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Game result  (chess)

V. Grynyuk, 2145
C. Ortiz, 2225


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(type : unrated round-robin,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

Deadline : 2018 may 1st
Thematic chess, first moves : e4 e5 f4

   SVN    Gorsek, Gregor             1491
   GBR    MacGregor, Steven             1139
   RUS    Tokarev, Oleg             1500
   USA    Radding, Marvin             1187
   CPV    Goldmund, Heike             1092
   BGR    Kehayov, Yulian             0928
   ITA    Andreozzi, Paolo             1696
   BLR    Konyukhov, Konstantin             1352
   USA    Price, Eric             1586
   RUS    Churyaev, Alexey             1800
   FRA    Jabot, Daniel             2130
   SEN    Ndione, Mamadou             1800
   USA    Coughlin, Michael             1000
   CZE    Tkac, Patrik             1200
   IND    Sundararaghavan, Shailesh             1511
   ARG    Coggiola, Leandro Damian             1268
   DEU    Klawitter, Bernd             1328
   USA    Romig, James             1878
   CHE    Liwat, Lowell             1900
   ARG    Orden, Jorge             1149

FICGS chess king supertournament is a big 1 stage round-robin thematic tournament. For this unrated tournament, engines & databases are strictly forbidden, just like any other kind of help. Your own creativity & endurance will be your only weapons :)

For even more fun, the opening is the famous King's Gambit in its main line (1.e4 e5 2.f4). This special event played just for fun (unlike FICGS chess WCH & CUP) is also dedicated to players who use the applications on mobile phones. Time control is 30 days + 1 day/move.

Be aware that according to the number of players, this marathon tournament can bring a huge load of games during a while. It is recommended to use the fast interface with "next" option activated in Preferences to jump faster from one game to another. Also, you'll be warnt when engines are not allowed in a game.

In case of equality, players with the highest number of points are all declared winners. There could be replacements if withdrawing players warn the referee before the tournament starts and at most 15 days after it started.





March 25, 2018

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