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guest-kogesa    (relationships, 2010-06-21 11:31:35)
What would you like to thank your father for?

Hi, all it title, are you grateful to your father? What would you like to thank him for? (...)

guest-zosuxa    (games online, 2010-06-21 09:05:25)
What Second Life is all about?

Hello, could anyone explain to me what Second Life is all about? I read something about it but I don't get it. Thanks. (...)

guest-bazude    (relationships, 2010-06-21 08:45:08)
How do you want to be treated during sex?

Hi girls, I would like yo know how you prefer to be treated during sex, with respect, really hard? Actually I would like to understand why that? (...)

guest-rajecu    (games online, 2010-06-21 04:23:17)
What is the best monter in runescape?

Hi, what's the best monster in runescape according to you? Thank you. (...)

guest-netefe    (games online, 2010-06-20 22:57:16)
code on club penguin mission 3

hello, do you know a code for club penguin mission 3? thank you. (...)

guest-kapari    (relationships, 2010-06-20 22:05:26)
Why I still love my ex?

Hi there, I just would like to understand why I'm still in love with my ex boyfriend.... I broke with him, I don't want to continue with him but I can't imagine him with another girl... What should I do? Thank you. (...)

guest-zipugi    (questions answers, 2010-06-20 21:05:32)
How much money do you give to charity?

Hello, I would like to know how much money you earn and how much money you give to charity, just curious to estimate a percentage in average. Thank you. (...)

guest-vetoxu    (relationships, 2010-06-20 20:34:13)
Why it is so complicated?

Hi... Why life is so complicated, always... Relationships, jobs, friends, parents... It is all complicated, why? What can I do to change that? Thank you. (...)

guest-balexo    (relationships, 2010-06-20 19:39:25)
How to kill my wife?

Hi, would you help me to find the best way to kill my wife? Thank you!!! (...)

guest-jiguto    (relationships, 2010-06-20 17:58:06)
Anyone wanna talk?

Hi, I would like to chat, are you ready? Is there a way to video chat here? (...)

guest-xaxuju    (taxes, 2010-06-20 16:18:36)
How do I calculate estimated tax payments?

Hi, do you some ways how I can calulcate an estimation of my tax payments? Your help is very appreciated. Thank you. (...)

guest-pasoxe    (relationships, 2010-06-20 15:11:15)
How much time to know if I have HIV?

Hello, if I do a HIV test, how much time it takes to know if I have HIV? Thank you very much. (...)

guest-zamiba    (taxes, 2010-06-20 13:28:05)
Deadline for paying taxes

Hi all, do you know the deadline this year for paying taxes? Thank you very much. (...)

guest-xuxazu    (games online, 2010-06-20 13:16:57)
What is the best runescape godsword?

Hello, I would like to know what's the best runescape godsword, do you have any idea? Thank you very much. (...)

guest-naziti    (relationships, 2010-06-20 08:37:54)
Do girls like short men?

Hi, do you think that there are girls who like short men? Why there would be? What things they may like according to you? Thank you. (...)

guest-tixizi    (relationships, 2010-06-20 06:18:31)
Should I quit smoking for my girlfriend?

Hi, my girlfriend harrasses me to quit smoking but I just don't want to, do you think that I should quit smoking for her? Would you help me to find some good reasons to convince myself? Thank you very much. (...)

guest-jerasa    (games online, 2010-06-20 06:11:36)
Your favorite online game to play?

Hello all, could you tell me what are your favorite online games to play? Which ones you recommend for everyone whatever the age? Thank you. (...)

guest-tokame    (relationships, 2010-06-19 22:14:49)
Your girlfriend is pregnant, are you happy?

So you just discovered that your girlfriend is pregnant... How did it happen? Are you happy with that? Whatever the answer, could you explain why? (...)

guest-melupo    (questions answers, 2010-06-19 23:50:52)
Is American Dream dead?

Hi, do you think that the American Dream is a thing that belongs to past? Do you think that it will come back and if yes, when and why? Thank you. (...)

guest-ragepe    (relationships, 2010-06-19 23:30:02)
Do you have sex friends?

Hi, I'd like to know why some people have sex friends, for what? What's so different? How many sex friends you have at the same time? Thank you. (...)

guest-cecamu    (photography, 2010-06-13 15:25:48)
What do you think about David LaChappelle's works?

Hi, I just would like to know what you think about David LaChappelle's works. Thanks. (...)

guest-willisfan    (movies, 2009-11-24 13:27:09)
Surrogates, film

Surrogates is probably one of the worst film of this year, unfortunately for Bruce Willis who should have played this interesting role at least ten years before. The idea is really good according to me, but the more we approach the end (...)

guest-kudoca    (relationships, 2010-06-20 00:04:49)
What would you like to thank your mother for?

Hi, just curious if you are grateful, what would you like to thank your mother for? Thank you for your answers. (...)

guest-sosami    (relationships, 2010-06-19 20:57:31)
Do beautiful people make you insecure?

Hi, my question may look strange but do beautiful people around you make you insecure? That's what I feel sometimes but I don't understand why, do you have any idea? (...)

guest-jezozi    (taxes, 2010-06-19 20:01:50)
Do internet businesses pay sales tax?

Hello, I just would like to know if internet businesses pay sales tax also... Thanks for your help. (...)

guest-nudife    (jeux de hasard, 2010-04-29 17:56:26)
Poker en ligne, les meilleurs sites 3d

Bonjour, je cherche une salle de poker sur internet où on peut jouer au texas holdem avec une interface 3d, j'ai cru voir des pubs pour un site qui ressemblait quasiment au Sims 3 avec le visage des joueurs qui bougeait etc... Vous sa (...)

guest-jorasa    (jeux en ligne, 2010-06-12 17:13:34)
Sites de paris en ligne autorisés

Bonjour à tous, comme vous le savez sans doute (on en parle assez, sans parler des publicités qui ont envahi les écrans de télévision) les paris en ligne ont été autorisés en France pour les quelques sites qui ont reçu une lic (...)

guest-c0a979    (questions réponses, 2009-05-16 19:01:17)
C'est quoi Bubz Plus ?

