11-e10 q8-q7 133.c13-d14 m13-n11 134.e10-g9 q7-q6 135.g9-j8 p7-p6 136.j8-k6 o9-q8 137.k6-l4 n11-o9 138.l4-n3 o8-q7 139.m4-n4 o9-n7 140.d14-n5 q8-o9 141.a4-a5 q7-p5 142.n4-o4 n7-m5 143.n3-m5 p5-n6 144.o4-p3 n6-l5 145.a5-a6 h15-g15 146.a6-a7 l5-j6 147.b2-b4 j6-h4 148.g2-g4 h4-g6 149.n5-k8 g6-j5 150.m5-k4 n12-n11 151.b4-b5 o13-o12 152.b5-b6 o12-o11 153.b6-b7 m11-m10 154.b7-b8 o9-n7 155.b8-b9 g15-f15 156.a7-a8 n7-l6 157.k4-l6 j5-l6 158.k8-j9 l6-j5 159.a8-a9 j5-h3 160.p3-p4 h3-f4 161.j9-m12 n11-n10 162.m12-n11 f4-g6 163.n11-m10 g6-e5 164.m10-q6 e5-g4 165.p4-p5 g4-e5 166.p5-p6 e5-c6 167.a9-a10 f15-e14 168.q6-l1 c6-b4 169.b9-b10 b4-c2 170.l1-e7 c2-d4 171.p6-o7 d4-c6 172.e7-c9 h14-h13 173.o7-o8 c6-e5 174.d3-d4 e5-d7 175.c9-d10 j13-j12 176.o8-n9 e14-d13 177.n9-o10 d13-c13 178.o10-o11 n10-n9 179.o11-n10 n9-n8 180.n10-m9 n8-n7 181.m9-m8 n7-n6 182.m8-m7 n6-n5 183.m7-m6 n5-n4 184.m6-m5 n4-n3 185.m5-m4 n3-n2 186.m4-m3 n2-n1 187.d10-n1 d7-c9 188.a10-a11 c13-b13 189.n1-k4 b13-a12 190.k4-j3 c9-e8 191.m3-l4 h13-h12 192.l4-k5 h12-h11 193.k5-j6 g14-g13 194.j6-h7 g13-g12 195.h7-g8 g12-g11 196.g8-f9 e8-f10 197.f9-g9 j12-j11 198.g9-h8 j11-j10 199.h8-j9 f10-h9 200.j9-j8 f13-f12 201.j8-k7 k13-k12 202.k7-l8 f12-f11 203.l8-l9 k12-k11 204.l9-m10 f11-f10 205.m10-l11 f10-f9 206.l11-k11 f9-f8 207.k11-j12 h9-f10 208.j12-h12 f8-f7 209.h12-g11 f10-g8 210.g11-h11 j10-j9 211.h11-j10 f7-f6 212.j10-h9 g8-h6 213.j3-f6 h6-j4 214.f6-j9 j4-h6 215.h9-g10 h6-g8 216.j9-g7 g8-e7 217.g7-f6 e7-g8 218.f6-g5 g8-e9 219.g10-f9 e9-c10 220.f9-g10 c10-e11 221.g10-g11 e11-c12 222.g11-f12 e12-e11 223.f12-e12 a12-b13 224.b10-b11 c12-d10 225.e12-e11 d10-b11 226.e11-d11 b11-a9 227.d11-c11 a9-c8 228.c11-b11 c8-d10 229.b11-c10 d10-c8 230.c10-d9 c8-d6 231.d4-d5 d6-b5 232.g5-f4 b5-c3 233.d5-d6 c3-e4 234.d6-d7 e4-c5 235.d7-d8 c5-e6 236.d9-c10 e6-d8 1/2-1/2





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