King's Indian: East Indian defense - Game 99945

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Game result  (poker)

H. Lehnhoff, 2056
S. Martinez, 2022


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Go, Weiqi, Baduk


FICGS__CHESS__CLASS_A__000181       See crosstable
(type : rated round-robin,   time : 40 days,   increment : 40 days / 10 moves)

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Last move : 1/2-1/2     2018 March 12   21:57:4

[Event "FICGS__CHESS__CLASS_A__000181"]
[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2017.10.02"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Gounant,Stanislas"]
[Black "Jabot,Daniel"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[WhiteElo "2102"]
[BlackElo "2128"]

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Bf4 Bg7 5.Qd2 O-O 6.e3 c5 7.Be2 Nc6 8.Ne5 cxd4 9.exd4 Qb6 10.Nxc6 bxc6 11.Na4 Qd8 12.Nc5 Nd7 13.Nxd7 Bxd7 14.O-O Re8 15.Bf3 a5 16.b3 Bf5 17.Rac1 Qd7 18.h3 f6 19.Bh6 Bxh6 20.Qxh6 e5 21.Qe3 Qa7 22.Rfd1 exd4 23.Qf4 Re5 24.Rxd4 Rae8 25.Ra4 Re1+ 26.Rxe1 Rxe1+ 27.Kh2 Kg7 28.Qd2 Rf1 29.Qe3 Qxe3 30.fxe3 Bxc2 31.Rxa5 Be4 32.Bxe4 dxe4 33.Ra7+ 1/2-1/2

  ECO code : A48 , the name of the chess opening is displayed below :

King's Indian : East Indian defense

Kingside Castling by player Black (move 5)

Kingside Castling by player White (move 14)

This chess game ended in a draw.

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December 12, 2018

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