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guest-guzizo    (photography, 2010-06-14 08:38:03)
What is a fisheye lens?

Hello, what is a fisheye lens exactly? What's the use of it? Thank you. (...)

guest-xorini    (movies, 2010-06-14 08:32:20)
How many Stephen King films are there?

Hi, does anyone know how many films have been made from the book of Stephen King? Thank you very much. (...)

guest-zabepo    (pop (en), 2010-06-14 05:28:55)
Would you have sex with Britney Spears?

Hi, what do you think about Britney Spears physically? Would you have sex with her ? :>>> (...)

guest-doxaxa    (electronic music, 2010-06-14 05:22:48)
Best transe song ever

Hi, what's the best transe song ever according to you? What do you think about The First Rebirth by Jones & Stephenson, Age of Love, Transformation (Transform) or Wake Up by Laurent Garnier? Could you suggest other ones? (...)

guest-xeruga    (photography, 2010-06-14 05:19:15)
What is butterfly lighting?

Hi, I just read this weird term, do you know what is butterfly lighting? Thank you. (...)

guest-bujuti    (electronic music, 2010-06-14 03:43:24)
Where to download transe songs?

Hi, what's your favourite free place do download transe songs? Thanks for sharing your best links, that's really appreciated. (...)

guest-faxufe    (electronic music, 2010-06-14 03:31:18)
Rave or happy hardcore gabber?

Hi, do you prefer happy hardcore (gabber) to hard techno rave style? I just can't understand what's the interest in this music, I really prefer dark tracks like PCP & The Mover, what do you think? (...)

guest-riteno    (pop (en), 2010-06-14 02:53:32)
Is Julio Iglesias your idol and why?

Hi, I just would like to know why people like Julio Iglesias so much... what are his best songs? I can't even remember one of him... Thank you. (...)

guest-cemogu    (electronic music, 2010-06-14 00:50:10)
Best Aphex Twin tracks

Hi, what are the best tracks ever by Aphex Twin according to you? The most original and interesting was probably Windowlicker, but my favourite is from Selected Ambient Works II (but it has no name). (...)

guest-capita    (crafts, 2010-06-14 00:42:46)
Can one laser etch a leather football?

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to laser etch a leather football. Thanks for your answers. (...)

guest-zoniri    (pop (en), 2010-06-14 00:28:44)
Best songs of U2

Hi, what are your favourite songs of the best rock band in the world: U2!!! Mine: Joshua Tree & The Fly... (...)

guest-lovopa    (pop (en), 2010-06-14 00:12:22)
Frank Zappa or not Frank Zappa?

Hi, why do you think about Frank Zappa? Will his music be forgotton in your opinion and why? Thanks for your answers. (...)

guest-mopevo    (pop (en), 2010-06-13 22:48:30)
Rolling Stones best songs

Hi, what are your favorite songs by The Rolling Stones? I'm just curious to know if I missed a few ones... Thank you, Rolling Stones is the best rock band ever!! (...)

guest-bugafi    (photography, 2010-06-13 22:04:44)
Pictures of Paris

Hi, does anyone know where I can find the best pictures of Paris on the internet? Thank you. (...)

guest-zojobu    (desperate housewives (fr), 2010-06-13 21:48:28)
Desperate Housewives saison 7 s07e01

Bonjour à tous, quelqu'un connaitrait la date exacte de la diffusion aux Etats-Unis de l'épisode 1 de la saison 7 des géniales Desperate Housewives ? Vous avez des spoilers sur l'épisode ? On sait comment Lynette va accoucher ? S (...)

guest-nagudi    (pop (en), 2010-06-13 21:46:25)
what is the best michael jackson song?

hi, what is your favourite song by michael jackson? mine is probably smooth criminal, what about you? (...)

guest-lidico    (photography, 2010-06-13 21:38:35)
How many pixels are in 1 inch?

Hi, I just would like to know how many pixels are in 1 inch. Thank you. (...)

guest-cunove    (photography, 2010-06-13 21:32:49)
What color is sepia?

Hi, how would you describe the sepia color? What colors are necessary to make it? Thx (...)

guest-doluru    (pop (en), 2010-06-13 21:14:26)
Why Britney Spears has so much success?

Hi, does anyone have any idea why Britney Spears has so much success? Is it because she's blond hair and made sexy musical videos? What else, her songs are just shit. (...)

guest-bojovi    (movies, 2010-06-13 20:51:21)
Where Dirty Dancing takes place?

Hi, does anyone know where the film Dirty Dancing takes place? Thank you. (...)

guest-fecila    (pop (en), 2010-06-13 20:32:55)
What's your favorite song of Justin Bieber?

Hi girls, what's your favorite song of Justin Bieber? What do you like in his songs? Or is it just him? (...)

guest-vemuri    (photography, 2010-06-13 20:32:09)
Difference between analog and digital images

Hello, I would like to know what is the difference between analog and digital images. Thanks for your explanations. (...)

guest-polaci    (photography, 2010-06-13 20:05:07)
Who invented the panoramic camera?

Hello, I would like to know who invented the panoramic camera. Thank you for your answers. (...)

guest-ginece    (pop (en), 2010-06-13 20:02:58)
Did Noel Gallagher left Oasis?