Bonjour, j'ai entendu parler de Bubz Plus pour gagner plus de points bubz sur Prizee, quelqu'un peut me dire ce que c'est au juste ? Salut à tous ! (...)

guest-gixena    (questions answers, 2010-06-19 17:04:21)
Did you make your day?

Hi all, so did you make your day today and why? Tell your story! (...)

guest-ruzude    (taxes, 2010-06-19 14:51:46)
Are school expenses tax deductible?

Hi there, I'd like to know if school expenses are tax deductible, do you have any idea? Thank you. (...)

guest-taravu    (taxes, 2010-06-19 14:39:48)
What percentage of salary is taxed?

Hello. Do you know what percentage of salary is generally lost to taxes? What amount of money do you pay each year? What do you think about that, is it fair according to you? Does it just look like a robbery? Is this money wasted a (...)

guest-nigopa    (games online, 2010-06-19 13:59:56)
Who is the best player on call of duty 4 xbox 360?

Hi, do you know who is the best player on call of duty on xbox 360? (...)

guest-gixene    (internet others, 2010-06-06 02:36:55)
How Facebook choose the friends that

Hi, I just would like to know how Facebook choose the friends that appear on my public page, is it really randomly? I'm not so sure. Thank you very much. (...)

guest-faby05    (humour, 2010-03-03 15:35:58)
Mon pire coup

mon pire coup ça a été avec mon copain à qui je faisais une fellation quand ma mère est entrée dans ma chambre, je savais pas qu'elle était rentrée, j'ai relaché d'un recul sec le sexe de mon copain qui a visiblement appréci (...)

guest-kataro    (pop (en), 2010-06-14 03:17:56)
When did Elvis Presley die?

Hello, I would like to know when Elvis Presley died and was he ill at this time? Thank you. (...)

guest-rizipo    (games online, 2010-06-19 03:26:22)
Farmville outside Facebook

Hello. I would like to know where to play farmville outside Facebook? Is there an official website? Thank you. (...)

guest-befujo    (dance, 2010-06-10 23:30:23)
do you know a fat successful dancer?

hi, does anyone know a successful dancer who is fat? do you think it is possible? (...)

guest-fadabe    (questions answers, 2010-06-17 19:28:26)
What would make you stop using Facebook?

Hello, just curious I'd like to know what would make you stop using Facebook? Do you think that you use it as much as when you started with it? (...)

guest-suxugi    (electronic music, 2010-06-14 21:04:39)
Where to download minimal techno?

Hi, do you know websites like Soundcloud where I can download many minimal techno tracks for free? Looking for mp3 format, with a quite good bitrate if possible. (...)

guest-nutisa    (religion et spiritualité, 2010-05-08 23:07:24)
Différence catholiques et protestants

Bonjour, voilà je voudrais savoir quelles sont les différences entre la religion catholique et la religion protestante, ça se situe plus au niveau de la pratique comme je me souviens vaguement ou c'est aussi au niveau théorique que (...)

guest-cikuku    (games online, 2010-06-19 12:34:48)
Addicted to World of Warcraft

Hi, are you addicted to World of Warcraft? I think I am now... How do you stop that? Is it possible? (...)

guest-nifona    (dance, 2010-06-11 22:38:27)
What is a mandala dancer?

Hi, could you explain to me what is exactly a mandala dancer, is it connected to the tibetan mandala? Thanks. (...)

guest-nocenu    (games online, 2010-06-19 09:08:50)
Who plays Runescape?

Hi all, is there anyone who plays Runescape here? What do you think about this game? Is it worth a try? Thank you. (...)

guest-mapajo    (games online, 2010-06-19 01:33:20)
How do I make a sidebar on Neopets?

Hi, I would like to know how I can make a sidebar a Neopets, does anyone know the way to do it? Thank you. (...)

guest-3bf6e5    (lists, 2009-03-06 22:29:32)
List of best manga titles

Here is the list of the very best manga (japanese comics - 日本の漫画) : 1. .hack//Legend of the Twilight (.hack//黄昏の腕輪伝説) 2. 3. +Anima (プラス アニマ) 4. 07 Ghost (セブンゴースト) 5. 3×3 Eyes (サザ (...)

guest-zoxipa    (games online, 2010-06-19 00:58:47)
strongest player in runescape

hi, do you know who is the strongest player in runescape? greetings! (...)

guest-vubisu    (games online, 2010-06-19 00:00:49)
My WOW account is hacked

Hi, it looks like my account at World of Warcraft has been hacked, does anyone know what I must do?? Please help! (...)

guest-mucada    (games online, 2010-06-18 23:57:48)
Farmville tips

Hello all. I'm looking for some FarmVille cheats and tips, do you know some ones or a good strategy Guide? Thank you. (...)

guest-vebibu    (games online, 2010-06-18 23:42:38)
What WOW server do you play on?

Hi there, what WOW servers do you use? Just curious.... Have fun! (...)

guest-sand578    (psychologie, 2009-04-04 03:28:10)
Détecter un pervers narcissique

Bonjour, J'ai regardé les émissions de Jean-Luc Delarue qui parlent des comportements nocifs qui détruisent les gens psychologiquement, je voudrais savoir comment peut-on savoir si on a affaire à un pervers narcissique lorsqu'on le (...)

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