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guest-greentea3    (miscellaneous, 2009-08-03 05:35:02)
How to convert Video & Audio

How to convert DVD to AVI ? This problem bothering me for a long time! Now I find a solution, i put it to share! Shine DVD to AVI Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use DVD AVI converter software, which helps you rip DVD to AVI, AVI H (...)

gilbertsound    (miscellaneous, 2009-07-12 23:06:13)
FS:Yamaha YTS-875EX Custom Tenor Saxopho

Gilbertwoo Sound Ltd Is register and legitimate musical instrument distributor and supplier of all kind of Instruments. We have the access to supply all kind of Yahama products,Rolands,Casio,Tema. We Located in USA as Branch and Headqu (...)

moderator    (freebies, 2007-11-26 01:07:16)
Digg, Stumble upon

Stumble upon, Digg, Technorati are (were?) quite efficient ways to get more traffic... Stumbles or Digg exchanges are quite popular on seo forums. Feel free to request for some stumbles :) , http://www.digg.c (...)

guest-gsakd878    (miscellaneous, 2009-07-29 03:19:03)
Shine DVD To AVI Converter

I do not know if you try Shine DVD to AVI Converter: , Days before I have also tried to use some species of video converter developed by different soft companies, such as itoolsoft and (...)

guest-ho    (php, 2009-07-28 17:14:15)
First & last element array

Hello, does anyone know a PHP function to retrieve the first and the last element of an array filled with the function array_push() ? Thank you. (...)

pdm_67    (affiliate-marketing, 2009-07-24 12:16:31)
Earn an unlimited income for just Rs2000

Start your own home-based business for just Rs2000/- Earn Rs200/- per hour directly to your bank account. All tools and resources plus step-by-step instructions provided to get you earning starting today For details visit (www.kryptonc (...)

guest-duit1000    (keywords, 2009-04-24 11:57:11)
Dengan RM10,Bina Hidup Baru.

BERSAMA LANGKAH HARI INI,DENGAN BERMODAL RM10. $$DENGAN RM10,ANDA MAMPU MULAKANNYA.$$ Program dermawan mengubah anda , membina hidup baru, ekonomi baru, persahabatan baru, dan azam baru. Bersama kita dalam kemas kini kewangan bersam (...)

moderator    (freebies, 2009-07-16 12:44:55)
MySpace MyAds coupon code

Hello everyone, does anyone know a credit code at checkout to get $50 free ads at MySpace MyAds ? I'm sure that many people would be interested Thanks ! (...)

guest-81b99f    (link-exchange, 2009-07-01 15:18:09)
need traffic?

If you own a poker site or blog go to my page and discover how to imrove your web traffic. (...)

dipak    (link-exchange, 2009-06-23 08:02:00)
need pr 3 sites

Hi all I am looking for pr 3 casino related good sites please mail me at here dipak.kalia(at) (...)

seotips    (seo-general, 2009-02-27 11:28:06)
5 Tips for Outsourcing Search Engine Opt

Search engine optimization (SEO) is hotter than ever. If you want your online business to amount to anything these days, you have to utilize SEO techniques since most search engine users do not move beyond the first page of search resu (...)

guest-fd33e5    (seo-general, 2009-02-10 23:33:58)
Free Advertising Forum : 8,000+members -

Free Advertising Forum : 8,000+members - Post Your Ads Free Post your ads for free at my Free Advertising Forum ht*p:// Post your ads for free at my Free Advertising Forum Post your ads for free at my Free (...)

guest-1d8a80    (keywords, 2009-02-16 18:42:28)
Examine your needs as a business.

This seems an obvious step, but be as a detailed as you can. It’s not just a case of “I need money”. Ask yourself, how much money do I need? How much control am I willing to give away? What expertise do I require, if any? The ans (...)

guest-4f38f7    (seo-general, 2009-03-05 23:44:37)
How to make 301 redirect ?

