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guest-fureja    (sexuality, 2010-06-17 10:35:12)
What is the advantage of having a fat wife?

Hi, what are the advantages of having a fat wife according to you? Thanks. (...)

guest-pugono    (questions answers, 2010-06-17 08:15:01)
What do you think about Google Sky?

Hi, did you try Google Sky already? Is it just a gadget in low definition or are the pictures the best ones provided by the NASA? What do you think? (...)

guest-nipolo    (women, 2010-06-17 07:44:49)
engaged people rights

hello, do you know if engaged people have some rights like married people? just curious, thank you very much (...)

guest-kevozu    (drugs, 2010-06-17 07:06:50)
Dostinex manufacturer

I just would like to know what pharmaceutical company makes Dostinex, do you know that? Thank you. (...)

guest-vaseke    (women, 2010-06-17 02:50:03)
how do i get a guy to kiss me?

hi, I just would like some advice to get a friend to kiss me, how should I proceed? thanks (...)

guest-finuzo    (animals, 2010-06-16 23:37:06)
Is sedum bad for cats?

Hello, I would like to know if sedum plant is cat-safe, thank you. (...)

guest-cudifi    (drugs, 2010-06-16 23:34:54)
prophylactic treatment with heart medication

Hello, I'd like to know what type of follow-up is recommended for a prophylactic treatment with heart medication? Thank you. (...)

guest-volosi    (social networks, 2010-06-16 22:47:13)
Which countries block Facebook?

Hi, I've read that Facebook was blocked in Afghanistan, is that true? Do you know other countries that also block Facebook? Thank you. (...)

guest-pocesu    (soccer, 2010-06-16 22:27:21)
What are the top 5 football-soccer teams in the world?

Hi, I'd like to know your opinion, what are the top 5 football-soccer teams at the start of this 2010 World Cup? As for me I would say: Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Argentina. (...)

guest-zumita    (drugs, 2010-06-16 22:13:06)
Is dextrose natural?

Hello, do you know if dextrose is a natural product or if it is completely manufactured? What does it contain? Thank you. (...)

guest-mopami    (sexuality, 2010-06-16 21:33:08)
What's your favorite love making position?

Hi, what's your favourite love making position and why this one? Thank you. (...)

guest-xefira    (video games, 2010-06-16 21:25:56)
PS4 PlayStation 4, demo videos

Hello, I've read somewhere that there were videos of the future PlayStation 4 (PS4) already, is that true? Do you know anything about it? I can't find any video on Youtube, so it may be a hoax, one more time. Do you have any idea on (...)

guest-toliru    (sexuality, 2010-06-16 21:21:51)
When are you a slut?

Hi, could you describe what's a slut for you. How many men you have to sleep with before to be one? What do you think? (...)

guest-ciroti    (animals, 2010-06-16 21:14:28)
Can cats be given milk?

Hello, I've read that cats shouldn't be given milk, is it true? I used to give milk to my cat and he has always been well, so what should I do in the future? Thank you. (...)

guest-vujutu    (social networks, 2010-06-16 19:44:09)
How to contact Facebook?

Hello all. How do you contact Facebook with questions that are not listed already? Do they usually answer or is it just lost in the ocean? Thank you. (...)

guest-pogako    (animals, 2010-06-16 18:53:56)
How do I prevent dog odor?

Hi, do you know if there's a way to prevent dog odor in an apartment? Are there some products? What's the cost for it? Thank you. (...)

guest-kegodu    (animals, 2010-06-16 17:35:16)
Ficus trees poisonous to cats?

Hi, do you know if ficus trees are cat-safe or not? My cat seems interested and I'm not sure how to deal with it. Thank you. (...)

guest-jajupo    (questions answers, 2010-06-15 11:38:46)
What do you think about Dogpile?

Hi, do you use the search engine named "Dogpile" regularly? What do you think about its results? Is it more effective than Yahoo or Bing in your opinion? Thanks. (...)

guest-menoki    (sexuality, 2010-06-16 14:58:56)
Do women fantasize about having sex with other women?

Hi, just curious, do women fantasize about having sex with other women while they love a man? Is it your case? (...)

guest-bigazu    (fashion, 2010-06-13 16:40:08)
Where are Dolce & Gabbana bags made?

Hi, do you know where Dolce & Gabbana bags are made? Thank you. (...)

guest-tokige    (animals, 2010-06-16 14:11:35)
Hibiscus plants poisonous to cats?

Hello, does anyone know if hibiscus plants are poisonous to cats? I've been offered one and my cat looks interested so... any idea? Thank you. (...)

guest-bedexa    (soccer, 2010-06-16 16:58:42)
Why soccer instead of football?

Hello, I'd like to know why Americans call football soccer, is this because of the American football that they call it football? Are there other reasons? Thank you. (...)

guest-90d468    (séries télé, 2009-06-23 21:02:49)
Chad Michael Murray et Hilarie Burton

Salut, Quelqu'un sait si Chad Michael Murray et Hilarie Burton joueront dans la saison 7 des Frères Scott ? J'ai vu sur des sites sur la série que ce serait probablement pas le cas, mais rien de vraiment précis... Et pourquoi Chad (...)

guest-tokige    (animals, 2010-06-16 14:11:35)
How to clean a cat

Hello, I would like to know how you clean your cat without.... you know. Do you have tips? Thank you. (...)

guest-runodo    (animals, 2010-06-16 13:29:04)
How bad is sugar for dogs?

Hello, my son gave several sugars to my dog, I would like to know how bad it is... What should I do according to you? Thanks in advance. (...)

guest-butucu    (animals, 2010-06-16 12:48:06)
Are Friskies good for cats?