Hi, what are the news around Oasis? Is it true that Noel Gallagher left the band? What's up? Thank you. (...)

guest-gokafo    (pop (en), 2010-06-13 19:57:53)
Are the Jonas brothers asian?

Hello, I would like to know if the Jonas brothers are asian, does anyone know something about that? Thank you. (...)

guest-rosubi    (photography, 2010-06-13 19:53:10)
Do memory cards make a difference to camera speed?

Hi, does anyone know if memory cards make a difference to camera speed? Thanks. (...)

guest-jenege    (photography, 2010-06-13 19:39:56)
What is the best DSLR camera for a Realtor?

Hello, does anyone know what DSLR camera is best for a Realto? Thank you. (...)

guest-curusi    (photography, 2010-06-13 19:34:30)
Who invented forensic photography?

Does anyone know who invented forensic photography? Thank you for the answers. (...)

guest-busora    (dance, 2010-06-13 19:29:06)
How can I strengthen my ankles?

Hi, do you know ways to strengthen one's ankles? Thank you very much. (...)

guest-nafuva    (fashion, 2010-06-13 19:22:29)
What do you think about Lady Gaga's clothes?

Hi, just would like to know what you think about Lady Gaga's clothes, quite strange somtimes what you think? (...)

guest-fajono    (photography, 2010-06-13 18:43:36)
Do you prefer black & white photography?

Hi, do you prefer black & white photography to color? If yes, could you explain to me why? Thanks. (...)

guest-nipaba    (rock (fr), 2010-06-13 17:17:24)
Liste des albums de Muse par préférence

Salut, je voulais savoir quel était votre album préféré de Muse, le mien c'est clairement "Absolution", après "Black holes and revelations", puis "Origin of simmetry", "Showbiz" et en dernie (...)

guest-guxixe    (dance, 2010-06-13 17:07:52)
What style of music is best to dance to?

In your opinion, what style of music is best to dance to? Rock? Salsa? Tango? Other? (...)

guest-xicupu    (dance, 2010-06-13 17:03:57)
Is dancing is a social skill?

Hello. Is dancing a social skill according to you? (...)

guest-fugobo    (movies, 2010-06-13 17:02:48)
What does mpeg stand for?

Hi, does anyone know what mpeg exactly means? Thanks in advance. (...)

guest-zacezo    (movies, 2010-06-13 17:02:40)
Who is the bad guy in Spider-Man 3?

Hello, I would like to know who is the bad guy in Spider Man 3, thank. (...)

guest-pitite    (musique, 2010-06-13 16:59:36)
Muse stade de France juin 2010 vidéos

Le concert de Muse au stade de France 2010 a bien eu lieu ce 11 juin et cela a visiblement été l'événement attendu pour tous les fans dont je fais bien entendu partie, mais qui n'est pas encore fan de ce groupe de rock progressif e (...)

guest-regoxa    (movies, 2010-06-13 16:08:05)
How do I convert Hi8 film to DVD?

Hello, I have old Hi8 films that I would like to convert to make DVD, do you know how I can do that? Thank you for your help. (...)

guest-sojiko    (fashion, 2010-06-13 14:53:40)
Who are your favourite fashion designers?

Hi, I just would like to know who are your favourite fashion designers and why... Can you post some links to show me their works? Thanks. (...)

guest-xocoku    (gambling, 2010-06-13 12:35:13)
5 euro free to scratch cards

5 euro free to scratch cards and play slots : (...)

guest-5f711c    (gambling, 2010-03-02 20:36:43)
Best online casinos

Hello, I would like to know what are the best online casinos, the places where you can play real money without any risk of cheating and where you can see accurate statistics to know how the money is distributed and which is the real pa (...)

guest-cazafo    (movies, 2010-06-13 12:20:00)
How many movies did Charlie Chaplin make?

Hi, does anyone know where I can find a full list of the films directed by Charlie Chaplin? Thank you. (...)

guest-comiga    (photography, 2010-06-13 11:28:03)
Extender for canon 70-300 lens?

Hi, do you know an extender that works with a canon 70-300 lens? Thank you. (...)

guest-vugeru    (photography, 2010-06-13 11:09:16)
Is Polaroid film dead?

Hi, is it still possible to find Polaroid films somewhere? If yes, where I can find it? Thanks (...)

guest-nasato    (photography, 2010-06-13 11:07:53)
How you define photographic art?

Hello, I would like to know how you define photographic art. Thank you. (...)

guest-jupaze    (dance, 2010-06-13 09:31:55)
What style of dancing would you like to learn?

Hello all, here is my question: If you have to choose only one style of dancing to learn, which one do you choose and why? Greetings! (...)

guest-cafila    (movies, 2010-06-13 08:46:05)
Who directed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Hi, do you know who was the director of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest? Is it the 2nd or 3rd film of the series? Thank you. (...)

guest-simiko    (photography, 2010-06-13 07:59:29)
What printers will work with the kodak c533?

Hi, what printers work with the kodak c533 according to you? (...)

guest-xamemo    (photography, 2010-06-13 06:47:04)
Until what age can we pose for sexy photos?

Hi, I just would like to know until what age you think that one can pose for sexy photos. Thank you. (...)

guest-lefofi    (photography, 2010-06-13 05:41:18)
What is a light diffuser?

Hello, I would like to know what is exactly a light diffuser, any idea? Thank you. (...)

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