Hi, I need to know how to make a 301 redirect for my website, I just noticed that my link popularity was divided between and Thanks for your help ! (...)

guest-6bed16    (welcome, 2009-05-03 11:19:04)
Lawyer Directory

In is essentially important for human beings to follow laws and orders without which a man can be brutal enough harm others. It can be easily mentioned that law plays a vital role in arranging the mob in a systematic manner. So, one sh (...)

silver_surfer    (alexa-traffic-ranking, 2006-12-28 15:26:55)
Boost your Alexa ranking

Hi everyone... Did anyone tried this program to increase Alexa ranking ? ht*p:// Any comments ? (...)

karen123    (directories, 2009-04-18 12:29:35)
lawyer directory

Sex discrimination is a form of sexual harassment. Under California State Law, it violates the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Also included are requests for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, or other physical and verba (...)

mirzaaziz    (miscellaneous, 2009-05-17 22:51:14)
Max returns on Min investment

Earn Rs.25-75,000/- p m promoting our Biz in your area. Those having offc with I Net / Cyber café pl send Personal details to fo to: hms_ba2008(at) (...)

seetumail    (welcome, 2009-05-12 06:10:35)

i am a newbie to this forum on SEOs.well its great as i myself am working on this Eliza attorney directory (...)

webdesdev    (miscellaneous, 2008-05-13 14:44:59)
offshore account

Normally All banks are not providing all the service. Lom offshore financial service is providing all.. offer wide variety of service which include || Offshore Account | Offshore Savings Account | Offshore Bank Accou (...)

verronica    (miscellaneous, 2009-05-08 10:03:40)

A criminal lawyer or private investigator tasked to restore the true identity of the victim Continuous electronic monitoring and notification of another attempt to commit a crime Stories of innocent people who became victims of identit (...)

ws01    (miscellaneous, 2009-03-26 05:25:36)
Coleman tent

On sales Coleman tent Discount Coleman tent save 10$ ht*p:// (broken link) Order Coleman tent (...)

guest-7e4c0b    (seo-general, 2009-05-07 13:10:22)
Rewrite Rule with special characters

Hello, I'd like to modify my .htaccess file to be able to use this kind of url : Does anyone know how to write the rewrite rule ? I've tried these ones so far, but I have either an internal server error or th (...)

vichi12345    (miscellaneous, 2009-05-06 09:05:45)

is any solution of automatic verification problem??????????? vichi. Attorney Directory (...)

anika    (miscellaneous, 2009-05-04 07:11:28)

Intervention is the most powerful tool for families who want to help a loved one who is struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction.Alcoholics and addicts are our family members and friends. Although we see the addiction, they cannot (...)

guest-akhil    (directories, 2009-04-26 01:34:37)
Positions Vacant

Comprehensive package on crop nutrition, irrigation and drainage, soil classification, soil fertility, weed control and other areas. Devising methods for optimum Pest and Disease monitoring and controlling it with Integrated Management (...)

tiasmith    (seo-general, 2009-04-24 06:33:48)
SEO Management Systems

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Typically, the ear (...)

guest-yauba    (other-search-engines, 2009-04-23 20:22:53)
Yauba : Anonymous searches

Did you try this new indian search engine ? The results are good and really well displayed (by type, images, videos, blogs, social networks , pdf and so on...), the best thing is that you can choose to make searches anonymously, the s (...)

guest-7c224f    (php, 2009-04-23 19:22:33)
How to retrieve the title of a page ?

Hello, Does a PHP function like get_meta_tags() exist to retrieve the title of a page ? It is quite easy to imitate with this small script but it would be useful anyway.... <? $url_query = file_get_contents(''); (...)

guest-thankyou    (php, 2009-04-23 18:52:39)
Reverse htmlspecialchars()

Hi, I'm looking for a function that reverses the action of htmlspecialchars(), ie. reverse_htmlspecialchars(htmlspecialchars($string)) and $string are the same strings, does it exist ? Thanks. (...)

ramsatya    (promote-your-website, 2009-04-21 07:54:12)
Internet-Marketing: 4 New Methods

now a days internet marketing is becoming a Highly competative field.Publishing Articles is the best way for getting targeted visitors as well as links to your website. Methods to drive targeted traffic for your website: 1.Article Mark (...)

mgomes    (affiliate-marketing, 2009-04-14 09:16:43)
Beginners Mistake in Affiliate Marketing

One of the worst mistake most new to affiliate marketing, or any online business for the matter, make is choosing the wrong niche to compete in. You may have come across affiliate marketing when you are looking up on ways making money (...)

