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Game result  (chess)

B. Ozen, 2235
N. Hallqvist, 2233


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(type : rated knockout,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

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Last move : 0-1     2010 August 22   23:40:30

[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2009.11.03"]
[Round "2"]
[Black "Yang,Huayong"]
[White "von Erichsen,Svante Carl"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Rating 1 "2334"]
[Rating 2 "2712"]

1.q16 d17 2.r4 d5 3.d15 c13 4.c17 c16 5.d16 c15 6.c14 d14 7.b14 b17 8.c18 b15 9.e17 b13 10.e14 d13 11.p3 r10 12.c3 c4 13.r8 r14 14.r12 p14 15.o17 s16 16.q11 r17 17.l17 d3 18.k4 p5 19.p8 o3 20.o2 p2 21.n3 o4 22.q2 n2 23.p1 m4 24.m2 m3 25.n1 n7 26.q6 k3 27.j3 l3 28.j4 k7 29.f3 g6 30.k2 k16 31.k17 h16 32.f15 f12 33.h14 n16 34.p18 l16 35.g17 j17 36.j18 m17 37.m18 l18 38.k18 n18 39.l19 n17 40.g9 d9 41.d8 e9 42.d6 c6 43.c7 e6 44.d2 c2 45.e2 d7 46.o15 o16 47.n19 o19 48.o18 m19 49.b16 a16 50.n19 q17 51.p19 o9 52.o8 n8 53.o11 n10 54.h7 h6 55.h11 h13 56.k11 j13 57.j7 j6 58.k8 m12 59.j9 s13 60.s12 q18 61.r13 s14 62.o13 p17 63.f11 e11 64.f10 f8 65.e10 d10 66.e12 d11 67.o14 m14 68.n15 m15 69.p16 m16 70.p13 q14 71.p9 k6 72.l5 n5 73.l12 l13 74.h15 g16 75.f16 b18 76.d18 t12 77.t11 t13 78.s11 q5 79.r5 b3 80.o19 p15 81.e13 p6 82.p7 g4 83.j15 g3 84.g2 j16 85.k14 k13 86.m6 n6 87.m11 n12 88.n11 m7 89.f4 f5 90.g12 g13 91.f13 h17 92.h18 l2 93.l1 h3 94.h2 q4 95.q3 l8 96.l9 g15 97.g14 k15 98.l6 l7 99.j14 l14 100.f14 q13 101.q12 g8 102.h8 q19 103.m19 o12 104.p12 e4 105.h4 g5 106.o10 n9 107.d12 c12 108.b19 e3 109.f2 m10 110.l10 d1 111.e1 c1 112.g7 f7 113.o7 j12 114.j11 o6 115.k12 r16 116.m9 a18 117.h12 q15 118.n2 n4 119.j2 m13 120.c19 f9 0-1

Svante Carl von Erichsen
Thanks for the game!

Thibault de Vassal
Congrats to both of you, was a great match!

Here are the names of the openings (joseki) played in the four corners :

Corner d16 : d17 d15

Komoku (Somok, Xiao~mu`) 3-4 Point.
The komoku (3-4) point is the traditional corner enclosure move..

Ikken Takagakari (Hankan Nop'dakeolch'im, Yi Gaogua`jiao~, 1-Space High Approach).
The 5-4 approach move has become more popular in modern times, as modern Go emphasizes speed and influence.

Corner d4 : d5 c3

Takamoku (Gomok, Gaomu`) 5-4 Point.
The takamoku (high) point (5-4). With its emphasis on influence, the 5-4 point complements the 4-4 (hoshi) point in creating an influence-oriented fuseki.

Black plays the 3-3 when White has a stone at top such as marked.

Corner q16 : q16 r14

Hoshi (Hwajeom, Seongjeom, Xingwei`) 4-4 Point.
The star or hoshi (4-4) point, emphasizing influence at the potential expense of territory.

Ikken Kakari (Hankan Keolch'im, Yi Gua`jiao~, 1-Space Low Approach).
White 2 is the standard approach move to the 4-4.

Player White won this Go (weiqi, baduk) game.

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