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Thibault de Vassal     2018-10-26
WCH starts on nov. 1st, 2018         comments : 1

Dear chessfriends, the FICGS chess, Go, poker holdem & big chess championships will start on november 1st, 2018. Have good games!

Thibault de Vassal     2010-10-15
Well, why not a status just like Facebook after all :)     comments : 0

Thibault de Vassal     2008-02-13
Fighting against oneself     comments : 0

After having played about a hundred correspondence chess & Go games simultaneously during a few months at FICGS & IECG, I'm finally to reach a reasonable number of games... Oof ! Correspondence chess is definitely addicting, server chess and FICGS chess WCH time control makes it even more oppressive when playing too many games, but it is still hard to resist to this continuous challenge.

Correspondence chess has changed a lot during these last 2 years and looks just deeper & deeper to me as chess engines like Rybka, Fritz, Hiarcs and others improve, as well as CC players' opening books. A player rated 2400 nowadays plays probably at least 50 points above a player rated the same two years ago but trusting an engine without looking deeply at the position still generally means losing (which is quite positive, chess is not dead)... Of course I lost some games to very good players these last months, but I also lost some to myself, definitely playing too fast or too confident, in example this nice game with Gaetano Laghetti in WCH round-robin final 1, that I just waste at move 70 after a hard battle to ensure a draw. In the same time, I feel to have improved quite a lot at Go, just by playing stronger players, this game is definitely deeper than chess and I'll probably have many difficulties to win some more points after having reached 1 kyu but FICGS is a place to learn patience and definitely I have to improve a lot yet :)

Thibault de Vassal     2006-12-28
Cheating or not cheating ?         comments : 1

An indian chess player just got ten year ban from FIDE for cheating... He was using a bluetooth device stitched into his cap to receive external computer assistance. Future is now !

Can chess champions nowadays still inspire confidence and respect like their "great predecessors", after being checkmated by computers and suspected of using it during world championship matches..... Hard challenge.

If there are still money issues like in other sports, no doubt there won't be glory anymore like Robert James Fischer or Garry Kasparov received it from the whole world during this 20 years magic period, 1970 to 1990.

At the same time, internet games continue to attract more and more people from all over the world (maybe except China, still no active player at FICGS)... May correspondence chess benefit in any way from this OTB trouble, unclear as correspondence chess has become another game already, in another world mostly populated by centaurs - humans and chess engines associations. Is playing correspondence chess with computer assistance cheating ? .. No, it's playing correspondence chess with computer assistance !

Thibault de Vassal     2006-09-04
Is there a life after chess ?         comments : 1

"It's not your turn in any game."

Finally... I did it :-) ... okay, about 10 minutes, no more :/

Correspondence chess & Go games are obviously running much faster on servers than by email. About 1400 chess games (of 2800) finished only 5 months after the server starts. Is server-chess more oppressing than email-chess ?

However, I see players dealing several games with about 1 day leave at their clock. Is it a "blitz-like" strategy, Dinesh ? ;)

Some players have more than 50 games running on this server, I know correspondence chess players having more than 100 games at the same time... Is it reasonable to play more than 15 correspondence games at the same time ? .. Is there a life after chess ? :)

I felt in zeitnot with 22 days at my clock in this mad game against John Knudsen...

Thus I played this dubious 15. ...Bb7 ?! .. Anyway, the position was probably lost since move 4...

Of course we all have many other things to do than playing chess, it's hard sometimes to manage time well. Several strong players resigned their games in the FICGS chess championship because of the fast time control.

It's even harder with Go, as moves often come back a few minutes after being sent... What I particularly like in this game is it's almost impossible to know if the move you're to play is the best one or not. Actually, it's (very) rarely the case, that's a big difference with chess as you can only be humble while playing Go... (some chess players should try :)) .. So you play it.. a bit resigned in front of the extreme complexity of the game.

Oops, I stop there, sorry. I have a move to play ! :-)

Thibault de Vassal     2006-07-28
Chess blog #1     comments : 0

Welcome to my Chess & Go blog :)

Chess is a long story since I discovered it (in russia), when I was 8 years old... Learning seriously for about 10 years, I began to play correspondence chess during summer 2004, simply because I live in a place (in France) where chess players are not so common.

I started to play Go in 2006, for about three months now. Undoubtly it will be a long road too. "Chess is life" said Bobby Fischer, so Wei'chi. Emanuel Lasker, chess world champion, recognized the extraordinary qualities of this strange game.

Go game requires and has all qualities that misses to Chess. It's amazing to see the simplest rules resulting in the most complex game ever. Go computers are still very far from top players whereas Rybka, Fruit, Shredder, Junior, Hydra (...) and other chess computers are superstars, with Deep Blue as a "world champion" undefending his title.

And what about Big Chess... The first "test game" is still running [game 1], a very complex game but it is already certain that pleasure is as greater as the board is bigger than classical chess one and I suppose my "main" opponent (Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff) would agree with that. Unfortunately Big Chess & Go are two games that also require a lot of time. Computers can't help and the number of moves in a single game reaches easily 200. Anyway... this is a correspondence games website, we have time !

If I had been told 4 months ago that FICGS would be this site today (graphical interfaces, move verification for all games, Wikichess, more than 600 registered players, a wikipedia like Chess & Go encyclopedia, now blogs and all other features already implemented...) I would have taken a rest and given up quite before to start :-)

And there are many things to do yet...

Have good games !

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