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Y. Aahlad, 2228
N. Bernal Varela, 2315


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Welcome to the players blog... see also the Chess & Go forum.

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Aspasio Benassi       Opening chess

Giorgio Gerola       chess game 20 minutes

Joop Simmelink       93472

George Jempty       Happy Holidays

Oksana Krylova       Moscow

Mashi Nezumi       how is your chessing goin?

Nilson Pereira       Test.

Anderson Barradas       Just one more for FICGS__POKER_HOLDEM__TOURNAMEN...

Ranganathan Raman       Whc good move

Sandor Marton-Bardocz       helmer

Bernd Klawitter       What now happend, I start my game and then I lost with

Dan Quan       EPoints

Alfonso Di Giandomenico       Question


Karol Waciak       Onkel Nasenbrucher grüßt dich!

Vyacheslav Selyahovich       i want to play

Duy Mrkem       how to start playing go chess ?

Stefano Viaggi       Hi all, first time here...

Eduardo Alex Baeza Ibañez       let's play chess!!

Vyacheslav Shchelykalin       Nig

Haber Aurelio       Happy to be here! Making moves!!

Rolf Staggat       gresham

Jonathan Gresham       :D

Charlie Neil       Trouble getting to "ficgs" via firefox...

Muhammad Ragil       i think a will be the winner champion hehehe

Anak Agung Pasha Catra       intense

Manny Jakel       CHAT

John Lewis       I'm getting a lot of double aces in my poker games.

Pawel Sekowski       eros

Gabriel Leperlier       Philido Defense

Anthony Buenavista       What are the prizes for special tournaments?

Yoppy Paulus       I hope I become a millyuner

Robert Csoma       FREE lessons from a GM!

Jorma Häkkinen       Vacation in Crete!

Brian Bingham       ready to start a new game

Rich Pinkall Pollei       Annotated Games

John Ruder       Haven't been on here in a while.

Marcelo Salinas       Joyeuse nouvelle année pour tous les Ficgsts ;-)

Graham Philips       Not enough Go discussion!

Yuriy Perikov       Dolgov, Igor

Mariusz Jandula       chess

Khalan Nhik       chess books collection:

Nick Mare       chat

Olli Ylönen       e-mail change

Scott Nichols       I want the Eiffel Tower back.

Patrice Gosteli       Why ?

Garvin Gray       I see ratings are listed as having been updated,

Peter Unger       games

Peter Marriott       Could Rybka make perfect moves 75% time on a cluster?

Francisco Gramajo       A Droid App for ficgs... why not Thib?

Zaki Oraha       chess

Sebastian Boehme       Drowning in the ocean of analysis ;-)

Alexandre Allard Dos Santos       The book reasess your chess

Ryszard Sternik       What's on your mind?

Thibault de Vassal       Well, why not a status just like Facebook after ...

Normajean Yates       quote#14: Yeats on hypermodern chess ;)

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November 23, 2017

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