Ruy Lopez: Anderssen variation - Game 99106

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Game result  (chess)

M. Andreoni, 1786
C. Ortiz, 2442


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FICGS__CHESS__WCH_SEMI_FINAL_1__000017       See crosstable
(type : rated knockout,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

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Last move : 1-0     2017 November 6   7:43:45

[Event "FICGS__CHESS__WCH_SEMI_FINAL_1__000017"]
[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2017.07.20"]
[Round "5"]
[White "Kruse,Herbert"]
[Black "Wosch,Arkadiusz"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "2435"]
[BlackElo "2254"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.d3 d6 6.c3 g6 7.h3 Bg7 8.O-O O-O 9.Re1 Bd7 10.Be3 Re8 11.Nbd2 h6 12.a3 Qc8 13.b4 Ne7 14.Bb3 g5 15.a4 Ng6 16.a5 Bc6 17.c4 Bd7 18.Nh2 Rb8 19.Rb1 b6 20.axb6 cxb6 21.Rc1 a5 22.b5 Nf4 23.Nb1 Be6 24.Nc3 Nd7 25.Nd5 Nc5 26.Bc2 Nxd5 27.cxd5 Bd7 28.Nf1 Bxb5 29.Ng3 Bd7 30.Nh5 Bh8 31.Qf3 Qd8 32.h4 Rc8 33.hxg5 hxg5 34.Qg3 f6 35.f4 exf4 36.Bxf4 a4 37.Bxd6 b5 38.e5 Nb7 39.Nxf6+ Bxf6 40.exf6 Rxe1+ 41.Rxe1 Qxf6 42.Be5 1-0

  ECO code : C77 , the name of the chess opening is displayed below :

Ruy Lopez : Anderssen variation

Kingside Castling by player White (move 8)

Kingside Castling by player Black (move 8)

Player White won this chess game.

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The tactician knows what to do when there is something to do; whereas the strategian knows what to do when there is nothing to do. (Gerald Abrahams)

Schach verlangt totale Konzentration. (Robert James Fischer)

Tu sabes que vas a perder. Aún cuando tenía la ventaja, yo sabía que iba a perder. - al estar jugando con Fischer (Andrew Soltis)

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