What percentage of salary is taxed?

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*taravu    (2010-06-19)
What percentage of salary is taxed?


Do you know what percentage of salary is generally lost to taxes?  What amount of money do you pay each year?  What do you think about that, is it fair according to you?  Does it just look like a robbery?  Is this money wasted and how it is wasted in your opinion?  What things the government should change in order to reduce these taxes according to you?  Thank you for your answers.

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What percentage of salary is taxed?    (ar)
Какъв процент от заплатата се облага с данък?    (bg)
Jaké procento plat je zdaněna ?    (cs)
Hvilken procentdel af løn, beskattes?    (da)
Welcher Prozentsatz des Gehaltes wird besteuert?    (de)
Ποιο ποσοστό του μισθού φορολογείται;    (el)
¿Qué porcentaje del sueldo se grava?    (es)
چه مقدار از حقوق مردم ماليات است?    (fa)
Mikä osuus palkkaa verotetaan?    (fi)
Quel pourcentage de salaire est imposé ?    (fr)
Abin da amince da samun albashi ba ya yanka haraji?    (ha)
מה אחוז משכורת היא מס?    (he)
क्या प्रतिशत के वेतन पर करलगाया है?    (hi)
Milyen arányban a fizetés adóznak?    (hu)
Che percentuale dello stipendio è tassata?    (it)
何パーセントのサラリーが課税されるか。    (ja)
몇 퍼센트의 급료가 과세하는가?    (ko)
Welk percentage van salaris wordt belast?    (nl)
Hva prosentandel av lön er belastet?    (no)
Jaki procent wynagrodzenia jest opodatkowana?    (pl)
Que porcentagem do salário taxed?    (pt)
Ce procent din salariul de baza este taxat?    (ro)
Что процент зарплаты таксирован?    (ru)
Šta procenat plate oporezovati?    (sr)
Vilken procentsats av avlöna beskattas?    (sv)
สิ่งที่เป็นเปอร์เซ็นต์ของเงินเดือนจัดเก็บ ภาษี หรือไม่?    (th)
Ne yüzde maaş muafsa?    (tr)
تنخواہ کی شرح کیا ہے taxed?    (ur)
百分之几薪金被收税?    (zh)

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