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Game result  (poker)

C. Schroeder, 2082
R. Csoma, 1762


See game 127451

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Dirk Ghysens    (2245)

Not very impressing, but it was played by Adolf Anderssen against Paul Morphy in their 1859 match. Anderssen subsequently used the variation, with more success, against other adversaries.

Anderssen scored 1.5/3 with it against Morphy (DG).


Contributors : Telmo Escobar, Don Burden, Dirk Ghysens


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Szczepanski, Zbigniew     (POL)        [member # 6495]

Correspondence chess : 2475       GM

Ranked  #  43   in the rating list.

Rating history :   2464 2491 2497 2464 2479 2479 2475


Future rating : 2474       Games : 2     Result : 50 %     Perf : 2465

Age : 63 years old Location : Sosnowiec (Poland) Title ICCF : GM Rating ICCF : 2430

Zbigniew Szczepanski

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