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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-04 01:38:29)
Is there a life after chess ?

"It's not your turn in any game."

Finally... I did it :-) ... okay, about 10 minutes, no more :/

Correspondence chess & Go games are obviously running much faster on servers than by email. About 1400 chess games (of 2800) finished only 5 months after the server starts. Is server-chess more oppressing than email-chess ?

However, I see players dealing several games with about 1 day leave at their clock. Is it a "blitz-like" strategy, Dinesh ? ;)

Some players have more than 50 games running on this server, I know correspondence chess players having more than 100 games at the same time... Is it reasonable to play more than 15 correspondence games at the same time ? .. Is there a life after chess ? :)

I felt in zeitnot with 22 days at my clock in this mad game against John Knudsen...

Thus I played this dubious 15. ...Bb7 ?! .. Anyway, the position was probably lost since move 4...

Of course we all have many other things to do than playing chess, it's hard sometimes to manage time well. Several strong players resigned their games in the FICGS chess championship because of the fast time control.

It's even harder with Go, as moves often come back a few minutes after being sent... What I particularly like in this game is it's almost impossible to know if the move you're to play is the best one or not. Actually, it's (very) rarely the case, that's a big difference with chess as you can only be humble while playing Go... (some chess players should try :)) .. So you play it.. a bit resigned in front of the extreme complexity of the game.

Oops, I stop there, sorry. I have a move to play ! :-)

Laurent Garches    (2009-10-01 20:28:42)
Funny game!

That's an interesting game.