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Game result  (chess)

P. Krakovsky, 1863
R. Sternik, 2097


See game 118914

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FICGS stands for Free Internet Correspondence Games Server, it is a major international correspondence chess & Go server. First of all, this is the place to play free chess games in rated class tournaments, two players matches, a cup tournament and a unique correspondence chess world championship in a big knockout tournament. The winner is the challenger who will play the champion in a 12 games match.

We also organize special events, thematic chess, big chess, chess 960, poker tournaments, some with money prizes. Check the waiting lists.

At last on FICGS, you can play online Go (wéiqí, wei-ch'i, baduk) tournaments and world championship. Even if the best computers & programs are now beating the very best human players from China, its complexity still makes unique in the board games universe. You can play this fascinating game at FICGS.

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At last, the FICGS applications for Android are available. Only the names and icons change, you can download it by clicking icons below:

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Links will redirect you to Google Play, icons to APK files from the site.

Eros Riccio is correspondence chess champion...

Eros Riccio won the final match of the 17th cycle. We asked his challenger a few questions on correspondence chess and the way chess engines (Rybka, Houdini, Stockfish, Komodo) changed the game. You can find the interview in the forum.

Go world championship...

The FICGS Go championship is a 2 stages tournament. First stage is a single round-robin tournament, involving the 9 highest rated players (10 kyu to 9 dan pro) who entered the waiting list. The winner of this tournament is the challenger for world champion title. This is a true challenge, join the fun !

Play chess games on Facebook...

Now you can also play chess games (blitz & rapid) on this new Facebook chess app. For sure you'll find an opponent of about your level. Please rate it if you like!

Chess, poker holdem & casino games...

Texas holdem always attracted chess players, by its infinite tactics and probabilities, it is even hard to say which game is played most over the internet. Gambling games such as Poker or Backgammon even attract chess granmasters, to start with Almira Skripchenko, Etienne Bacrot or Alexander Grischuk.

Some other casino games, like Blackjack & Craps are also very popular nowadays, one can see it in movies like "21" (Las Vegas 21). You can play it in online casinos, where anyone can play casino games for free or for money, sometimes with a very interesting bonus. We recommend you to visit to find more relevant links on this successful gaming industry.

Highlighted article :

What to do against illegal downloads ?

Has the internet become the symbol of "freedom" by becoming the world of illegal copy ?  Surely not, it is a question of money only like everywhere else. When laws in several countries are to be created to fight against the P2P (Peer To Peer), it only helps the online storage services to become more and more powerful. Many users are now addicted to downloads on Megaupload, Rapidshare, Hotfiles and the hundreds (!) of other services like these ones, ranked among the most visited websites in the world.

The cost of these services is not so high, about $60 a year, and you can download at very high speed any film (from the latest Harry Potter to the films by Alfred Hitchcock), any music (from the 9th symphony of Beethoven to the latest disc by Madonna), any software, many ebooks as well.

It is said sometimes that actually piracy does not hurt the disc sellers or at least the artists, but surely it does and it will change the way they work very soon if nothing is done.

Are Megaupload & Rapidshare legal ?  No they aren't, or they are intelligent enough to play with laws, but Youtube shouldn't be legal as well, so in a way they just followed the example of the king Google !

On Youtube any user can upload any video and it is viewable by anyone in the world, and "sometimes", someone says : No this file is protected by author rights, please remove it !  This is just the same on Megaupload or Rapidshare, but surely they just move the file to another place, anyway it is available again one day or a few minutes after.

To invoke the difference between streaming and downloads is a nonsense as every file available in streaming can be downloaded already.

There may be an international law that can hurt immediately every website (eg. by cancelling its domain name, that is possible) that publishes illegal content, but yes in this case any forum may be the victim of a bad intentioned user.

That would be the price, every content should be verified before to be posted. But at least we could start by websites that post illegal videos or music.

Well, that's not the real world, actually I doubt it will work this way ever, so the world will continue the same way, it belonged to the mafia, now it will belong to the internet "ruffians".

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