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M. Broniek, 2534
J. Zidu, 2519


See game 131468

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Here above you will find FICGS rating lists for correspondence chess, advanced chess, big chess, poker texas holdem & Go (weiqi, baduk). The way ratings are calculated may be very different according to the game, it is calculated in real time after each result for all games but correspondence chess where ratings are calculated every two months, usually january 1st, march 1st and so on.

As a reminder, any kind of help is authorized in most tournaments, you may use chess engines (Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini, Rybka, Shredder, Fritz, Hiarcs...), Go programs (AlphaZero, AlphaGo, Many Faces Of Go, MoGo, gnuGo, Fuego, SmartGo...) or any poker hand evaluation program or bot to play your moves.

You can find all calculation details and tournaments rules in the FICGS rules. Ratings are also quite important to get an edge in the correspondence chess championship, as TER (tournament entry rating) decides the player qualifying for the next stage in case of equality. In the Go world championship, the 9 highest rated players will play the main tournament, this way regular tournaments are the only way to qualify.

An usual tip & trick is to manage your rating so that it is the highest possible before the start of a championship, but please keep in mind that rating management may be disrespectful to your opponent, in some cases at least, so please do it with moderation. Also, do not forget that correspondence chess & Go require much patience, a game can last several months and up to about two years, so if you do not fulfill the conditions to play the chess knockout cycle or the Go WCH this time, most probably it will be the case next time.


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Bernal Varela, Nelson     (COL)        [member # 473]

Correspondence chess : 2454       FSM

Ranked  #  57   in the rating list.

Rating history :   2493 2503 2500 2500 2483 2494 2454


Future rating : 2479       Games : 9     Result : 61 %     Perf : 2523

Advanced chess :   2126       Poker holdem :   2301      

I'm a big warrior... I was also a young promise, I'm still a nerd... My bodily wounds have healed, those of the spirit could disappear in the eternity.

Nelson Bernal Varela

This member has no profile in the social network.

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