What is the best antivirus ?

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*sowhat    (2008-12-04)
What is the best antivirus ?

What is the best antivirus according to you ?

- Norton Antivirus
- Avast
- BitDefender
- Kaspersky

.. another one ?

lol    (2010-05-29 20:09:22)


What is the best antivirus ?

Avast, definitely. BitDefender is too heavy for my computer.

tomhank    (2010-06-11 08:55:51)
14 years ago

according to me is avg because its not make any sort of noise an trouble  its light and very helpful for viruses

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stevedakin    (2010-10-28 20:07:35)
13 years ago

I agree with you i like Avg Avast and Kasper sky


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parisadam    (2011-02-25 13:27:13)
13 years ago

i will prefer Bitdefender....its best for online scanning ......


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josephwilson    (2011-03-21 06:20:48)
13 years ago

my vote is for Avast....its too good....


draybell    (2011-04-12 18:28:31)
What is the best antivirus ?

Kespersky is best antivirus and number on on internet ranking.


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*polumu    (2011-04-13 20:55:31)
13 years ago

Microsoft security essentials are best software to keep windows protect.

joekruger    (2011-04-18 22:30:19)
13 years ago

Norton Symantec is best. no one yet is able to compete this mighty antivirus.


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brandon96    (2011-04-20 22:54:53)
13 years ago

Now a days I’m using  A-squared antivirus. I was impressed by its internet ranking, after using more than a month I can say that its performance is satisfactory..


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jimmy444    (2011-04-21 22:19:14)
13 years ago

I think AVG but I am using Shield Deluxe which is also great


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jasonalan    (2011-04-22 23:10:13)
What is the best antivirus ?

Kespersky is my favorite one.. mostly IT professionals recommend it.


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davidmolk    (2011-04-26 22:58:10)
13 years ago

Kespersky is best antivirus from all aspects.


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stephane24    (2011-04-29 17:50:07)
13 years ago

For me Avast antivirus is best. It is very good against viruses in plug and play devices.


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mikemartin    (2011-04-29 22:20:38)
13 years ago

Avast is the best anti virus from all aspects than others.


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mykelwade    (2011-05-02 23:28:19)
13 years ago

Avira premium is best for me.


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boomer68    (2011-05-04 22:49:25)
What is the best antivirus ?

Kespersky is best antivirus. Kespersky internet security is very secure.


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jamesbresnan    (2011-05-06 06:52:01)
13 years ago

Avast and AVG are best ....



chrisrobert    (2011-05-06 22:36:42)
13 years ago

Bit defender is best antivirus.


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fisher97    (2011-05-10 19:41:29)
13 years ago

Norton Anti virus is best.


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matthew63    (2011-05-23 21:47:29)
13 years ago

Kespersky is best antivirus in all.


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cliffharris    (2011-05-30 19:32:28)
What is the best antivirus ?

BitDefender is definitely the best one.


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shanesmith    (2011-06-06 19:54:47)
13 years ago

Norton Anivirus is best in all.


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marshall24    (2011-06-07 17:39:03)
13 years ago

Shield Deluxe is new and very impressive antivirus.


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jimwelch    (2011-06-08 13:28:50)
13 years ago

for me Kaspersky is the best antivirus software....


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lukeheyer    (2011-06-09 20:45:30)
13 years ago

Norton antivirus is best in all.


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stevedaines    (2011-06-27 23:34:02)
What is the best antivirus ?

McAfee provides complete virus protection and Internet security to your PC.


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jonathanblade    (2011-07-05 20:55:50)
13 years ago

I like Shield Deluxe 2010. This antivirus protects tens of millions of home and corporate users across the globe


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zanjeeph    (2011-07-08 18:59:32)
13 years ago

My favorite antivirus that suits my PC is ‘Norton’


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ab_smith    (2011-07-08 23:24:20)
13 years ago

I like to use Norton for my Computer protection


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jamesphilbert    (2011-08-22 08:19:09)
12 years ago

Updated version of Norton Antivirus is best in all.


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frankmiller    (2011-08-24 08:28:12)
What is the best antivirus ?

Avast Anti virus is best and my favorite anti virus...


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stevegeorge    (2011-09-07 18:18:58)
12 years ago

I like NOD Antivirus from ESET. Its working is very good and it safe the PC from harmful viruses.


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chrisramirez    (2011-09-13 08:13:07)
12 years ago

Kaspersky is a good anti virus software. i am using it.


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sampras44    (2011-09-16 16:53:33)
12 years ago

Panda is the most reliable and efficient Antivirus.



albiejack    (2011-11-01 17:08:29)
12 years ago

Norton has all the abilities to prevent your PC from dangerous viruses & harmful worms.


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danefuller    (2011-11-03 18:42:41)
What is the best antivirus ?

Bit Defender is best antivirus.


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bretthayden    (2011-11-15 19:44:41)
12 years ago

“Panda & Norton” both are good in my point of view.


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garypayton    (2011-12-21 06:57:58)
12 years ago

Kespersky is best security software and excellent performance for PC


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billdavid    (2012-01-16 11:16:11)
12 years ago

all anti virus are good all you need to have an updated version of anti virus...

samsamuel    (2012-01-24 07:05:59)
12 years ago

Bit Defender is a great anti virus programme. its one of my favorite anti virus...


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mikepeterson    (2012-01-24 17:22:33)
What is the best antivirus ?

Nod 32 is very good antivirus. Its 5th version is a big hit.


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brandondoss    (2012-02-01 21:48:55)
12 years ago

In last couple of years a lot of antivirus came in market but i still believe on bit defender, nod 32 and avast.
Micosoft security essential is a big hit.


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justinshanks    (2012-02-18 21:52:51)
12 years ago

Kespersky is best antivirus. its internet security version is extremely secure.


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shannon354    (2012-02-28 22:45:30)
12 years ago

kespersky is best antivirus especially kespersky internet security.


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martinerat    (2012-03-15 22:04:18)
12 years ago

Kespersky is best antivirus for both clints and server computers.


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mikeriley    (2012-03-19 12:03:52)
What is the best antivirus ?

BitDefender is quite suitable for pc. i have used BitDefender and according to me it is best


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justinmaclin    (2012-03-20 16:26:27)
12 years ago

Kespersky is best antivirus. It has security features more than any other antivirus.


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efficient    (2012-03-22 05:41:28)
12 years ago

BitDefender or  KesperSky  these are two best choices for anti virus..


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robbinsmith    (2012-03-26 09:21:53)
12 years ago

BitDefender is quite good for windows... i am using BitDefender


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acampbell    (2012-03-27 09:11:48)
12 years ago

AVG is one of the best anti virus software...


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mrwetson12    (2012-04-19 07:19:51)
What is the best antivirus ?

Bit-Defender is a great antivirus software.


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davidbrandon    (2012-06-05 13:22:39)
12 years ago

i am still using AVG . the best antivirus ever..


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superimperial    (2012-06-08 11:55:39)
12 years ago

i am also using BitDefender ..its really great.


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mooenrana    (2012-09-19 08:27:08)
11 years ago

Avast is best for me.


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