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L. Flores, 2192
R. Koivuniemi, 1927


See game 129086

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There are at least 0 results for 1. d4 d6 in the forum.

There are 1 results for 1. d4 d6 in wikichess.


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Szczepanski, Zbigniew     (POL)        [member # 6495]

Correspondence chess : 2475       GM

Ranked  #  43   in the rating list.

Rating history :   2464 2491 2497 2464 2479 2479 2475


Future rating : 2474       Games : 2     Result : 50 %     Perf : 2465

Age : 63 years old Location : Sosnowiec (Poland) Title ICCF : GM Rating ICCF : 2430

Zbigniew Szczepanski

This member has no profile in the social network.

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