Hello, what do you give to eat to your cat? What do you think about Friskies? Is it good for its health or should I choose something else? Thank you. (...)

guest-bonapu    (drugs, 2010-06-16 12:34:01)

Hello, could anyone tell me how long Neurontin stays in one's system? How much time it takes to disappear completely? (...)

guest-nakate    (drugs, 2010-06-16 12:14:13)
What is Mesalamine A?

Hello, could you tell me what's Mesalamine A for? Thank you very much. (...)

guest-xofusu    (social networks, 2010-06-16 11:48:10)
How to block application requests on Facebook?

Hello, does anyone know a way to block all application requests on Facebook? That's really annoying, I receive several ones each day..... Thanks. (...)

guest-buxidu    (sexuality, 2010-06-16 11:45:17)
Natural remedies to get a larger penis

Hi, are there natural remedies to get a stronger erection and a larger penis? Is it possible? Did you try anything already and for what results? Thank you. (...)

guest-xucece    (drugs, 2010-06-16 08:59:52)
Is Nicomide generic?

Hello. My question: Is Nicomide generic or not? If not, are there generics of it? Thanx (...)

guest-kojuge    (sexuality, 2010-06-16 08:29:07)
Where is a woman's G spot?

Hi, could you tell me how I can find a woman's G sport? Any advice? Thanks for your answers. (...)

guest-vilice    (drugs, 2010-06-16 07:24:01)
Lovenox and aluminum

Hello, I would like to know if Lovenox contains aluminium, do you have any idea? Is it dangerous according to you? Thanks. (...)

guest-libuja    (dance, 2010-06-12 13:28:28)
How to dance the tango?

Hi mates, I would like to learn to dance the tango but it looks quite difficult to follow by watching videos, do you know any guide that explains the moves step by step? Thanks. (...)

guest-garry_    (crafts, 2010-06-16 03:54:01)
OC Furniture and Antiques Blog

Our new blog site is now active online now. Welcome to visit and post your message on our blog. Includes furniture General, Chinese Furniture Background, Antique Furniture, Build New Furniture, Restore Antique Furniture, Furnish Antiqu (...)

guest-pajuve    (social networks, 2010-06-16 02:32:06)
How much time Facebook messages are stored?

Hi, as I never delete my messages on Facebook, I would like to know how much time they are stored, or is it stored for ever!? Thanks. (...)

guest-niduvu    (medicine, 2010-06-16 00:25:24)
Compound Strattera?

Hi, I would like to know if one can compound Strattera. Thank you. (...)

guest-cagivi    (gambling, 2010-06-15 23:10:03)
video poker, why do you play it?

hi, I would like to know why the name "video poker", that is not really similar to poker, right? did you already win money at video poker in casinos? how do you play it to have more chances to win? (...)

guest-begufu    (weeds (en), 2010-06-04 14:00:28)
Weeds season 6 teaser

Hello all, do you know where I can find more teasers for Weeds season 6? What did you think about this one, quite strange heh! (...)

guest-fobiva    (medicine, 2010-06-15 19:54:41)
Symlin: retail price

Hello. Does anyone know the retail price for Symlin? Thank you very much. (...)

guest-ribufa    (drugs, 2010-06-15 23:00:58)
Cost of restylane injections?

Hi, does anyone know the cost of restylane injections? Thanks in advance. (...)

guest-menuko    (questions answers, 2010-06-15 22:46:13)
Do you trust Google?

Hello, do you all trust Google in every matter or on what points you have some doubts? Regards. (...)

guest-bonoxa    (navigators, 2010-06-15 22:24:47)
How do I block Google ads?

Hello, I would like to know how you manage to block Google ads on your browser. I have Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox. Thanks. (...)

guest-gubona    (gambling, 2010-06-15 22:39:49)
Sit N Go tournament, what is it?

Hi, could anyone explain what Sit N Go tournaments consist in? What are the differences between it and usual texas holdem tournaments? Thank you. (...)

guest-sijagi    (drugs, 2010-06-15 22:32:10)
swollen eyes with diovan

hello, did anyone get swollen eyes with diovan? is it normal? thank ya. (...)

guest-nekefa    (impots, 2010-06-15 22:23:45)
Trouver le revenu fiscal de référence

Bonjour, j'ai un problème pour déclarer mes revenus en ligne sur impots.gouv.fr, à priori j'ai bien rentré mon numéro de télé-déclarant ainsi que mon numéro fiscal mais mon revenu fiscal de référence ne doit pas être le bon (...)

guest-gobiru    (impots, 2010-06-15 22:20:06)
Prime pour l'emploi, éligibilité

Bonjour, je suis en train de déclarer mes revenus par internet et je suis à la case de la prime pour l'emploi et j'ai un peu de mal à comprendre comment on détermine si on est éligible ou pas (même si à priori c'est la surprise (...)

guest-tanizi    (electronic music, 2010-06-15 22:13:56)
Pan Sonic new album Gravitoni

Pan Sonic is back with a new album entitled Gravitoni (2010), did you listen it already? What do you think about it compared to their previous albums, Aaltopirii (my favourite one), A, Kesto and so on? (...)

guest-kinuce    (drugs, 2010-06-15 20:34:40)
Is Cipro an antibiotic?

Hello all. Do you know if Cipro is an antibiotic? What should I know on this one? Thanks. (...)

guest-ceboca    (medicine, 2010-06-15 19:29:56)
How to identify pills by the imprint code?

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to identify pills by the imprint code, do you know how to proceed? Thanks in advance. (...)

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