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Game result  (chess)

M. Pech, 2168
D. Cleto Junior, 2137


See game 143245

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(type : rated knockout,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

Prize : 300  (E-Points)
Deadline : 2024 march 15th

   AUS    Gray, Garvin             2304
   FRA    Gounant, Stanislas             2252
   TUR    Ozen, Bahadir             2232
   COL    Bernal Varela, Nelson             2470
   GBR    Dyson, John             2079
   MKD    Teverovski, Bogoljub             2079
   BRA    Pacheco, Leonardo             2081
   DEU    Kruse, Herbert             2399
   IRL    Ludgate, Alan             2498
   POL    Swiatek, Janusz             2255
   PRT    Roque, Pedro             1908
   BLR    Detchin, Yra             2245
   GBR    Wilson, Jaimie             2062
   ITA    Sorbi, Luca             2305
   CZE    Pech, Jaroslav             2202
   CZE    Pechova, Hana             2088
   RUS    Denisov, Timofey             2273
   NLD    Broekhuizen, A. T. S.             2250
   CZE    Pech, Matej             2204
   CZE    Pech, Stepan             2129
   DEU    Knittel, Martin             2087
   FRA    Bovary, Charles             2152
   DEU    Faust, Dieter             2048
   RUS    Pirogov, Andrey Mikhaylovich             2055
   USA    DeBonis, Patrick             2250
   USA    LaDuke, Matt             2247
   POL    Zerowska, Patrycja             2159
   CZE    Pech, Jaroslav senior             2089
   CZE    Mach, Jiri             2086
   USA    Vollmer, Steve             1839
   DEU    Wosch, Arkadiusz             2247
   GBR    Maron, Paul             2018
   ARG    Morano, Angel             2419
   RUS    Kireev, Sergey             2265
   CZE    Kachibacha, Jobadi             2104
   CZE    Koudelka, Artur             2151
   ZAF    Joubert, Hennie             1477
   POL    Broniek, Mariusz Maciej             2482

FICGS chess world championship is a 5 stages tournament. The 8 players with the strongest established ratings at the start of the tournament play first a 3 stages (quarter-final, semi-final, final) knockout tournament. The others play a 3 stages single round-robin tournament (stage 1, stage 2, final). All games during the whole cycle are played in 30 days + 1 day / move. As a reminder, the use of chess engines (Rybka, Fritz, Shredder...) is allowed and encouraged in wch chess tournaments. Norms are only possible in the round-robin tournaments.

Quarter final 1
Quarter final 2
Quarter final 3
Quarter final 4

Stage 1 group 1
Stage 1 group 2
Stage 1 gr. 3,4...
Stage 1 gr. M
Stage 1 gr. SM

Semi final 1
Semi final 2

Stage 2 gr.1
Stage 2 gr.2
Stage 2 gr.3,4.. 

Knockout final

R. robin final


WCH final

Round-robin tournaments are groups of 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13 players, there will be double round-robin tournaments for 5 players groups only. The winner of each group is qualified for the next stage. In case of equality, the player with the strongest tournament entry rating (TER) is qualified for the next stage. Groups are built grading all players by rating and distributing them to obtain similar elo averages. If possible, players with a rating superior or equal to more or less 2150 will play 1st stage in class groups, SM for the highest rated ones & M for the lowest rated ones. The 2 players with the highest scores (or TER if necessary) in SM groups & the winner of each M group will be qualified for the round-robin final (stage 3), at most half the players in M groups will play stage 2 while the players obtaining the lowest scores will be eliminated. The player obtaining the lowest score in SM groups will be eliminated as well while the others will play round 2. Winners of round-robin stage 2 tournaments will play the round-robin final. Players may be invited to complete a group or to replace a forfeiting player.

The knockout tournament is played into 8 games matches. The special rule (avoiding short draws) is that in case of equality (4-4), the winner is the player with the strongest tournament entry rating if all games are draw, the player with the lowest tournament entry rating if not all games are draw. The winner is qualified for the next stage.

Knockout tournament winner will play round-robin cycle winner in a 8 games candidates final match (stage 4). In case of equality (4-4), the knockout tournament winner is qualified for stage 5 if all games are draw, the round-robin cycle winner if not all games are draw.

At last, the player qualified is the challenger for FICGS world champion title. If current world champion defends his title, they will play a 12 games match. In case of equality (6-6), the winner is the former world champion.

In all cases, if tournament entry ratings are equal, previous ratings (from the most recent to the older ones) will be taken in account. In the case of a withdrawal, the games won't be rated if a player warns the referee before the tournament starts and at most 15 days after a new stage started but the first one, then a replacement will occur if possible (this special rule is particularly dedicated to players surprisingly invited to an advanced wch stage, as it would take too much time to wait for confirmations from all qualified players)

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Szczepanski, Zbigniew     (POL)        [member # 6495]

Correspondence chess : 2487       GM

Ranked  #  33   in the rating list.

Rating history :   2489 2489 2487 2487 2487 2487 2487


Age : 66 years old Location : Sosnowiec (Poland) Title ICCF : GM Rating ICCF : 2443

Zbigniew Szczepanski

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