mgomes    (promote-your-website, 2009-04-14 09:13:36)
4 Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Blog

Your blog is up and you are busy writing and adding information but what you need more than anything is visitors to enjoy reading what you have written. Here are four ways that I use to bring visitors to my blog. Social networks Social (...)

guest-marketing    (seo-tools, 2009-04-10 18:43:04)
Free Marketing Tutorials is dedicated to bring you the quickest and most secret ways to make money online. (...)

thibault    (php, 2009-04-09 22:46:32)
PHP crypt()

string crypt (string $string ) This function returns an encrypted string using the standard Unix DES-based encryption algorithm. You may also use other algorithms if there are other ones available on your system. (...)

thibault    (php, 2009-04-09 22:37:46)
PHP addslashes()

This function returns a string that can be used in database queries, with backslashes added just before special characters such as single quote ('), double quote ("), backslash (\) and NUL (NULL byte). In example, the name O'conno (...)

guest-baltz    (php, 2009-04-09 22:17:40)
Difference $string{$i} and $string($i)

Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the difference between $string{$i} and $string($i) ? I saw this code on a forum but I can't find an explanation on this. Thank you very much. (...)

thibault    (php, 2009-04-09 22:15:12)
PHP bin2hex()

This function converts a binary string into an hexadecimal one. string bin2hex (string $string) See also the pack() and unpack() functions. If the function does not exist, you may imitate it : <?php if (!function_exists('bin2hex')) (...)

guest-8b7c98    (google-optimization, 2009-04-07 12:04:35)
Google result - ignoring index page

Hi, My site was doing very well in google for some keywords like antique furniture, english anitque furniture, period furniture as we doing off site optimisation. Then we did SEO of site and target more keywor (...)

guest-e09958    (services, 2009-02-10 12:51:07)
Content management systems

Hello guys, Web Design & Development company offers Content Management system, content management solution with web design, web development to USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany etc (...)

guest-bb776f    (javascript, 2009-04-01 19:07:35)
Confirmation window Javascript

Hi, I use this small javascript to display a confirmation window before my user can go to the specified place : <a onclick="if(window.confirm('Are you sure ?')){ location.href='destination.php'; }else{return false;}">Te (...)

julia2    (buy-sell, 2009-03-27 21:25:32)

want to sell a conure w/ cage an accesories cheap 225.00 (...)

guest-fb0e26    (javascript, 2009-03-26 13:35:39)
Drag drop send coordinates to server

Hello, I would like to find a script that can drag and drop pictures then send the new coordinates to the server (javascript, ajax, php... whatever) Anyone can help ? Thanks in advance. (...)

ws01    (miscellaneous, 2009-03-26 05:42:30)
Onkyo Home Theater

On sale Onkyo Home Theater Discount Onkyo Home Theater Order Onkyo home theater (...)

ws01    (miscellaneous, 2009-03-26 05:31:56)
Wireless xbox controller

On sales Wireless xbox controller Discount Wireless xbox controller save $16 order Wireless xbox controller (...)

ws01    (miscellaneous, 2009-03-26 05:22:14)
Coffee maker programmable

On sales Coffee maker programmable Discount Espresso coffee maker only $77 order Espresso coffee maker (...)

ws01    (miscellaneous, 2009-03-26 05:18:57)
On Sales Omron automatic blood pressure

Omron automatic blood pressure Cheap Omron automatic blood pressure Low price Omron automatic blood pressure Omron automatic blood pressure (...)

onlinev    (welcome, 2009-03-23 08:38:49)

HI, Anyone want a bike ducati black in color of 2008 model in reasonable price. onlinev Not to sure what you are trying to say..I mean is it or is it not. Anyhow I know I am rambling but try to see it from someone reading it the first (...)

guest-69c7ff    (google-optimization, 2009-03-24 22:57:45)
Semantic search

Hi all, now it is Google 3.0 that uses semantic search or contextual search, what consequences do you think it may have on seo ? What kind of content may be more considered by Google now ? How will evolve PageRank now, it may become (...)

guest-82999b    (welcome, 2009-03-21 08:06:06)

Hi, My name is Krishna, a new member of this forum and hope to good experience here. - Canada Chemicals (...)

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