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Game result  (chess)

N. Hallqvist, 2243
T. Mirra, 2288


See game 142819

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Waiting lists

(type : rated round-robin,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

Prize : 200  (E-Points)
Deadline : 2023 november 15th

   USA    LaDuke, Matt             2250
   AUS    Gray, Garvin             2327
   POL    Swiatek, Janusz             2245
   RUS    Pirogov, Andrey Mikhaylovich             1800
   RUS    Denisov, Timofey             2276
   TUR    Ozen, Bahadir             2246
   GBR    Dyson, John             2188
   MEX    Pineda, Ulises             2134
   FRA    Gounant, Stanislas             2234
   USA    Walton, Kim             1972
   GRC    Chronopoulos, Antonis             2265
   DEU    Faust, Dieter             2011
   MKD    Teverovski, Bogoljub             2022
   EST    Ambos, Ilmar             2249
   USA    DeBonis, Patrick             2213
   GRL    Johansen, Jorgen             2016
   CZE    Kachibacha, Jobadi             2038
   CZE    Koudelka, Artur             2084
   FRA    Brand Lyard, Paul             1373
   CZE    Mach, Jiri             2037
   CZE    Pech, Jaroslav senior             2088
   HUN    Szabo, Sandor             1959
   SVK    Gazi, Miroslav             2416
   TUR    Eser, Ipekyilmaz             1976
   RUS    Kireev, Sergey             2319
   GBR    Wilson, Jaimie             1993
   USA    Foster, Duncan             1892
   PRT    Roque, Pedro             1604
   CZE    Pech, Matej             2168
   CZE    Pech, Stepan             2060
   IND    Duttagupta, Aniruddha             2257
   FRA    Bovary, Charles             2069
   HUN    Csoma, Robert             1718
   ITA    Sorbi, Luca             2327
   DEU    Kruse, Herbert             2439
   PER    Maceda, Coco             2233
   CZE    Pechova, Hana             2052
   CZE    Pech, Jaroslav             2106
   FRA    Cafiero, Florian             1637
   BLR    Detchin, Yra             2227
   AUS    Armstrong, Keith             2314
   RUS    Fox, Paul             2076
   DEU    Knittel, Martin             2009
   ROU    Benone, Mateia             1650
   SVK    Fric, Lubos             2334
   RUS    Schangareev, Mirzian             1971

FICGS chess cup championship is a 2 stages round-robin tournament. As a reminder, the use of chess engines (Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini, Chessbase engines...), databases & tablebases is allowed and encouraged in these chess tournaments.

Round-robin tournaments are groups of 5 to 13 players, according to the registered players. There will be double round-robin tournaments in case of groups of less than 7 players. Groups are built grading all players by rating and distributing them to obtain similar elo averages. The highest rated player will be seed 1 and placed in group 1, second highest rated player will be seed 2 and placed in group 2 and so forth for seed 3, seed 4, etc. till all players have been allocated to their respective groups. The winner(s) of each group is (are) qualified for the next stage, or declared cup champion at stage 2. In case of equality, players with the highest number of points are all qualified for next stage. There won't be any replacement of forfeiting players in these tournaments.

In the case of a withdrawal, the games won't be rated if a player warns the referee before the tournament starts and at most 15 days after a new stage started but the first one.

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